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Hello alan1010,

What you've found is just as it is. You've missed nothing.

Dispersion (and other animation) effects can be applied to a photo, but that effect cannot be saved as a preset to be applied on other photos.

I imagine the use for that would be quite limited. e.g. the "subject" (element of the photo being dispersed) would have to be in the same position for each photo or brush mask would need to be reconfigured under "Modify Region".

Regarding your suggested procedure of creating a GIF (~14 frames) then applying dispersion effects to each frame, how would you intend to export that?

Hello Timo,

I'm afraid I have no idea what might be causing that issue. Create Virual Photo (Ctrl+9) works as expected here, in both Library & Adjustment modules.

Just to test, try this:

  1. Open a new project (Ctrl+N)

  2. Import some photos

  3. Select one & right click > Create Virual Photo (Ctrl+9)

Any joy?

Hello CSmith81,

Gosh! What's happened there? surprised The video looks like it was shot in greyscale, then processed in some way.

Please don't take this as anything definitive because other members may have better suggestions.

I adjusted the curves in CDR to try to kill off the pink. Arguably, I still need to do more to kill of the remaining blue/green.

You'll see the adjustments I've made if you install & apply these presets, then switch to manual adjustment.

Red Kill I

Red Kill II

This video shows your original beside two "corrected" versions.

It's a starting point, at least.

Hello killertomato,

In the Edit module, it's quite simple to add a layer mask then reshape it in the way you wish. You'll find it will snap into place once the dividing line is straight.

Rather than a wordy explanation, here's a screen capture showing the steps.

Hello again Paul,

Screenshots will certainly help unlock the riddle.

It's looking more & more like something related to your Nikon camera & its interaction with PhD8. What is your camera model? Could you possibly share a photo from your Nikon xxxxx for testing?

Oddly, thetrueindians recently post exactly the same message punctuated in the same way.

Quote: I m also facing the same, looking for solutions

If you genuinely need assistance, please ask a genuine question.


As a more direct way of making suggestions to improve PhotoDirector, you can use the Rate Us & Provide Suggestions found in the Help menu in PhD.

Hello again Paul,

Thank you for your positive feedback about our forum

With help from my friends at CL, I've resolved my PhD8 activation issue.

Here, as with other versions of PhD8, the capture date displayed under the Metadata tab is accurate. i.e. it's the same as the capture date shown in EXIF tool, Windows Properties, Lightroom & various other apps.

Unfortunately, that does not explain (or give any clues about) what might be happening with your PhD8.

Could you please download this photo & import it into PhD8. Capture date should display as 2019/05/18. In Windows Properties it's listed as "Date Taken".

Hello thetrueindians,

Welcome to the PhotoDirector forum. laughing

Is your problem exactly the same? Are you using PhD8? Under the Metadata tab, are the Capture Dates displaying incorrectly?

Members can only help if you provide specific information.

Hello Paul,

I have some difficulty testing this right now. The PC I have PhD8 installed on recently had some issues that required reinstallation of CL software. Now, when I attempt to open PhD8, I get an alert telling me it can't be activated because "the product key I entered has been used too many times".

Are there other members using PhD8 that could test Paul's issue? smile

That temporary issue aside, every version from PhD9 to PhD12 displays the Capture Date & Time correctly (i.e. same as EXIF data).

I'm not sure whether it would make any difference but please ensure you have the most recent 3812 patch for PhD8 installed.

Agreed, manually & singly changing each date would be unnecessarily tedious.

Hello thebrain,

Welcome to the AudioDirector forum laughing

You may prefer to use the German version of the foum, which can be found here.

English translation:
I have currently been able to clean up noisy material well with the Noise Gate. The effect was saved as a template. So far so good.
My question is whether I can export or import the new Fx as a template directly in PowerDirector in order to use it from there?

When you create custom settings for audio effects, like Noise Gate, you can save your settings as a preset. You can also add that preset to your favourites.

