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"No disc in the drive" error -- have others seen this?
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Hi, I'm not asking here for tech support, just wanting to know if other people have seen the error shown in the attached screen capture.

It occurs every time I launch PDVD 17.0.1808.60 running on Windows 7 x64, even when there s a valid disc in the trget drive. I get four errors, each referring to the drives in sequence. I never got them in PDVD 16.

It's a bit frustrating; I can't make the errors go away. I tried uninstalling PDVD and completely cleaning it out of my system, then re-installing, but the errors still occur. I suspect tech support isn't going to have a clue.

So I thought I'd ask here first if anyone else has seen this? I'd appreciate any responses. Thanks.
HDD error.png
First of four sequential errors (all the same but for HD number)
27 Kbytes
28 time(s)
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Hi Branais,

Please update PDVD17.


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Technical support:
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Does Windows 7 see your burner as a blu ray burner?. Is it internal or USB attached? .
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