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I appreciate everyone's input.
I don't want this to be a hardware thread, but it is in regards to using my Cyberlink Powerdirector 9 software.

After, I use this fine program to capture/import and edit my video, I'm prompted as to where to keep my newly created video. That's where my question comes in. I'm capturing mini dv cassette footage to the computer. Part of my reason for the capturing is my concern for the longevity of the mini DV tapes. But then I wonder what would be the best storage medium.

Again, I'm not looking for brands of hardware, etc., just some input from what some of you folks use and believe will last for some time.

I copied this from another site. You may have already read it. I have a GoPro camera and think Cineform is some software that is free from them.

Chris- actually, I just got the word from David Newman that Cineform Aspect HD Link will convert 480i .m2v into Cineform 480i 4:2:2 .avi.
This is the way to go.
Using Cineform, I should be able to go from .m2v to .avi and back to .m2v without resampling the color to a different matrix each time, which was my main concern.
I had actually tried this, but HD Link wouldn't process the .m2v. David gave me the "file selection" procedure that works.
Thanks all.

It's taking time to test things, because each vid is 45 minutes long. Over 8 gigs each in their original form.


When testing, is it necessary to convert the whole video? Would it save time to try a short clip of the video? But now that I've typed this, I'm thinking that maybe you don't have the means to make a short clip. Good luck.

Quote: Hi Pete,
OK, you first need to provide some more information about your computer BEFORE going any further.

See guide:
Part B please provide the info.



Here are some detail as requested...........

Windows 7
PD version
SR No. VDE110805-01
Norton Antivirus.

I can't offer any help with your situation as I am a babe in the woods concerning PD 10. But I appreciate your approach in attempting to solve the problem. You demonstrate the patience of Job and are dealing with it in a professional manner.

And congratulations on your business. I checked out your website. Very nice.

Good luck and Happy New Year.

And a Merry Christmas to you, too.
Quote: I removed and then reinstalled the latest Quicktime and my problem as described in the prior post disappeared. My apology for blaming this on Cyberlink and PD10.



You're a gentleman and a scholar. Thanks for posting up your fix.
Hey David.

You have to admit that the Cray XK6 is a "Sexy" computer.

Wanna hear something funny? When I Googled "Cray", my computer crashed!!!
I made my first attempt at importing a video file and used the Youtube option to upload it. Worked great and the video's definition was exactly what I hoped for.

Think it's sometimes nice to post up some positive stuff about Cyberlink Powerdirector 9. My overall experiences have been good.

Happy Holidays.;jsessionid=D57453B6D0990EF288340C4766CBC89E
Quote: It's too bad that CyberLink doesn't have a complaint department.

They probably think this forum suffices for a Complaint Department.;jsessionid=D57453B6D0990EF288340C4766CBC89E

The link above should be a requirement for making a first post.

Without detailed system info, most of these kind contributors will be unable to assist.

Welcome and good luck.
Thanks Jiim. Actually I use one of my TB's for running PD now. I use the SSD for playing back some finished work.

I have had minimal glitches with PD and really like it overall. I haven't upgraded to PD 10 cuz I still have so much to learn with 9.

Didn't mean to hijack the thread. Thanks.
Quote: Hi,
Well I have PD 9 and PD10 on my machine and just completed a Wedding DVD with a variety of content, A Wedding ceremony shot on Canon hfr100, a video shot on a JVC standard def camcorder, Photo supplied by various contributors. I designed my own menu background and utilized it. Created my own slide show at 4X3 aspect then imported into create disk module and burmed project to a hi quality DVD folder and used Nero to burn the DVD and all came out excellent.
I have even created a Blu Ray disk usilizing some of my own 3D-like movie using the same footage and burning to BD-re disk and it also works.

Tell me Jim, just what are you doing wrong to make everything work right?

Kudos to you.
Thanks for the info Peter. I'm somewhat a newbie on PD9 but have had a lot of help from the senior contributors.

I'm hoping one of them can take a look at your hardware/software and offer some suggestions. This being a global community, it sometimes takes a little time for someone to take a look. Good luck sir.
Quote: I have a Canon camera, it is NTSC and shoots 1080/60i. Its file output format is .MTS (H.264)

Carl, I'm curious as to what Canon you have. I have the HF21 and it also shoots the .MTS (H.264)

So far, it's been very compatible with PD9. Thanks.

How To create a Diagnostic File
1. Click START icon
2. In the Search box (XP users click RUN to see this box) type: DXDIAG and press <ENTER>
3. In the window that opens, select the <SAVE ALL INFORMATION> button and save the file somewhere you can find it (like your desktop).
NOTE: save as ****DxDiag.txt, (Replacing the **** with your name - to identify your file when downloaded).
4. If you know you have 64bit Windows, also select the <Run 64BIT DXDIAG> button and save a SECOND file as 64****DxDiag.txt, (again replacing the **** with your name).
5. Use a zip or rar program to package the data (recommended).
6. Return to the forum thread and click <POST REPLY> (not Quick reply) button in the thread.
7. Click the <ATTACHMENTS> button and attach the file(s).
8. Click <SUBMIT>
The Diagnostic file(s) will be needed by PowerDirector Editors on the forum & CyberLink Technical Support to analyze your PC set up.

Ms. Nina put took the comment that I was going to post and professionalized it.

Your rant may have made you feel a little better, but if you post some details and your computer specs, someone more than likely get you back to editing.

try this...
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