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I noticed that if I just drop the clip to the timeline, it will use the GPU. As soon as I add a transitions to it between clips, it only uses the CPU for the whole timeline... This just seems to be random.... Something Cyberlink should look at.
Hi everyone!

I also had this issue in PowerDirector 14, and unfortunately it is still not addressed in PowerDirector 15.

XAVC files will be decoded by the GPU in the Media Library, but not when it is in the Timeline. I have OpenCL and Hardware Decoding enabled, and my GPU is an Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 3GB, which should be more than sufficent to decode these kind of files. See that the GPU Video Engine load is pretty small for this kind of file when it is decoded in the Media Library, but there's no Video Engine Load when it is being played back in the timeline.

Anyone experiences the same? or is it just me?
Yeah, I loose the OpenCL for other apps that are using it at the moment when I launch PowerDirector. After launching PowerDirector, I can then enable the Intel Graphics card so the other apps use it while PowerDirector uses the Nvidia card
No, what I mean is that in order to use the Nvidia card I have to disable the Intel graphics as the switching setting in Nvidia control panel doesn't work.
Also it claims rendering is faster because of TrueVelocity 6, but there are no comparison between PowerDirector 14 and PowerDirector 15 like with previous versions where they showed the chart with comparison between version
Yes, already tried that. It results in having activated the Integrated graphics but in a non-working state.
nice, thanks for the pic. I have to take a look in mine.

Basically the BIOS is setup with the HD4000 as Primary, because otherwise the card would have the yellow triangle and it would not work at all.

The BIOS have the following options:
Primary Display: iGFX/PEG. I have it setup to iGFX
Integrated Graphics: Auto/Enabled/Disabled. I have it in Enabled

When I launch PDR15 without disabling the HD4000, it will use the HD4000 to edit and produce, having the Intel Quick Sync option. If I disable the card and load PDR15, it will switch to the Nvidia card, and I can then use the NVENC encoder allowing me to produce HEVC videos using the hardware encoder.

Basically what PDR15 needs is an option in the software that lets me choose what video card to use instead of it automatically choosing the card. Other softwares, especially video players allows me to choose either to use Quick Sync or NVEnc for video decoding... PDR15 will just choose Intel if it is enabled automatically.
Sorry for the confusion. I'm not using the Intel Graphics for video editing. What I meant with the OpenCL thing is that I don't have the Intel Graphics disabled because I have other softwares that can benefit from both cards at the same time. I never saw PowerDirector using both cards in what it claims it have Multi-GPGPU acceleration. However, that doesn't bother me. What does bother me is that I have to disable temporarily the intel graphics just to launch PowerDirector so it "switches" to Nvidia, and then I enable it again to have it available for other stuff
Yeah, I know that I could use the nvidia card exclusively and deactivate the Integrated Graphics, but then I loose the OpenCL functionality of that card, so that's the reason I have one monitor connected in each card.
Actually, I can use both cards. The issue is that the Nvidia Control Panel is not telling Powerdirector 15 to use the Nvidia graphics card. My setup in order to use both graphics cards is by using one monitor plugged into the Nvidia card and another monitor connected in the integrated graphics output. Other softwares can use either card I specify, but PowerDirector would not.

I found the original PDR 14 topic regarding this, and unfortunately it is still here in PDR 15:
As the title says, PowerDirector 15 refuses to use the Nvidia graphic card and always uses the Intel Graphics. I built a system with an Intel i7-3610QM CPU and an NVIDIA GTX 1060 3GB. The graphics processor option sis greyed out in the Nvidia Control Panel and lists PowerDirector with the Integrated Graphics. The only solution I have is either to disable the Integrated Graphics in the BIOS or to temporarily disable the Intel Graphics in the Device Manager to force PowerDirector to launch with the Nvidia card and then enable the Intel Graphics card again. I believe this issue was also present with PowerDirector 14 and as far as I know, this is an nvidia issue rather than a PowerDirector issue, but this should be addressed as soon as possible.
I cannot tell about speed between PDR 14 and PDR 15, as I just got a new Nvidia 1060, renderings are way too fast compared to my old Nvidia 750M. However, at least when working with slideshows before I installed the Nvidia 1060, the timeline was working way better than PDR 14 and renderings didn't crash as PDR 14 did before.
Well, if PowerDVD 17 comes with UHD BR player, then we can assume that PowerDirector 16 will have UHD BR authoring
Another bug: The Sift 1 transition from PDR 14 is not applied in PDR 15 and makes me manually find the Sift_1.png file. Solution is to remove the transition from the timeline and reapply the Sift 1 transition from PDR 15
Yes, you're right. I'm using the CPU for rendering because I don't have a dedicated hardware capable of encoding to HEVC. In PDR 14, when I rendered a slideshow in 4K HEVC, PowerDirector would crash with the 4th gen CPU from the Lenovo Y510p laptop. Now that I could setup my i7-3610QM in the mini-itx board I got, I find it surprising that the 3rd gen CPU is working way better than the 4th gen CPU. I haven't tested PDR 15 in the 4th gen CPU because my intentions is to add an Nvidia GTX 1060 which should be here by monday to the mini-itx board to be able to encode/decode HEVC videos and to be able to edit 4K videos efficiently. With the 4th gen CPU I'm stuck with the Intel HD 4600 and the 2 nVidia GT 750M from the laptop and of course, no HEVC encoder.
Well, I'm using a 3rd gen Intel i7. Slideshow rendering seems more stable. PDR 14 crashed especially when rendering the transition parts. I don't have a dedicated video card so I really cannot test rendering in hardware, but CPU rendering seems more stable than PDR 14
x264 support is there. Just export to H.264. After all, it is just an MPEG-4 codec.
I believe UHD Blu-Ray is actually BD XL, so any BD XL burner should work.

Only problem is that the media is very expensive
a bug I found when opening a PDR 14 project in PDR 15

First, it asked me to locate the Evaporate.png and the other transition files from the transitions I posted below. I didn't knew why it was asking for that file since I never used a file named like that in the timeline, and later I found out it is because of the Evaporate, Crystalize and Passing Time transitions, since they didn't worked... See below.

The following transitions turned into the Binary transition and I had to remove and apply the same transition to each transition that turned into the Binary one. Just replacing them didn't work:
-Evaporate (There now seems to be 4 different Evaporate transitions)
-Passing Time

Also, the "Evaporate - Middle" transition is called faint02 when it is applied in the timeline instead of having its name...
Yeah.. It's 7 here to and the front page still says about the sale that supposedly ended yesterday. My bet is that they forgot to update the website XD
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