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Hello gmoochie,

Welcome to the PhotoDirector forum laughing

There's a bit of a lesson in that. Don't delete photos that have been imported into a project while you're trying to work on it!

All editing information, such as adjustments, face tags, text tags etc, is stored in the .phd (project) file, which can be opened & viewed with Notepad if you're interested. The default location for .phd files/folders is C\Pictures, but that up to your own preference.

If you were to:

  1. Locate the .phd file of your previous project

  2. Open it

  3. Find the missing photos when prompted...

... you'd have restored your previous work. That's going to be difficult, given you've deleted some photos.

Tags are not written into the photos metadata until they're exported from PhD, so (in your case) you & PhD will have to redo what you've both done.

I'm sorry it's not a terribly helpful post. You most probably realise most of that now.

markschultztv & optodata,

Thank you for posting & testing this issue.

For CyberLink's reference, I prepared a simple screen capture illustrating the problem (unlisted).

BTW optodata, when I went back and checked the field/lake shots the issue is certainly present (just that I didn't see it!).

Thank you optodata, for pointing me in the right direction. I think my problem was that I'd looked at a number of photos where the distortion wasn't obvious (shots of fields & lakes etc), but that photo definitely shows the problem!

I can report that the issue is not apparent in any previous version (liftetime licence) of PhD I've checked, & only applies to PhD365.

Anyone following this thread might care to download these two original photos from Mavic Air 2: DNG & JPG. In PhD365, they display as shown below.

Hello markshultztv,

Welcome to the PhotoDirector forum laughing

Before the sample photo (DJI_0415.DNG) was attached, I gathered some original Mavic Air 2 files from different sites for testing.

Toms Tech Time - DroneXL - DPreview

I'm afraid I'm unable to see the "glitch" or "distortion" in any of the samples I've checked, either in PhD12 or PhD365. Could you kind gentlemen help me out with an indication of what I should be looking for. Comparing DNG & JPG versions, I do see a slight lens distortion with correction needed. I cannot spot much difference between how DJI_0415.DNG displays in PhD, Ps & Lr.

Clearly I'm missing something, so I'd appreciate your assistance.

optodata, I will indeed check how previous versions display the Mavic's DNG files.

Puzzling indeed, optodata! surprised

I have just tested the same scenario here, using both PDR19/PhD12 and PDR19 365 Business/PhD12 365, & have observed that whether PhD's Launcher preferences are set to "Always enter full mode" makes no difference. In both cases, using both versions, when PhD is called up it responds then returns to PDR after adjustment.

Puzzling indeed!

Hello Celal cagri,

Welcome to the PhotoDirector forum laughing

Do you mean you were running PhD9 on Win7 but, after installing Win10, PhD9 won't run? or do you mean the installation of another app has interfered with PhD9?

As you can see on this page PhD9 is compatible withWindows 10, 8/8.1, & 7.

Please clarify.

Have you tried uninstalling re-installing PhD9?

Hello Gdog,

Photos exported from PhD, & most photo editing apps, can be imported/inserted into PowerPoint to make looping presentations. The same applies to animations & videos exported from PhD.

PhotoDirector, itself, can be used to create slideshows in video format, but not looping presentations.

Hello Brian,

That's an odd issue, & one I'm unable to replicate here in PhD12 or PhD365. Which versions of PDR & PhD are you currently using?

After round tripping from PDR to PhD, then making adjustments and clicking "Back", what happens???

Hello Emsanator,

Welcome to the PhD forum laughing

The only time I've seen that message is when I select a photo with no faces (e.g. a landscape) & I ask PhD to detect the faces. If "face" photos are selected, PhD detects them & asks for them to be identified.

As it's a new project, I assume the photos haven't been face tagged previously. Is that correct?

Could you describe the steps you're taking that lead to the "There are no tagged faces" alert?

Hello JESSICA123,

I rarely import photos directly from the camera, but have done. I've never had trouble with my Sony & Nikon cameras, but I just plugged in an older Canon DSLR and (after some time) PhD told me it could find no photos! That, of course, isn't true.

The simplest way around it is to:

  1. Attach your camera via USB cable, then turn it on.

  2. Navigate to This PC\Canon EOS xxxxxxx\SD\DCIM

  3. Select the photos you'd like to import

  4. Transfer them to a folder on your PC

  5. Open PhD & import the photos from that folder.

... or buy a portable card reader.

Hello again,

I'm afraid my testing has revealed very little of worth, though I can say with some confidence that (whatever the issue is) it is not limited to any particular version of PDR or CDR.

The PC used to get the results below is i7-9700 16GB RAM RTX 2060.

Each test involved round tripping, applying exactly the settings used by John & tomasc, & producing to the same profile.

CDR7 51:34 52:25 52:24
CDR8 51:05 51:15 51:14
CDR9 50:50 51:29 51:04

At no time was I able to produce that 4:57 video in 53 seconds! The best I managed was 1:15 but that involved no adjustments at all in either PDR or CDR.

