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Good advice Tony. The way around the "protected" aac/mp4 issue I use, is to export it to audio CD. Then load the disc and import as an Mp3 back into Itunes. It will now be available in the Itunes media/music folder. The only drawback is a used CD. Unless it is rewritable. I use Mp3s in PD all the time and have not had any problems

Wayne, The problem may be with your RAM, as 1Gig is not very much for video editing. Also a 4.7G DVD doesn't necessarily have 4.7G write space on it.
ack754, All you have to have is one shot. 1. place your camera on a tripod and shoot the scene with the person walking away. Do not move the camera when shooting the video. 2. Put the whole video on the video track in PD. 3. Cut out three or four (or more) sections of the video (the amount of distance you would like to have the actor travel between fades). 4. Then simply add the fade transitions where you have breaks in the video! Good luck on your project!

Chris, don't know if you saw this post...

Ken, Have you tried searching the "Effects Gallery"?

Thanks Phil. That makes sense and sounds like that is normal. I'm always trying to get the most out of my PC as possible. I paid a $$$$$ for it. Oh well
Does anyone know how to increase the "data transfer speed" in a computer? My Windows Experience Index is at 5.9, because of the lowest sub score on my PC; that being the "hard disc transfer speed"which is 5.9. The processor, RAM, and graphics scores are 7.8 and 7.7 with an experience index top score being 7.9 I have 3 hard drives set up as C:OS/Apps, D:media, E:project files. I realize this is not a PD question, but it does affect how PD runs when video editing. Thanks for any advice!

Windows 7 64 bit, i7 980x @333 6 core processor, 12 GB ram DDR 1600, Radeon 5850 GPU Power Director 8 Ultra.
Hi Bob, Just put your timeline marker at the spot you want to clip off. Use the split clip button. Then delete that clip from the timeline.

What were your "export" settings for the bluray?
Go to his profile and click on the "Private Message".
Go to one of the discussions/threads he participated in and PM from there.
I can't find a way to create timeline markers. Very frustrating when I have to move things around (as in a slide show). Does this feature exist in PD 8? Thanks.


Windows 7 64 bit, i7 980x @333 6 core processor, 12 GB ram DDR 1600, Radeon 5850 GPU Power Director 8 Ultra.
Ok. Thanks for the tip Tony.

Denise, you can run a search of ".png" minus the quotes, of your C drive. I think you may also find them in "Users".
I use Firefox and I have the default location for downloads set for my desktop. From there I drag them into PD/PiP objects folder.
Perhaps this tutorial from Tony will help you.

Elwood Blues
I would say it is possible. You would need some fancy equipment. They do it all the time on cop shows. You might want to contact somebody in sound engineering, or a forensic audiologist?
Drag and drop from the camera.
Open the camera folder in one window. Then open the folder you want to store the video from the camera on(your PC). You should be able to drag and drop the camera files to your PC. - Assuming you recorded to hard drive or flash memory.
Simeon, That is for rating how well responses were to your post/question.
dogtown, this is from the YouTube site.
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