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It's all good Robert. Actually I did get your point. I was just trying to round it off a little.

There are so many variables involving software. And no two computers behave exactly the same. Using brands of automobiles as an example is fine, but we're not just using the automobile. We're having to interface it to work along with something else.

But I do appreciate your attempt to possibly make PD9 better. I in no way was trying to rile you. Sometimes I try to make light of things and keep life like me; simple. I would like to see some of your video editing sometime. Cheers TCDave
I've enjoyed using PD9. Yes, I've had some issues, but most of them have been worked around and solved through trial and error.

I will purchase PD10 in the near future and will go in knowing there will be more issues.

If I had to pay $500-1000 for Cyberlink's editing software, I'd expect something almost foolproof. But software that costs equivalent to a couple tanks of gasoline (U.S.), I'll keep biting.
If I may ask, are you capturing the video from the camera using PD9?

I ask this just out of curiosity. I have the Canon S20 and haven't experienced any significant problems. I am transferring my video from the camera to my computer harddrive without using PD9. Then I run PD9 and import the file.

The PD install was done on the SSD (C. But when I'm working with the program, I redirect my files to the 1TB hard drive. I know that some stuff still makes it's way over to the SSD drive during rendering, but the bulk of the project migrates to the other hard drive.

Now mind you, I haven't done anything elaborate with PD9, but what I've done, I'm pleased overall with the performance. I'm an old man and have grown patient. When I have a lockup or glitch, I just try to roll with the punches and realize that what I'm able to do now was pretty much impossibe a couple of years ago. I'm not making excuses, just personal observations.

I wish you the best in your endeavours.
I removed the Google toolbar on my Windows 7 OS and it reduced the lockups considerably.

Also, I don't use the slider while my video is running. I pause the video, then slide to my destination, then resume if necessary. That eliminates the pauses and lockups when trying to slide while the video is playing.

May sound simple and goofy, but it works for me.
A price tag of $99 U.S. with a mail-in rebate for $99 U.S.

I guess this forum is designed pretty much for folks to post up their problems running the new software. I can understand that. The folks here are so helpful and patient in giving their opinions as to how to fix glitches, etc.

But I wanted to make a post to say that so far, I am enjoying Cyberlink PowerDirector 9. Now mind you, I am a newbie deluxe. I recently had a computer built exclusively for making videos better that I've been able to produce with Windows and Pinnacle. I've only had PD9 up and running for a few days. But so far, so good. I've been able to take all of my video files from the Canon HF21 camera and do a little of this and that to them.

It's been fun, but I've been patient. I'm not the sharpest tack in the box, but you don't have to be. Just be patient, know your limitiations whether it's mental or with your computer's hardware, and work with it. And above all, respect the folks who donate their time here to help us. Give 'em a pat on the back now and then.

I now return to my rendering. Best of luck in your editing.
Carl never ceases to amaze me. Thanks Carl.
I picked up my new computer from the retailer this evening. Before loading my fresh out-of-the-box PowerDirector Ultra64 software, I was wondering if someone wouldn't mind too much and take a look at my dxdiag files.

I already have a little glitch. My WD 1TB HD isn't showing up. I will talk with the retailer/builder tomorrow about that little problem. (I mention this only for info and in no way am making this a hardware problem thread.)

I will probably get a comment about the SSD being too light on storage. I would like to start slow and small on my HD editing, and will make short clips and try to get by with this SSD for a bit. But if I encounter problems early with it being too small, I'll gladly swap it out.

Anyway, thanks in advance for allowing me to post up the two files and comments/suggestions are welcome and appreciated. I thought maybe if someone saw a serious flaw, it might be good to correct it prior to loading Cyberlink Powerdirector 9 Ultra64.


The ladies/gents on this forum are a most valuable asset to us that use Cyberlink Powerdirector. They do it on their own time. Your impatience is embarrassing to say the least. I understand your frustration, but be patient and appreciative of the folks who are willing to help.

If you are willing to work with them, I'm sure you will come out the winner.
I'm burning up my Saturday watching your productions...and well worth it. I've really enjoyed watching them and have so much to learn.

Thanks again for posting up on my thread.

Man, what a great response. Thanks so much for sharing. This really helps newbies like myself to increasing our editing skills with PD.

Thanks again and keep 'em coming. This is good stuff.
Just wondering if any of the editors here have links to some of their PD work. I'd sure like to see some of the things that PD can be accomplished with Power Director.
Thanks for the comments and suggestions. Based on them, listed below are the components and software I purchased for the build.

Intel Ci7 2600K 3.40 Ghz
2X 8GB 1600Mhz Dual BL
120GB Corsair Force 3 SSD
1TB WD10000 SRTL Caviar Black
LG-12X Blu-Ray Writer
PowerDirector 9 Ultra 64

Hopefully Monday I'll be able to start pulling the rest of my hair out diving into PD 9. Thanks again.
I just signed up on the forum and am glad to be here. I'm a "babe in the woods" when it comes to video editing. My limited experience has been Windows Moviemaker and an earlier editing program from Pinnacle.

I'm having a new computer built and it should be ready next week. I'll give a rundown on its components at the bottom of this post.

I'm going to take some early advice that I've read from my searching and take this new endeavor slow and easy. I'm in no hurry and have found in my old age that the "journey" often times is more fun than the destination.

Based on my hardware and Windows 7 as my OS, could I get a few suggestions/opinions as to which PowerDirector software I should get? Ultra 64 or Deluxe?

Thanks in advance.

Processor: Intel 2600K 3.40 GHz
MOBO: Asus P8P67 B3 LE S1135
RAM: DDR3 8GB 1600MHz Corsair (2x4GB)
Hard Drive 1: Corsair 64GB 2.5SSD
Hard Drive 2: WD10000 1TB Caviar Black
Graphics Cards: (2) EVGA GTX460
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