I am yet to go as far as John did in attempting to isolate particular adjustments as "culprits".

Thank you tomasc, for replicating Johndoc1's steps using PDR17 (?) & CDR7 & sharing the screen capture.

53 seconds production time after round tripping! "surprised" I can't even get close to that.

My promise to test earlier versions ran into a snag. On one PC, I have PDR15-19 & CDR5-9 installed but the most recent version opens, whichever version of PDR is used. I've temporarily uninstalled CDR to test CDR8 but the results seem to be similar thus far.

For these tests, aside from using a different PC, I matched the adjustments & production profile to Johndoc1's.


(wb,auto tone, clarity 31, vib 19,
dehaze 10, RGB s-curve,
sharpness 62,2,69 mask, autonoise)
50:50 51:29 51:04

After testing CDR8, I'll uninstall it & check CDR7. I'm looking forward to replicating tomasc's 53 second render time!

BTW Johndoc1, "Tinge" is one of the Tone adjustments, including Clarity, Vibrance & Saturation.

Hello killertomato,

[I'll move your thread to the PDR forum, where it will get the attention it deserves]

Have you noticed the ••• in the left panel (under the audio mixing icon)? If you click on that you can open the other modules of your choice.

N.B. In the screenshot, mine are greyed out because there's no media content in the timeline.

The red dots indicate that new content has been added with a recent update. After that module & new contents have been viewed/opened the red dots don't appear.

Hello again,

PhD, by default, opens the most recently used project. To start a new project, go to File > New Project.

Hello members,

There's a new update available for PhD365/DS365 users, with some significant features added.

New features & improvements include:

  • Sky Replacement

  • Sparkle Effects

  • UX & UI improvements

Check out the PhD product page for more detail.

Hello Johndoc1,

Welcome to the CDR forum ""laughing""

Thanks for posting your concerns about CDR9's render times & auto adjustments. That's partly what these forums are for... to raise issues, compare results & (hopefully) provide evidence to prompt/assist developers at CL.

Your frustration is understandable, but it's neither fair nor appropriate to make unsubstantiated claims about other members. optodata is a highly valued contributor to these forums & has been for many years. Had you looked more deeply than a quick impression, you'd have found many dozens of posts where he has raised issues with PDR, CDR, PhD & ADR, just as you have here. You'd also find that he typically posts test results, project files, screen captures etc as supporting evidence.

I see you've modified the thread title from "ColorDirector 9 is an unmitigated productivity disaster" to "ColorDirector 9 Rendering Issues". Perhaps moderating personal "attacks" would be wise. After all, we're all here for the same purpose essentially, & we'll only benefit by sharing information.

To the reported issue:

There certainly is a substantial difference in render times, depending on the approach taken. To test & compare, I took a 5 minute clip (4:57) shot on Canon XA20. AVC H.264 mts1920x1080 50fps 24Mbps & rendered it in PDR & CDR, both with & without adjustment. I also tested the PDR>CDR>PDR round tripping process.

Render times (produced to matching profile):
PDR (no adjustment) - 1:22
CDR (no adjustment) - 1:19
PDR (white balance, vibrancy) - 2:45
CDR (white balance, tone/tinge) - 12:15
PDR>CDR>PDR round tripping (white balance, tone) - 19:40

[Testing was done on i9-7900X 64GB RAM GTX 1080-Ti]

The clip I used above is available for download, should you wish to use it for comparison.

When I can, I'll apply the same test to previous versions of PDR & CDR.

It would be extremely helpful if, as optodata suggested, you could share your project files for testing.

Hello Kevin,

Welcome to the PhotoDirector forum laughing

I started preparing some screenshots, but realised it was unnecessary.

This page in the CyberLink Learning Centre has links to all the CL tutorials & tips, including:

This page shows how to do a basic crop/straighten.

I'm not sure whether it's covered in those tutorials, but you can only resize a photo at the Export stage, under Image Sizing. You'll find it quite self explanatory.

To work with Layers, you'll find those tools under the Edit tab. Once you start playing with it, there's a lot you can do in that module.

Don't be afraid to ask if you reach a stumbling block.

Hello Terry,

Welcome to the DirectorZone forum laughing

Yes indeed. In PDR's standard transitions you'll find Page Curl, Page Fold & Page Roll (all of which can be set to left or right).

Here's what they look like...

I can confirm Peter's excellent observations described above.

With the 2228 update installed in both subscription (365) & perpetual versions, Overwrite is ghosted when exporting to the same format, but available if a different format is selected (i.e. when there is a potentially duplicate file present).


The issue has been reported to CyberLink, as well as support tickets being submitted. No doubt, these things take time to implement.

Hello Jeff,

Welcome to the DirectorZone forum laughing

Have you tried the Video Collage Designer plugin, in PDR? It has lots of possibilities for collage construction.

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