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Quote Hi -
1). My videos seem to come out fine except for when I color correct them. They lag after post and are very grainy. I’m sure the lag and the graininess are because of the non-dedicated graphic card. I’m I correct?

Render Preview helps.
Quote change the preview resolution to Ultra HD (otherwise it won't take it at 4K)

I can take 4K resolution snapshot with the preview quality setting.
Try to install QuickTime, some of the Shutterstock clips use Apple codec.

Note. QuickTime has security issue and Apple does not care about Windows users, so try it with your own risk.

In the pip designer I can not manually adjust any picture without altering its aspect ratio. Why?

This is a new behavior similar to mobile apps, drag the control point on the 4 corners to resize with the original aspect ratio, others will change the aspect ratio.
This is more convenient IMO.
Quote I have been using the free trial version of PowerDirector for a few days. I just upgraded my license to a paid version of PowerDirector365. I opened the project that I have been working on, and I noticed that particles (flares) and transitions (credit scenes) are missing. Also, when I open the project, I receive an error (see attached for screenshot). This is very frustrating, as I was working on a time sensistive file.

Note: I uninstalled the trial before installing the paid version.

Just installed the related content packs to solve this problem, looks like the Essential version includes some templates for people to try are not in the main program of full version.
Did you try "Reset all undocked windows" in context menu you get right clicking on the timeline?
Interesting...I can download it correctly.
Quote Hi all, I fly a dji Mavic 2 drone, i have tried a few different video editors on 30 day trial but i like the look and feel of Powerdirector. I am about to buy version 18 Ultimate and was wondering if it can edit the DLOG-M H.265 from the Mavic 2 pro drone as this is the color profile i wish to use.

I've tested some clips from Mavic 2 Pro, works smoothly in PowerDirector.
Quote Hi,

I have installed the IOS app and was wondering if it is possible to save the project file outside of the app (OneDrive or other)? If so can the project files be opened in PD365 because I generally use my iPad for initial editing, pulling together the video and then finishing in the main desktop application on a Windows PC.



Currently the iOS version does not support uploading project pack to PC version for further editing, only available on Android version.

Not all the editings from app are supported in PC version, but something basic like timeline order, trimming, etc. will be there.
The clip is 10bit H.264, PowerDirector does not support it so far.
You need to use HandBrake or similar tool to convert it to 8bit H.264 or 10bit H.265 first.
Quote Hi,

Great news the iOS App launched today. I was wondering if the UI and workflow are identical to the Android App? I ask, as I have made many PD Android Help Videos and wonder if they will be appropriate for new iOS App users as well? (As an android user, i have no access to a iOS device to see for myself).

Thanks, Mike

The logic/concept is the same, but the UI of iOS is slightly different.
Quote I update my PD365 to 18.1.2405.0.
Now I have a problem with the Motion Tracker Tool.
The Screen is blank - I can't see any video source to track

It works fine on my platform with H.264 and H.265 videos, hardware decoder enabled.
I heard this from other YouTubers.

It's due to the "MFK" (made for kids) issue, part of the U.S. Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA)
You MUS go to YouTube (PC version) web page or YouTube Studio mobile app to answer is your uploaded video made for kids or not.
Guess what, so far even YouTube mobile app cannot set it.
Unfortunatelly current version does not support alpha channel when using nested project PiP.
Quote cyberlink website is slowly updating its products... now with discounts only to the 16 & 17 users... yell

Guys, I guess this is what you are looking for:

$84.99 for the upgrade
Quote I have just updated to PowerDirector 18 (from my PowerDirector 365 subscription) and it is now crashing EVERY 5 minutes!!!

Just updated too, no problem at all...maybe you should contact customer support.
Quote Sony MXF UHD format ok.
Sony MXF HD format error !

help format...

The video codec of MXF HD is AVC 4:2:2 10bit, which is not supported in current version.
Try to set it to AVC 4:2:0 8bit
Quote I have the trial version of PowerDirector Ultimate and testing the NewBlue Titler 1.5, I get the error of the image adjunt.

My configuration is:

  • AMD Radeon RX560 (XFX RX-560P4SFG5)

  • Looks like the issue belongs to AMD VGA and NewBlue, my platforms with NVidia and Intel VGA work fine.
    I have that ability

    MPEG2 on DVD video disc is interlaced, that is spec, if you make a disc out of spec, it cannot be played on regular DVD players.
    Unfortunately it's can only be used for continue editing on PowerDirector Windows, currently.
    Nvidia official Video Encode and Decode GPU Support Matrix:

    If you are using modern Nvidia GPU, you have no choice but using NVENC, CUDA acceleration is dropped here.
    Go to:   
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