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Thank you - solid video with great stuff!

Ultimately, it is an exercise in patience and grabbing great footage.

The Frame by Frame option - did not notice that!

Yes, patience and perserverance.

I set autosave to 2 minutes and only edit clips recorded at 30fps.
A 60s clip @ 30fps = 1800f, if you had to adjust 200f (I managed 1fpm) = 3h20m
You can guess why I gave up trying 50fps.
I found the Sharper Turtle PD tutorials stay on subject and in chunks not too big to absorb.

Good point.
Wish i could spell today, that is ERASE, not ERASSE!

Does this make sense?

Gday Veepo. Let us know if this video answers your question.
Thanks for the heads up Power Director.

the download, for me, was clean. Have modified it and being used on my site."
Is this what you are looking for?
A short video I found useful. >
Please help with understanding the functions of Masks in motion tracker.
I have an 11 second clip of a bird singing.
Used the first mask in motion tracker, going frame by frame.
Playback shows that the beak movement is still not followed
1 If I start a new mask, are the key frames applied in the first mask and the second mask is additional setttings?
2. If the keyfames in the first mask are not saved/applied,? how do I make finer adjustment to the beak movement using the first mask?
3. Do I have to produce the clip in colordirector, or send it back to PD and incorporate it into tthe timeline for produce?

Thanks in advance.
Quote Many thanks.

May take while, maybe take a look at upgrading everything . That will take a while what with brexit and failing pension!

Apologies to the Mods and members for hijacking the thread. But sort of related, if you stretch a point :


OK, happen we will wee you again.
In the meantime, have a look at the software I use.
> very good cloning.
Quote Thanks,

so so reading between the lines, the system might boot from the newly cloned Hdd,

if there is boot confusion, disconnect the original old Hdd and find a way to reformat Hdd or wipe the old boot system to use as area as a partition, using a Usb caddie or similar.

If you clone the old SSD onto a newly installed SSD, then power off, > disconect the power cable to the old SSD, > power on.
As the BIOS only sees the new SSD, should boot streight up.
If this is your intention, please start a new topic and PM me with a link; I can then give you specific help,
The Mods might be getting p off with us.
Quote O/topic I know but.

Can you make a clone disc after a new disc has Been added? I.e New Hdisc may have a new OS on it and the original Hdisk , l guess, becomes a partition, is it possible to clone the original, then use the clone copy back to the new Hdisk.

i hope you understand what I mean ;


You don't actually produce a physical disk, or save the data as a file you can store and use later.
If you install a new hard drive in a machine and write a new OS to it and then clone (a bit by bit copy) of the original hard drive: the new hard drive is wiped and the old hard drive contents is writen to that new hard drive.
So you end up with two identical hard drives in the same machine,
and a system that probable won't Boot.
Quote Hi,

Thanks to all the above contributors for their help.

I have just got a reply back from the Support Team who have kindly provided me with download links for all the previously purchased software.

I am a happy bunny again!

I hope things go well, but things you should be aware of.
Your original HDD must not have the letter C: other wise when you install software to the refurbished machines drive, the installer may put files on both drives.
You cannot clone a drive taken from one machine to a drive on a different machine, it probable won't work correctly.
You can only successfully clone drives on the same machine.
Gday Luke.
A little more info would be helpful.
Size of the refurbished machines HDD?
Size of your original HDD?
Which drive are you booting from.

Have you made any backups of your Data?
Quote Is there a way to see/preview the entire title card while I am editing it? The problem is that I chose a preset title which h as three layers (2 text, one image) that all cluster/layer together, and am I am editing a floating text box I want to line up with the background image in the title, and because I cannot see the image while I am moving around the text box, I have to keep going in and out of the edit screen to see if I moved it to the right place. I am really, really hoping I am missing something and I don't have to just practice guesswork and trial by error to get things lined up.

Gday and welcome.

Let us know if this video is of help, >h
Quote The function that you are looking for is to "Produce Range" where you first highlight a section of your timeline and then right click the selection and create a new clip of that section. It's automatically saved to your media room and can be used/re-used as you need. A search of the forum for "Produce Range" will give you all the info you might need.

Exacly what I was looking for, thanks Longedge.
Thanks Dave.
I want to save the part I cut out,, not discard it. It will be used later in the timeline, or in another project.
Using PD16.
How can I cut about 7 seconds from a clip and save the cut section for later use in the timeline, and in another later project.

Quote Unfortunately, no.

Thanks for the reply. Might put it on the wish list.
Gday All.
I have somewhat limited eyesight and find the main PowerDirector interface very dark. are there any alternative skins? Or is it possible to alter the background colour making it lighter?

Quote Dont by this *** software, waste of money.
Have used it sometime and my rage is boiled over.

If you have take some videos of your familly on holidays and want to edit in director for make video files and add some thumbnails for better sorting..Not possible, you have to use the DVD menu. Rellay..

Waste of money..

I also am a biginner with PD16 but knew, it being a near Pro software package, I would not be able to click willy nilly here and there and produce a video. Working through verious tutorials, My master piece is coming along fine.

If you can't be bothered to put in some effort and learn how to use the software, try using a Windows type Movie Maker.

Pack Project Materials, I use it when I finish a project and I will save it or take it to another PC.
Doing this implies copying everything that is present on the PD timeline, this will use large space on the HD disk.

Got it. Thank you.

The way I do it first, create a folder to work, copy or drag all the files that I will use in the project, videos, photos etc ... into this one.
When starting the project in PD, save the project, inside the same folder.
All in a folder that can contain subfolders, to better organize.

In my case I do not use the Export Folder folder.
Temporary files created from the timeline, for example audio enhanced in AudioDirector goes to Export Folder.
These temporary files are deleted after 30 days, it is the default but can be modified in preferences.

If you lost a temporary file you must use the original file to replace this one in the timeline.

Will using the, Pack Project Materials, save the folder you created, including the temporary files?
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