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I haven't updated my nvidia drivers in awhile. Just noticed they now have two versions: game driver and studio driver. Neither mentions anything about optimization for video editing. So does it matter which driver to download and install snce I'm not a gamer?
Quote . I am just about to invest in a new laptop
Be aware of the nVidia optimum or MSHybrid mode for GPUs. Meaning the laptop boots with the i7 CPU. if the laptop includes a nVidia GPU, it won't be used unless triggered by the app. I don't know of ANY PD version that works correctly in this situation. I bought/returned several laptops until I found Sager Notebooks where I can 'turn off MSHybrid mode' in the BIOS so it boots with the GTX1060. I have no idea if this situation exists for laptops with AMD GPUs, but is an issue with nVidia GPUs. Of course this would not be an issue with a laptop that has no discreet GPU chip.
Quote This workaround is not for me. I like to keep my drivers updated - especially graphics drivers with improvements for games and other stuff.
Although I understand your point, it's your choice. I seriously doubt the new drivers will be adding much to your game play. This nVidia driver change has affect ALL Video codecs that I know.
Go back to the nvidia driver 411.x should resolve your problem. The real issue stems from the latest nVidia drivers. It is my undersatnding that software developers knew this change was coming back in Feb.
also avoid AMD APU like your current laptop.

if in doubt then check it out at cpubenchmark. your AMD APU is rated 2528.

CPU cpubenchmark score ≥8000 / 1920x1080 FHD, ≥10000 / 3840x2160 4K.

Recently helped my sister buy a new desktop on her BUDGET. HP Pavilion with Ryzen 5 2400G APU with Vega 11. I benchmarked it at 8180 but the Vega 11 was a bit disapointing. However PD15 did utlilize the CPU and GPU just fine.
Quote It's the way laptops use graphic cards that makes it practically impossible to use the dedicated card with PD.
I don't agree. Other video editors correctly recognize iGPu / dGPU on laptops. This is definitely an issue with PD. NOT nVidia control panel or driver.
Quote Perhaps Cyberlink gets more bang for the buck/euro/etc via browser ads. That being said, I might imagine members here to get a "heads-up" perhaps 24 hours in advance and get a nice little coupon, or maybe additional plugins, but I'm just a crab.
I've been on cyberlink's email list for 15+ years and have yet to receieve any anouncment for PD17. I'll have to see 'what's new' and see it I want to upgrade. I don't as much editing as i used to making these decisions more difficult.
Log on this morning to find that PD17 has been released. NO emails, no Google ads popping up. just odd LOL
Quote some software products are written witht the assumpotion that you're running an Intel CPU with no more than 6 cores, 8 max.
I tested PD 15 on an HP Pavilion 590-P0040 with Ryzen 5 2400G (Passmark Performance test 8151 for the CPU) and Veaga 11 GPU integrated (Passmark was only 2453). Didn't have time for an extensive test in PD15 5min .mts from my Sony 3D camcorder with only one FX that utilizes the Radeon iGPU. I'm assuming it uses OpenGL only. Preview was at default and was very smooth. Render to 720p had no hiccups and render time was acceptable ( for that price range $463US). This model was chosen for it's feature set at the price my sister could affort. She doesn't do video editing so good deal for her. But I still feel for those on a budget, it would be acceptable. HP has a similiar model with Intel i5 8th gen with 16GB of Octane RAM which would have been a better choice, but over her price limit.

Would be nice if PD17 or 18 would have better support for Threadripper and future high-end CPUs.
Will PD17 support the new Dolby AC4 codec? Can add this to the PD17 feature request.
Quote intel has better single and quad core performance than AMD.
Certainly haven't proven that statement with ANY software that I have used in the past 5 years. If I ever build another PC , it will definitely be AMD.

Oh yeah and I tried Resolve -- free version is limited. Didn't import my video correctly from two devices. Can't 'deinterlace' without purchasing at $300. Definitely not aimed at consumers with a huge learning curve.

But as you said, we are off topic. Thread should probably be closed.
Quote A customer should be able to assume that all cores, no matter how many, are used to maximum level so the work gets done faster.
I totally agree. All I hear is excuses for poor coding. I spent 3X more on my last computer for an Intel 4770k instead of going with AMD (at that time) thinking that I would get better performance. Definitely did NOT get the bang for my bucks. I now just wonder if it's not just the software that I have chosen.
Quote Honestly, I see no point in using PD on a machine with a GPU like that.
The RTX2000 series will be replacing the GTX1000 series and should be on the market by Black Friday. I think the RTX2050 will start under $200US. The RTX2080 is already on the market for under $800. I'll probably buy the RTX2060 if it is uner $350.

RTX5000 ($2300US), 6000 and 8000 ($10000US) is the pro line.

Professional studio apps ready for REAL TIME 8K video editing. Just saying would be nice if Cyberlink could add at least some of this (or their own similar) technology into PD. I have always felt that PD has never been fully optimized to take advantage of GTX cores. Now we have new RTX cards to be released.

I’m sure PD17 will, probably about the same support as PD16. The GPU is exciting, many exciting new features of little relevance to current PD though.

  1. GPU will feature real-time playback of 8K, PD playback has been limited to Full HD playback and even then many report stutters/skips, in PD16 GPU decode not utilized effectively, say after splits/transitions/…., maybe PD17 will simply fix those bugs and any previous GPU would benefit too with consumer 4K and less.

  2. NVENC has been improved again and achieves same quality with ~25% less bitrate, for PD17, or for that matter, any PD version that supports NVENC (PD terminology > Hardware video encoder), one should realize slightly improved quality at the same VBR which PD uses.

  3. Seems like several users would like 10bit HEVC color, current GeForce 10 series GPU’s support that for 2+yrs, just not PD16 so that might finally become available in PD17.

Probably just have to wait for PD17 in a month or so and see what new dazzling features CL has implemented, my guess, nothing strictly relevant to the new Nvidia GPU lineup to be released.

Would be nice if PD17 (18?) could support all the new features in RTX cards like RT cores and AI cores. I'm sure someone could figure a way to utilizes these in video rendering.
I wonder if PD17 will support the new nVidia RTX cards. Some of the demos are very impressive. From what I have read, the RTX2080, 2070, 2060 should be out by end of October or November.
I have alawys thought this was a MS HYBRID / Optimus (nvidia) issue. Didn't know that AMD GPUs were also affected. Check in your laptop BIOS to see if you can disable MS Hybrid mode or boot with the AMD GPU. I returned several laptops until I found Sager brand. I boot with nVidia GPU enabled and Power Director detects it just fine.
2nd Generation AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper 2990WX processor unleashes the brute force of 32-cores and 64-threads. Haven't seen prices yet but I'm sure near $1k US.
Quote It's professional editors saying it. Same with the other specs I mentioned.
Intersting thread, but I think you are giving these 'professional' editors too much credence. Different software and how that software utilizes the hardware can not be compared to consumer level software.
Quote People should just stop buying laptops for video editing.
You apparantly didn't read his post since he DOES have a desktop! Cyberlink software seems to get broken with every other nVidia driver release.
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