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I've been advised that the issue with DirectorZone has been fixed.

Could you please check again & report back?


Just so you know, the people at CL are aware that this issue has resurfaced for some users. Again I'm unable to replicate it here.

Here's a screen capture showing use of the DZ search function in Google Chrome & Microsoft Edge.

My use of DirectorZone, however, is far from trouble-free. DZ refuses to keep me signed in or make my avatar "stick", so each time I visit DZ I have to go through the same rigmarole undecided

Hello Veepo,

Any animated GIF I've made in PhD has looped, by default, when played in appropriate software like Win Photos, GIMP, IrfanView etc.

If you're using it in PDR, it will only play once through its set number of frames. To make it repeat, the GIF needs to be inserted repeatedly. PDR can't force it to loop.

Can you give any further information about how you intend to use it?

Hello Doug,

Welcome to the DirectorZone forum laughing

I'm not aware of any "rule of thumb" or best advice on this question. I'd suggest it probably depends on the audience/viewing situation & the purpose of the slideshow.

Typically, a presentation for educational/thought provoking (e.g. funeral) purposes might have a longer slide duration but if the purpose is entertainment (e.g. birthday party) slide duration would be shorter. That's the only general "rule" I follow.

There really cannot be a universal "rule" about your question. 3 seconds may be plenty of time for you, but too fast & confusing for a much older viewer.

Of course, there's always the Pause button! And the slideshow can be replayed.

Hello Ingo,

Welcome to the PhotoDirector forum laughing

Philwild is absolutely correct. PhD has no facility to rename a project or "Save Project As", so renaming in Windows is the best (only?) option.

Be aware that when you do this, then open your renamed project, PhD will create some extra folders that reflect the new name. Where the project is stored, there are sub-folders called xxxx_cache & xxxx_faceme.

e.g. if you have a project called Ingo1, there will be sub-folders called Ingo1_cache & Ingo1_faceme.
If you rename it to Ingo2, then open the project, PhD will create extra folders called Ingo2_cache & Ingo2_faceme.
The previous folders Ingo1_cache & Ingo1_faceme are now redundant & can be deleted.

Hello Kyle 40,

As Jeff pointed out, the integration of PDR & ADR is the same as in previous versions. There are some differences with PDR19/ADR11, one of which is the ability to export your whole PDR timeline audio to ADR rather than separate clips muliple times.

The PDR Help file does actually cover what you need:

Editing Audio in CyberLink AudioDirector

Latest Features

Hello JimNJ,

As you & optodata have found, the file size estimator has (for whatever reason) been removed from the GUI in PhD12. I believe it was introduced the PhD9 & has been part of the Export module since then... up until now.

There's a useful online tool I've used from time to time that may assist you. All you do is enter your export resolution & it provides an estimated file size for common image formats, including JPG, PNG & TIFF.

Megapixel Calculator

Hello dcpc007,

You're right. Sharing a file extract here is the best way to begin to resolve your audio issue. If it's too big to attach to your post, using the Attachments option:


you could upload it to:

CyberLink Cloud
One Drive
Google Drive

... or any shared file site, then post the link here.

Once members can hear what the audio is like, they'll be able to make suggestions about cleaning it up.

Hello Bruno,

It 's not an uncommon problem recently. Other users have reported similar things. Please check out the threads linked below:

Perhaps some suggestions in those threads may help.

Hello JimNJ,

I can't explain what's gone wrong with PhD, but the first thing I'd suggest is to go to C:\Users\Jim\Pictures\PhotoDirector\12.0 and delete the folder "Jim" & all its contents, including the (project file).

Sometimes, PhD will develop a corruption in the project file & deleting it will stop PhD from attempting to open it. When PhD opens, you'll be able to have a clean start laughing

It turns out Zoom Blur in NB FX came closest.

Hello Ross,

I'm familiar with the Radial Blur transition in Camtasia, having used it for some years myself.

Though I haven't fully explored every transition possibility in PDR19, I believe something similar could be replicated using a simple fade transition with an effect applied at the same time.