I can see no way to export the preset to be used in PDR.

German translation:

Willkommen im AudioDirector-Forum

Möglicherweise bevorzugen Sie die deutsche Version des Foums, die Sie hier finden.

Wenn Sie benutzerdefinierte Einstellungen für Audioeffekte wie Noise Gate erstellen, können Sie Ihre Einstellungen als Voreinstellung speichern. Sie können diese Voreinstellung auch zu Ihren Favoriten hinzufügen.

Ich sehe keine Möglichkeit, das Preset zu exportieren, das in PDR verwendet werden soll.

Excellent work optodata!

Here's a screen capture showing a multi-instrument/track piece in the Mix module.

The screen capture was recording my system audio and L/R panning can be heard in playback.

Try optodata's project & let us know if you're able to shine any light on your issue.

Hello RunnerDuck -

Panning is working here in ADR11.

Here's a short piece showing keyframes set for panning between L/R > L > R > L/R. Playback reflects keyframes set.


Here's the produced file. Playback is correct.


The same result is achieved in the Mix module.


Please find attached the original file used for the screenshots above & the produced file with panning. Could you please test those files in your ADR & report what you find?

Could you also explain briefly what steps you're taking in PDR.

I thought grouping tracks in the Mix module (see attached screenshot) may have allowed all tracks to be edited (as in cut/copy/paste) together, but (as far as I can tell) it only allows volume to be adjusted across all tracks.

undecided PIX
Hello RunnerDuck,

Welcome to the ADR forum laughing

I'm late to the party, I'm afraid. I saw your question earlier, then started trying to find a way round it. The Split & Remove option optodata suggested was all I could come up with.

We're all agreed, I think, that it's a fairly clumsy option.

My delay in responding was partly preparing a screen capture to explain, & partly because both PDR & my PC were being uncooperative frown

This screen capture is superfluous now, as my colleague has explained it perfectly. but I'll post it anyway.

Hello again Vydra,

I'm sorry you most recent post on this went unanswered.

You may have read that in the Help file or in other CL information, but it is incorrect.

The Help file states:

Photo Animation
Use the Photo Animation* effect to animate a still photo
Note: * this feature is currently only available in the subscription version of CyberLink PhotoDirector.
, but the animation effects are available in both the subscription & lifetime versions of PhD12.

There certainly are some features only available in PhD365. Check this comparison table.

Crop & presets issue is resolved in PhD12 (2512 build) & PhD365 (2724 build).

Hello Christian C.,

Welcome to the AudioDirector forum laughing

Unfortunately, you're correct. ADR cannot import .mid files. You'll find the supported audio formats listed here.

What format are your Virtual Instruments in?

Hello again Brian,

Yes, your issue with PDR>PhD>PDR round tripping is a far more general issue than optodata's problem with particular images (from Your Phone app).

I'd definitely submit a support ticket, as optodata suggested.

Given that the problem is peculiar to your PC, have you tried uninstalling & reinstalling both PhD & PDR? As you said, the same process has worked for months but was possibly interrupted after a recent update. I'd certainly try that prior to submitting a support ticket.

Do you think this should be reported as a PDR or PhD issue?

PhD, as a standalone, imports the JPGs from both Pixel5 & the YourPhone app.
PhD, in round tripping with PDR, works fine with the original Pixel5 shots but not consistently with the Your Phone app exports.

Another (off-topic) side note: The original pano shot from Pixel5 displays as a 360° in both PhD & PDR, but not so with the Your Phone app export.

Comparing the original Pixel5 photos with the Your Phone app exports in JPEGsnoop, it's clear that a % of the data has been "stripped". Whether that has any impact, I'm not sure.

One thing (off topic again) that is an issue for both PhD & PDR is that neither of them is able to interpret the RAW files (.dng) from Pixel5 correctly.

Back to the original question, & the OP, perhaps there's something particular about the photos Brian was using that tripped up the process. Perhaps...

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