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Hello TheDishDoc,

Welcome to the PhotoDirector forum laughing

Apologies for missing your post. The must be some issue with my notifications.

Does this screen capture help to clarify your issue?

Trying to create a text box under the layers tab won't let me resise the box properly.

What specific issue is there with resizing the text box? Can you provide any further information?

Hello QuintinD,

Welcome to the PhotoDirector forum laughing

I'm not seeing such a significant difference with the CR3 files I've tested. Perhaps you'd be prepared to share your RAW file, so direct comparisons can be made. I'm not doubting your observations for a moment.

I've uploaded a folder of comparison screenshots (PhD13 & LrC) to Google Drive. I've also uploaded the 2 CR3 files I used for this test. One is from Canon EOS R6 & the other from Canon EOS 90D

If there's an issue we can replicate, we'll certainly pass it on to the team at CL for investigation.

Hello TonyC,

You're right. It doesn't.

The best I can do is to contact the development team to prompt some action on a compatibility fix. Currently, it would be very difficult to accurately edit these CR3s.

Hello Louise1791,

You're referring to this hotfix posted by PowerDirector Moderator?

Which version of ADR are you using? Have you installed the most recent patch? Have you previously applied the hotfix files?

I'm getting no distortion when applying reverb in ADR12 (2708 patch), but I honestly cannot recall whether I'd applied the hotfix previously. embarassed

Hello Veepo,

I think I partially understand what you might be trying to do, but need some clarification.

Firstly, what is it you're trying to do? It sounds like you're trying to combine photos & images to make a new image. e.g. overlaying one image on a photo. Is that right, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Secondly, in what module in PhD are you working? e.g. in the Edit module (Layers), you can add an image by importing from your hard drive or selecting from your existing library.

Once we define the problem, we can get cracking on solving it. laughing

Hello again Richard,

I'm glad you were able to locate the "Include Subfolders" option.

It makes this screen capture a little superfluous, but I'll post it here in case it's of use to other members.

Hello RichardJ,

Welcome to the PhotoDirector forum "laughing"

I'm not familiar with the trial version interface, but I'd expect this feature to be the same as the paid version.

After you select Import > Folder, then navigate to the parent folder containing your sub-folders, PhD should provide this option in the Photo Import window.


If you have it checked, then import the parent folder, you'll see the subfolders displayed in the Library.

Hello Tom69 & Dave,

I don't have access to a Yeti Blue, so can't test properly. All other recording devices I've used, with correct PC, mic & ADR settings, appear as stereo tracks in ADR.

To try to track down possible causes of your issue, I've tested recordings using Audio-M Producer (mic) & Microsoft G433 Gaming Headset) on multiple PCs, different versions of ADR & Audacity. Unfortunately, I got the same results each time - audio recorded on both channels.

It's not hard to find (Dr Google) other examples of people having similare issues, though not necessarily with ADR or Yeti Blue.

Have you tested your Yeti using a different PC or another recording application (like Audacity)? That might help narrow the possible causes.

Hello Ben,

In DirectorZone, disc menus can be found here.

As has been pointed out earlier in the thread, you can also download menu templates from within PDR. Create Disc (Alt+F12) > Menu Preferences.


Hello Birdhunter,

Welcome to the PhotoDirector forum "laughing"

Without totally understanding what it is you're trying to do, my first thought would be to use the Body Shaper tool. In PhD, you'll find it under Guided > People Beautifier.

This tool may not suit your purposes as it allows distortion withing the image edges, but doesn't allow the exterior shape to be altered. See example attached.

It could possibly be used along with different tools in the Edit module, but we'd need to understand in more detail what your task is.

Hello Prestob99,

I've certainly encountered occasional (similar) issues on DirectorZone, but they're not consistent.

When you sign in do you have the "Remember Me" option checked?

Hello PK,

Welcome to the PhotoDirector forum laughing

I've not seen that reported previously, nor have I ever found a limitation on character count in the Slideshow module.

Just now, I pasted some dummy text (Lorem ipsum - 445 characters) twice into the Text Editor. No issues. Nearly 900 characters.

How many characters are you trying to add?

