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The way I do it first, create a folder to work, copy or drag all the files that I will use in the project, videos, photos etc ... into this one.
When starting the project in PD, save the project, inside the same folder.
All in a folder that can contain subfolders, to better organize.

In my case I do not use the Export Folder folder.
Temporary files created from the timeline, for example audio enhanced in AudioDirector goes to Export Folder.
These temporary files are deleted after 30 days, it is the default but can be modified in preferences.

If you lost a temporary file you must use the original file to replace this one in the timeline.

Will using the, Pack Project Materials, save the folder you created, including the temporary files?
Quote It depends on what you want to deinstall.
If is is only the effects, then no, it will not affect the functionality of PowerDirector, but the effects are missing so the full functionality of video editing is affected.
With the bunde you get some of the effects, that are not trialware. I don't think, that you can deinstall the trialware effects and let the others stay. I have deactivated the trialware manually. They are in a path under
c:\Program Files\CyberLink\Shared files\Plugin\

It is dangerous to do that. Be warned. Don't blame anybody, if your program does not work as expected.


Thanks for the reply Hatti.
I will learn to use the program for a while before I make any alterations.
Just installed Director Suite 6 and see, also installed, True Blue and other trial software.
Can I uninstall said software? If I do uninstall, will it effect the functionality of Power Director?

Quote No, not a week. Just a few minutes.
Have a look for "junction" in the googling machine of your choice.
With that little help, I "rerounded" the directories to a better place.


Thanks for the info, will keep it in mind.
Just purchased PowerDirector6, so a beginner.
I will see if it is possible to move the Project directory to a RAId 0.
May take me a few weeks to get going.
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