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Quote Hi,

I can use the pan & zoom functionality only on the first timeline.
Is it possible to use it on the second timeline too?



Issue a suggestion to customer support would help.
I also agree pan & zoom should be available on every track.
I personally like the direction, in older versions sometimes I had to think a bit to recall where the tool was since there were Tools, Fix/Enhance and other categories, now almost everything is in Edit.

Although the list is getting longer and longer, it needs to support customize tool order like in PhotoDirector, maybe a search box!wink
Does 365 perform functions such as auomatic subtitles
or animation of subtitles...

>>Automatic subtitles
There is speech to text tool to generate subtitles automatically.

>>animation of subtitles
Then you need "titles", in PowerDirector, subtitles are for YouTube CC or DVD/BD subtitles so no fancy animations by the spec.
Quote Is the ability to insert clips at the start of your timeline and have all existing clips move at once available in the Android app version?
I'm trying to add a title sequence to the beginning of my project, but it pushes all my audio tracks out of sync. Starting to think the "move all clips" function is not available on the Android app version?

Unfortunatelly ripple editing is not supported in PowerDirector mobile app so far, but you can add intro texts for your case.
Web ページから「お気に入り」に追加すると、オープニング/エンディング動画ルームで見つけることができます。

Are you telling me that Intel and/or Microsoft deliberately disabled the playback of UHDs in their latest software "updates"?! That is the most galling, ridiculous thing I've ever heard! That's not a update, that's a downdate, or downgrade!

Exactly, unfortunately Intel even has removed SGX support from 12th Gen Core CPU, and AMD never support UHDBD playback from day one.
Quote They moved it from the right-click pop-up menu to the pop-up>edit clip keyframe>copy keyframe attributes (it now takes more clicks -- this is called "reverse productivity").

Totally agreed, it must be back.
Quote I tried the Title Designer. Managed to include backdrop with opacity and fading animation.

But still have limitation.

  1. It will remove the backdrop if I include fading animation. Can't have both together

  2. Can't draw a line around the backdrop

To make fade in/out effect on a title with backdrop, the only way is using opacity keyframes in current version.
Did you choose keeping the data when updating?

BTW, My Projects has been moved to Media Room as attachment.
Quote Thanks very much for that chart. I have PD17 installed and the Paint Effects are fully available there, so it appears to be a licensing issue with PD20/21. For some reason, the pack doesn't appear in the list of Windows installed apps like all the other NBFX plugins do, so there's no easy way of removing it.

Also, compared to PD17 there are 3 packs that don't appear at all:

These are the same packs that had problems when NewBlue released updates in Oct 2021 (as described here).

PowerDirector stops bundling NewBlue and ProDAD for several years, I believe the old packs cannot work on new versions, it must be a part of their contracts.
Quote I recently saw a comment on the official channel of the Youtube program, that the company's technicians were informed of this new demand, because 4k disc recorders are becoming popular, the media too, many people have a 4k camcorder and a desire has arisen. by retro, to have media recorded in 4k. On the market today, there is no 4k Ultra hd media authoring software, Power2go 13 has only one competitor, DvdFab 12.
I don't know how cyberlink will make this feature available in this latest version, Power2go 13. Or will it be in the next versions.
But here's the tip to get ahead, because the physical 4k ultra hd is already a reality, it has the videos to be edited, it has the 4k recorders, it has the media player in 4k, the only thing missing is the program to author the professional way, with menus, in the standard that cyberlink has to deliver to its customers.
Let's stay in the crowd.

It's not only about software.
I don't see any disc drives on the market that claim to support UHDBD burning, how does it work?
It works in my Windows version, and PowerDirector Mac does not have launcher at all.
Quote In PowerDirector Mobile App, can you group or link Timeline Layers together? I want some layers to stay fixed to a frame in a video on the Video Layer if the video layer changes (ie. when shortening or lengthening the video layer I want text subtitles on Layer 1 to stay attached to the exact part of a video I previously edited).

Thank you,

Not in current PowerDirector mobile...
Grouping feature is only available in PC/Mac version.
Quote In the mobile PowerDirector app is there a way to copy an item in a layer and paste it somewhere? The duplicate function pushes every item on the layer out of alignment with the video layer. I find myself dragging the item to a new, unused layer, duplicating it, moving the original back to its original layer and then moving the duplicate to where I want it.

Unfortunately there is no way to do it in current PowerDirector mobile.
What you need is copy/cut/paste and ripple editing controls, which are only available in PC/Mac version.
But when I then click on the "+" to move the track in the preview window, the focus jumps to a higher track and moves that track.


Sounds like you select the top layer (higher track with your setting) from the preview window so this is expected.

Would my PD16 get updated, like be upgraded to PD20 like a huge patch if i buy PD20, or is it a seperate
download and basically its just a newer version of Powerdirector?

Upgrade supports minus 2 or 3 versions, so v16 cannot be upraded to v20.
"Only available for users upgrading from ver.18-19"
My tablet is a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019, it runs Android 11.

Just tried my Google Pixel 5, you should be able to find a folder called "100PDR_Capture" with the photos took by PowerDirector app.

BTW, all the available folders should be imported to the media library automatically.
Quote To be clearer, my tablet photo camera will take a photo in the PD interface and that photo will go to the PD capture folder and immediately is available for the timeline.
The same does not happen for the tablet videocam.
Is anyone aware of a method to direct my Video caps to a different folder or somehow be readily available in the UI?
I have to go looking for them and transfer them to the PD capture folder.
Actually, how do add ANY folder to Mobile PD?

What tablet and OS version do you use?
I tried my iPad with the latest iOS 15, I can find the photo I took in Recents and PowerDirector Capture folders.
It should be there since AudioDirector has it.
Quote Hi -
1). My videos seem to come out fine except for when I color correct them. They lag after post and are very grainy. I’m sure the lag and the graininess are because of the non-dedicated graphic card. I’m I correct?

Render Preview helps.
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