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Hi, I'm not asking here for tech support, just wanting to know if other people have seen the error shown in the attached screen capture.

It occurs every time I launch PDVD 17.0.1808.60 running on Windows 7 x64, even when there s a valid disc in the trget drive. I get four errors, each referring to the drives in sequence. I never got them in PDVD 16.

It's a bit frustrating; I can't make the errors go away. I tried uninstalling PDVD and completely cleaning it out of my system, then re-installing, but the errors still occur. I suspect tech support isn't going to have a clue.

So I thought I'd ask here first if anyone else has seen this? I'd appreciate any responses. Thanks.
Quote Except Power2go 11 cannot covert and share to YouTube, I don't see big difference between P2Go11 & ME7.5.

Thanks, but not really what I was asking. I've read the feature sets, of course; my question is really how complete the overlap might be in terms of conversion, since that's what ME is promoted as being intended to do.
Can anyone give me an idea of how ME7.5 compares with P2Go11 in those features they have in common?

I know P2Go 11 has a focus on burning and backing up media that ME doesn't share, but they both do media conversion and preparation for mobile devices. But how do their capabilities compare?

I guess I'm asking, when it comes to media conversion, will P2Go 11 Platinum let me do everything that ME 7.5 will, in that respect?
Quote YES, the problem is with the latest Nvidia driver 384.76.

Just install the previous version and it will work.

Was this newer driver downloaded from an Nvidia page, or as part of a Windows update?

(Personally, I never accept the Windows update on drivers, preferring to update them manually where necessary.)

I'm running 381.65, and have no issues with it, so I guess I'll stick with that for now.

For my own part, this has been a heads-up, many thanks.
Quote It's been awhile since cyberlink released a update for previous generation PDVD. I am afraid that we may wait even longer if we eventaully get a update because PDVD 16 is under the 2nd tier product supporting contract phase now.

Well audreyp, it seems we're not going to get either an update or a reply from Cyberlink.

There've been two updates to PDVD 17 since the last update to PDVD 16, and this problem wasn't addressed even in that last update, despite Hicham assuring us the developers were working on it. I get the impression Cyberlink is actually a farily small company, but I'm tired of paying for upgrades mostly to subsidise bug fixes. Surely Cyberlink should realise as a business model it breeds distrust and a feeling of being exploited? More than that, it erodes tPDVD's perceived value over freeware solutions like VLC or Leawo.

Jeez, Cyberlink, all you had to do was fix something that you actually had working, then broke.
Quote I also have this error. But...

Who said CyberLink abandoned PowerDVD 16 users? There is no such thing. Just wait for the next patch. Be patient.

I didn't say they had. By all means disagree on your own behalf, but please don't start thinking you speak for Cyberlink, or are in a position to tell other users what to do. That isn't helpful at all.
Quote I also got the same problem. Thanks for sharing your experience hope it will work.

Thanks for confirming it, Amy. I was hoping Hicham's confirmation early in this thread that the developers had acknowledged the problem might lead to an update for PDVD 16. Like others in this thread, I really don't think it's enough to merely be expected to upgrade to version 17, especially since PDVD 17 has hardware limitations that most people on PDVD 16 are unlikely to be able to satisfy without significant hardware upgrades.

Hicham, what are the chances of an upgrade to PDVD 16 to address this issue of control bars not auto-hiding, and the persistent one where after PDVD 16 plays a digital video file from the hard drive, it gets stuck in folder display mode even when accessing a commercial disc in the optical disc drive?

In my opinion, it's really not good enough for Cyberlink to abandon users of what must surely be a much more widely used version of software than the one that's now receiving the updates.
Always annoying, though, to have to buy a paid upgrade just to get a bug-fix.

I suspect Cyberlink is going to find PDVD 17 a bit of a hard sell, for those of us who are outright purchasers. Without getting UHD, there's really nothing in it to make the upgrade appealing. And the hardware upgrades required to make use of that aspect of PDVD 17 are a serious challenge financially. So I'm hoping Cyberlink might have some consideration for its customers and issue at least one more bug fix for PDVD 16.
Quote The one aspect i "overlooked" was the use of the Kabylake iGPU, i just presumed the use of a dedicated Card/GPU was OK as long as it meet the required spec of HDMI 2.0a and HDCDP2.2...

Based on the system reqs stated by Cyberlink, I would need an entirely new PC to be able to play UHD. That doesn't actually surprise me, if only because the data handling requirements of the format are so much greater than BD.

But it does surprise me that it's so tightly locked into Intel technology. That in itself causes issues for a potential PC upgrade, because I have other software that specifically doesn't work with Intel's embedded graphics and audio. That's going to dictate what software can run at the same time, which is becoming too complex to juggle in the one PC.

I wonder if patches from Cyberlink will loosen this up, so that as long as the PC PDVD 17 is running on meets basic technical benchmarks for HDMI and HDCP and the like the software will run ... or has it struck some protection-racket deal with Intel?