For those unfamiliar with it, here's a screen capture showing the transition and how it looks played back frame-by-frame:

Many versions of PDR ago, there was a set of NewBlue FX called NewBlue Motion Effects, two of which were Shear Energy & Spin Blur. Either of these, applied "over" a fade transition would give you something close to the Camtasia Radial Blur transition. Motion FX is still purchasable from NB.

Without knowing which version of PhD you're using, it may help you to use "Copy Adjustment Settings" to apply to other photos. Gradient masks would still need to be applied to each photo.

Hello BadWolf,

That's a noble idea, but I don't think it can be done.

When you apply a mask in Regional Adjustments, you can make manual adjustments but not apply presets, which apply globally.

That probably doesn't help you much undecided

Hello Foreveradame1970,

Welcome to the CDR forum laughing

I'll just echo what optodata has stated (mainly not to feel timid about asking questions & not to feel silly just because you don't know everything from the get-go!) and add a couple of things.

... and here's where the version you're using matters!

In PDR19:

CDR Presets from DirectorZone are only installed in CDR (ColorDirector) & PhD (PhotoDirector) - not PDR (PowerDirector), but...

In PDR18 & some earlier versions:

CDR Presets were installed into PDR as well.

In PDR19, Presets are found in Effects - not Fix/Enhance as previously. Presets & LUTs can still be imported.

Perhaps that's what's confusing you, if you're used to a previous version.

Hello Kyle 40,

Like optodata, I'm not seeing the playback issues you seem to be having. Playback of UHD clips (60Mbps) is instant, though not completely fluid. CPU is running at ~40% & GPU at ~10-15% with adjusted clips.

About the Scope/Histogram/Waveform monitors: Could you post an example of the sort of display you're after? Perhaps something like that shown below? We each have different requirements & yours may be greater then mine, but I wouldn't have said "unusable for colour correcting".

You make a fair point about having to work with one clip at a time when round-tripping with PDR. You may have noticed that CL has introduced a feature in PDR where the whole project can be exported to ADR11, so the engineers' thinking might eventually align with yours with regard to CDR.


ADR11 has been released laughing Below is a list of new features and links to tutorial & further information.

ADR11 New Features

  • Project exportation to PDR enhancement

  • Effect Combo

  • De-Reverb(AI)

  • Vocal Balance and Vocal Removal (Enhanced Vocal removal feature using AI computing)

  • Audio Ducking

  • Audio Scrubbing

  • Support export edited audio in AAC5.1 format

ADR11 Video Tutorials

All AudioDirector video tutorials

ADR11 Intro Video

Creating Combo Effects


CDR9 has been released laughing Below is is list of new features & links to tutorials & further information.

New Features of CRD9

  • New Effect tab

  • Light Effects

  • Directional Light Rays

  • Single Source Light Rays

  • Lens Flare

  • Light Leak

  • Green/Blue Screen Maker

  • Use Selection/Brush mask to do motion tracking

  • Shadow files support

Here you can read more about the New Features

All ColorDirector video tutorials

CDR9 Intro Video

Green/Blue Screen Maker


PhD12/365 has been released laughing Below is a list of new features and links to tutorials & further details.

N.B. There are some subscription exclusive features: e.g. Shutterstock content and background music download, and premium content packs which are NOT included for PHD12 perpetual edition.

  • Style Effects

  • Person segmentation for photo effect and selection tool

  • More Advanced Layer Properties

  • Color gradient effect

  • Inner/outer glow effect

  • Inner shadow

  • Edit history in layer

  • Customize hotkey

Here you can find all the New Features of PhD12/365 decribed.

PhD12/365 version comparison chart

All PhD video tutorials

Video Tutorials - New Features

PhD12 Intro Video

Person Segmentation

Multi Shape Editing

Title Effects

Colour Gradient

Hello jbundy8,

Welcome to the PhotoDirector forum laughing

Can I assume correctly that you're using PhD 365 Version 12? or are you using PhD12 (perpetual licence)?

I've had no such difficulties with either version, but the first thing I'd check is Task Manager [Ctrl+Alt+Delete] to ensure that PhD isn't already running.

Have you restarted your PC since installing?

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