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Hi All:
I'd like to know how, or if, clips can be moved on the Timeline in small delecate increments. Using the "hand" only results in jumps/spurts and there is no detailed control.
Now, I'm NOT talking about using the one frame at a time selector in the Preview window, just on the Timeline.

Thanks for replies
Hi all:
I'm pretty new on PD 18 so bear with me.
When workiing on the Timeline, little info boxes pop at the point of the cursor. They show the start/end time, blah, blah.
These get right in the way of the work where I can't see what I'm doing. How can this "feature" be turned off.
I've gone through Preferences and View and can't find any way to do it.

Thanks for replies
Thanks Phil, that worked as well.
Thanks Jeff, it worked just fine.
Hi all:

I'm doing a project where I need to extend the time of 2 still pictures to around 1 minute each. A still, then a video clip and then another still at the end.
Now, I know this can be done by going through Preferences>Edit, etc, but doing it that way is cumbetsome. Is there another way to do this where the still pics can be selected and then the duration changed.

Thanks for replies
Thanks for the reply and it worked just fine.

Hi all:

I've got a clip on the Timeline and have cut a section of it out and have dragged that down to the 2nd row to get it out of the way of the main video.
What I want to do it save the cut out section as I'll use it for something else. But when I try to produce, it includes the cut out clip.
So, what I guess I have to do is to copy & send that section to another folder OUT of PD before prodcing.
But I nothing I've tried has worked.

Thanks for replies

It sounds like you're needing to enlarge the audio timeline in order to manipultae it in smaller incriments. . Go to.... Preferences...Editing...Enlarge least I think that's what it's called. It will allow you to move the audio in much smaller incriments down to one tenth of a frame.

Thanks, it did the job.
Hi all:

I need to move an entire clip (in this case an audio clip) a small amount. I've tried to select the clip and then use the hand icon but this is too heavy handed and doesn't allow fine adjustments. I need to be able to move in very small amounts.
ALSO, I don't want to shave anything off the clip, just move it.
I've looked online and can't find anything regarding this.

I just got PD 18 and one of the reasons I bought it was because of the way it does Slide Shows as I plan to do a lot of them.
One feature I want to use is duration - fit photos to music and vice versa. But the only way it seems it can be gotten to is from within Slide Show creator. This wouldn't be a problem if the transition template feature could be by-passed. But when I try not entering a template, the program/app just stops.

Any way to by-pass the templates OR can the duration: fit photos to music,etc be gotten to from elsewhere?

Thanks C
Hi all:
I've just bought PD 18 and am trying to do up a slide show. I've gotten the pics & music clip onto the Timeline. The default duration for the pictures is 5 sec in Preferences. I re-set it to 4 BUT the duration during playback is still 5 sec.
Is there another way of setting it.
BTW, another thing. Is it possible to use "Slide show creator" and not have to get stuck with any of those canned transitions.
I got to that point and when I tried to bypass that, the app didn't work.

Thanks for replies
Quote I would think that the majority of users here have either a UHD or a HD resolution television which is 1920 x 1080 pixels. Using PD16 I would resize them to at least the same resolution as the television screen which is much greater than the 500 pixels wide than you are resizing them to.

Thanks for the reply. I see how it works now.
I have to do some slide shows. I've done a a couple of them already in PD and had sized all of the pics to 500 pix wide. Everything went fine except that some of the pictures came out with "artifacting" where the pics have that somewhat blurry look.
I know that PD re-sizes the pics when it comes time to render, but I'd like to know what would be the best size to make the pics BEFORE putting them into PD. As mentioned I did them to 500 w.

Thanks for replies.
Hi all:
The files that I end up with after taking videos are large. Would it be better to compress them via Handbrake or whichever before bringing them into PD16. I know this doesn't have to be done, but would it be better to do so?

Thanks for replies
I'm in the process of finishing up a slide show which turned out well. Lastly I'd like to put the initials of the site in all the pics as a way of identifiing the site AND discourage copying of the slide show.
I've tried going through the Title Designer and can get the letters to show up in a few pictures and then they cease to appear.
Is there any way to do this without having to go to each pic individually?

Thanks for replies
I'm doing up a slide show and have the pics in the Media area ready to down onto the Timeline but can't find a way.
ALSO, I do NOT want to use "Slide Show creator" as I don't like what it does.

Thanks for replies

Thanks for your question and the answers. It worked for me too. I also found that by zooming the timeline horizontally, I can see the "rogue" clip very easily.

That's the thing here. If you don't magfify the Timeline you won't see it.
Quote Highlight the last clip. Go to the movie mode and hit the End key on the keyboard. Expand the timeline ruler and you should see a sliver of something along the cursor or scrubber. You may need to look on the other tracks. Remove it.

T - thanks much for the solution and it worked like a charm. I never would have figured that out.

I've just finished my first short video in PD 16. All went well, but after the vid has run through and finished, it goes blank, which of course is the way it should be. But after the 2 seconds, a fragment of the video comes back up and stays for a second or so before it goes away.
Now, this fragment does not show up on the Timline, so I don't know how to get rid of it. I even rendered the video and it still shows up in the final result.
Is this just a glitch or is there some way of getting rid of it. I really don't want to have to do the video over again.

Thanks for replies
Quote Hi Calhoun -

Assuming it's not butted up against another clip, you can nudge media by one frame at a time by selecting it and holding the Alt key whilst tapping the ◄ & ► keys. Obviously ► for forward & ◄ for backward.

Cheers - Tony

Thanks Tony, it works.
One thing I'm always having to do in PD is move clips in very small increments to get the timing just right.
Normally I do this by holding on the cllip and moving it with the mouse but this is not a good way to get very minor moves.
Is there another way to nudge a clip on the Timeline in VERY small increments?

Thanks for reply
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