Hello again,

To be frank, I've never done a side-by-side performance comparison of different versions of CDR.

It rather depends on your purposes (i.e. how you use colour correction software). For example, the current CDR365 includes an Effect module that is completely absent from CDR7.

For some users, this may make little difference. To others it would be a game changer. It depends completely on what you might want to do with your videos. Most adjustment features are the same, on the face of it but, for your own interest, it would be worth exploring these Effect features.

Hello detroit123 & optodata,

I've just double checked my emails to confirm what you've found.

One of my CL contacts wrote (29 September, 2021): "We don't have CDR perpetual version anymore..." which confirms that the only CDR purchase option is a 365 subscription.

Oddly, if you go the the CL Support Center under Downloads, you can download update patches for CDR10. The notes state "This patch is not for ColorDirector 365 subscription version." I can't explain that one.

I can also confirm that I don't have CDR10 (perpetual) installed on any PC here. Only CDR365.

Hello Members,

This issue may or may not affect you.

Using CDR10/365, some users have encountered a crash issue when importing certain 9:16 project/video clips to edit in ColorDirector. The tean at CL has reproduced similar issues & the engineering team has prepared a hotfix for resolving the crash issue as the temporary workaround.

To use the hotfix:

  1. Download and extract the attached zip to a new “” file.

  2. Close ColorDirector if it has launched.

  3. Go to the ColorDirector program folder: C:\Program Files\CyberLink\ColorDirector10\CESdlls\

  4. Rename the original “” file to “” in the folder.

  5. Copy the new file to the folder: C:\Program Files\CyberLink\ColorDirector10\CESdlls\

  6. Check if the same crash condition persists after importing 9:16 videos to edit in ColorDirector.

If the crash persists, please contact customer support with a crash report for further assistance.

Hello Cfguy,

PhotoDirector has a Background Removal tool (you'll find it under Guided > Extract/Compose), which can be used to isolate a photo's subject. I wouldn't describe it as using AI, but it does a good job if you're prepared to take a little time to get it right.

For removing watermarks & other content, there's another tool available called Content Aware Removal (also under Guided > Improve/Remove).

If you have difficulty applying these tools or getting the results you're after, feel free to post back here. Members will be happy to assist.

Hello Steve,

Thank you for the thank you.

Of course, you need to find software that suits your needs. We all do. I, myself, use different photo software for different purposes. Your issue with PhD seems to be largely around management (as in photo management).

Thankfully, your "Last Post" didn't have the same impact as the other "Last Post". I wish you well on your quest.

Hello again,

According to Google Translate, "V ÚPRAVY, ŽÁDNÉ VRSTVY NEJSOU. humoristo." means "IN ADJUSTMENT, THERE ARE NO LAYERS. humourous."

That's correct, there are no LAYERS in the Adjustment module, but if you go to EDIT you can add layers to add text to your photo.

See the short screen capture below.

Google Translation: To je správně, v modulu Úpravy nejsou žádné VRSTVY, ale pokud přejdete na UPRAVIT, můžete přidat vrstvy a přidat k fotografii text.

Podívejte se na krátký snímek obrazovky níže.

Hello daflik,

Welcome to the PhotoDirector forum laughing, although you may have already made your exit.

My apologies for having missed your post, which is now 2 months old. Sorry.

I'm sure you're not alone in finding some of the pop up ads annoying, particularly in a paid-for version.

What do you mean by "It cannot be used in full"? Are you referring to adding text? or some other features?

Text can be added under the Edit tab (layers).

Hello Steve,

I hope I'm able to explain well enough to clarify things for you.

In PhD, "Folders" refers to the folders you've created on your PC. That means the Folders displayed directly reflect the folder structure of imported folders from your computer.

When you "import" folders or photos into PhD, those folders & photos do not get moved or duplicated on your PC (unless you specifically choose that option). PhotoDirector simply records the file path for each folder/photo so it can access them for editing.

You cannot create new folders on your PC from within PhD. Nor can you modify the contents of your PC's folders from withing PhD, except by exporting images.

move them to their final destinations on my disks, either existing or new folders, all within the software package."

You can certainly do that when you export your photos/folders. In the Export Preferences, select your preferred options under Export Destination.

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