(In which case, I simply won't be upgrading.)
For my own part, blackcoffee, thanks for the comments.

As a long-term PDVD user, of course I'm interested in each new version that arives, but I don't upgrade automatically. Returns are diminishing, as the improvements or new features each version can provide are growing thin.

UHD, of course, has been a boon in that respect, but frankly I have neither the interest nor the funds for upgrading my video format again. And after looking at the system requirements for playing UHD through PDVD 17, I realise what a major upgrade that would require, including an entirely new PC.

I did see that Cyberlink was touting the rewritten audio routines in PDVD 17, which for my own usage levels may be the only reason to upgrade. But there doesn't seem to be a lot of information on it all. Did you notice any clear differences with the audio in the new version that you could comment on?
Hi Jeff,

That's an unfortunate experience! I hope Cyberlink is responsive and sorts it out quickly.

I can't imagine it was a delberate fraud, though I understand why you'd feel ripped off. It has to be a glitch in the website, don't you think, or maybe wording not being sufficiently clear for you to make correct choices?

For what it's worth, I've recently bought a few Cyberlink products from this website, in my case in Australian dollars, and had no troubles, So it is possible! ;
Mmm, I was curious about dates and release announcement. I note that the pop-up promo doesn't say anything about a free-upgrade period for new purchasers, so either the release is not that close, or Cyberlink isn't doing such an offer this time. Surprising, if that's the case, given how much investment Cyberlink's put lately into building market share. (Though on second thoughts, Cyberlink doesn't really have a lot of commercial competition for PDVD at the moment, does it?)
I notice the pop-up ads when running PowerDVD are starting to say things like "Last Chance to Buy PowerDVD 16!"

So I wonder how soon there'll be an announcement of the new version? Or if it will actually have any new featuress, rather than just saying everything is "improved" without specifics?
Quote I am trying to update PowerDVD 16 from version 16.0.1713.60 to version 2406. However, I am stuck at 2% and it stays there.

Hi Stephen,

The obvious first question is what else might you have running while trying to run the update?

In my years of experience with Cyberlink, I've found it very helpful to make sure everything else is closed (except, of course, Windows Explorer) -- video display is a very core function in Windows, so it's often surprising what else might cause conflicts with the processes Cyberlink is trying to update. And obviously, an antivirus software can stick its own fingers in the pie -- mine (Bitdefender) allows its activie monitoring to be suspended for a specified time or until the system is rebooted. It's a step worth taking, imo.

The other thing worth checking: if you've been running PowerDVD already in that session of Windows, I find it often leaves some of its own core processes still loaded, and it helps to "stop" them before proceeding. Go to Windows Task Manager, into the Processes tab, and look for anything from Cyberlink (typically, I find, the Media Library Service and the RichVideo Module). I'd try stopping those processes, and then seeing how your update runs.
Haha! I know it wasn't the most riveting post, but no replies at all?

What do other people do to make feature requests? I can't find any reference to how to do it.
Cyberlink often makes statements about responding to user requests -- but where do these take place?

I realise these forums are mostly peer-to-peer in focus, but it might be a good move to have a sticky thread here that users could add feature requests to that could be monitored by staff. Cyberlink reps, would this be welcome?

If not, is there another way to make feature requests?
Ahh Hicham, thanks so much!

My Granddad would have said, "Your blood's worth bottling!"

(I'm not sure how that transfers into German sensibilities, but I promise you, it's a compliment, not a threat!! ; )
Quote I can confirm the issue with PowerDVD 16 Ultra 2406. I have raised the same issue earlier.

Hi audrey,

Many thanks for sharing your own experience of this. I'm not a programmer, but I'm suspecting it might be PDVD interacting with certain other pps or OS conditions. Nonetheless, the problem is PDVD's.

Quote Hi Branais,

Could you please share with us a screen recording to get a view of your problem?

Thank you


Hi Hicham,

Thanks as always for your reply. I'm not sure how tomake a screen recording, though -- I don't think I have any software installed to do it.


Running PDVD16 on Windows 7 x64. The revision 2406 has an issue with fullscreen, with the controls bar across the bottom not auto-hiding as it should.

It's hard to be definitive as to the circumstances in which this occurs, but I know for instance whenit's in fullscreen and I pause a playing Blu-ray, and then restart it a couple of minutes later, the controls bars (top and bottom) then stay visible.

If the BD-Java coding on the disc doesn't allow mouse actions (so that if when you click on the screen image it brings up an error saying this is not allowed), then it's easy to fix: click on the image of the film in the main part of the window, dismiss the error, minimise the PDVD screen then open it again to fullscreen, and it's usually fixed. If the BD doesn't forbid mouse actions (and so the error doesn't appear), then the only way I've found to put the controls bar back into auto-hide mode is to actually stop the BD playing, exit PDVD, and then relaunch it and restart the BD playing.

Have others seen this problem?
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