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Hi Bluealek67 -

Using PDR365 (2810) on my laptop (i7-11800H - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti - 16GB RAM), I rendered various UHD & 1080p clips using Fast Video Rendering - both NVIDIA NVENC & Intel QSV (when available) & wasn't able to replicate your stuttering in produced files. In each case, I used profile analyser to match VBR & framerates.

Jeff's comment about video bitrate & framerate is important when issues like this crop up.

Cheers - Tony
Hi pikacat007 -

That's not an unusual problem, especially if you're working with high res/bitrate videos.

A couple of options might ease the load on your system:

  1. Create shadow files for the videos

  2. Decrease the preview resolution

Those options are shown in the attached screenshot.

Cheers - Tony
Hi Sloanhaus -

Are you in PowerDirector or PhotoDirector? I ask because some parts of PhD don't allow rearrangement of photos.

You haven't mentioned what it is you're trying to do... make a slideshow? use the photos in Theme Designer? A bit more specific information would help you get better help with your issue.

Cheers - Tony
Hi Pablo -

I totally agree with PowerDirector Moderator on this. Automatic Beat Detection is inconsistent.

Like PDM, I've tested a variety of music and generally get results I have to tweak back in the main timeline.

Here's a packed project containing 6 pieces of music with distinctive beats. You'll see on the timeline how the beat has beeen interpreted. Often, with auto detection, it gets into a correct pattern then skips a beat. Not sure why. Personally, I'd be happier if it took its time & did a better job. Check out the attached screenshot (from the packed project). Also attached is the BPM analysis of each track.

There's always the manual marker option...

Cheers - Tony
Hi BigDzY123 -

If it's jerky, you probably need to select frames that are closer together.

Did you allow PhotoDirector to automatically select frames or choose them manually?

Cheers - Tony
Hi Yousefz -

optodata has responded, but perhaps this thread might help you a little.

Cheers - Tony
G'day Rob -

It's not the first time that similar questions have been asked!

This old thread might help you get started...

The file path quoted in that thread won't apply, but look in C:\Program Files (x86)\CyberLink\templates\PowerDirector Content Pack Essential\Styles\Album_Modern

Another simpler option might be to produce the slideshow with the Love Album header screen, then overlay your own screen on the prodduced file.

Cheers - Tony
Continuation of previous thread, testing YouTube copyright claims for background music packs.

You'll be pleased to hear that the Dance Party music has been uploaded to YouTube without incident. No copyright claims. Nuffin.

Cheers - Tony
Hi All -

Late to the discussion but just wanted to acknowledge Jeff's astuteness (again), putting his finger on the issue... entering text in Title Designer via the top left text box, rather than in the Preview window.

I also wanted to confirm Pivnik's observation that this was not an issue in PDR19. The attached screenshot shows PDR19 & PDR20, which won't allow more than 31 characters to be typed.

Of course, entering text in the preview window doesn't have the same limi8tation.

Cheers - Tony
G'day prevaljo -

If you haven't checked out this thread (& its predecessors), take a look.

The thread test all the background music tracks on YouTube for copyright claims, including limited numbers of the Shutterstock music available in PDR 365.

Cheers - Tony
Hi azehavi -

I'm with Warry. I can't replicate that either.

Using the 7 sample photos in PDR , set at 6sec duration with 1sec overlap transitions (total duration - 36sec) & one of the background music tracks trimmed from 2:23 to 0:36, the music played as expected with no dropouts.

Screenshot of project attached.

If the music is in the timeline on its own, does it play correctly? Warry's right. More information is needed about what's in your timeline.

Cheers - Tony
Hi All -

The 10 tracks from the Western background music pack have been uploaded to YouTube with no copyright claims being logged.

That means about the last 10 packs (~100 tracks) haven't been flagged by YouTube, which is making this process a bit superfluous. Ah well - nice to be super at something! laughing

Cheers - Tony
G'day Scott -

It's also possible it's included in the background music for PDR365.

It is! I should have checked before I signed off. embarassed In PDR365, "Bright Sunshine" is part of the MegaMix pack.

Checking back through emails confirmed that it was flagged by YouTube when I uploaded it last year.

As you can see in the attached screenshot, it doesn't take long for YouTube to release the claim once you dispute it.

Cheers - Tony
Hi mramish123 -

tomasc is right. It is a SmartSound track, titled "Bright Sunshine" from the "Goofy, Silly Sweet" album... though it's not much like "Don't Worry - Be Happy". The whistling has a similar feel. laughing

It's also possible it's included in the background music for PDR365. I'm not sure whether you have purchased the track/album from SmartSound. Yes? No? or where you found the track in PDR?

Either way, you can dispute the copyright claim on YouTube by showing how you accessed it... either SmartSound purchase or via PDR365.

Cheers - Tony
Hi szonar -

To get the most "immediate" drop in volume, you could split the audio track at the 5 second mark, then decrease the level of the post-5sec section.

BUT, following PowerDirector Moderator's suggestion (enlarge timeline scale) you can get a very sudden shift too.

Have a listen to the 2 clips attached. 5sec Split was split (shown in Track 1) & 5sec Keyframes was obviously keyframed (shown in Track 2).

Cheers - Tony
Hi hitmeister -

I guess you've already checked out the requirements for Spotify Canvas.

The basic specificatiobns are:
Canvas Ratio: 9:16 Height: At least 720px
Canvas Length: 3 secs – 8 secs File
Canvas Format: MP4 or JPG only

Is your intention to use actual video content? or a slideshow of titles/pictures?

For the thing to actually loop, the last frame of video needs to be the frame before the first (if you get the clumsy explanation. If you're doing a slideshow, that's easy. If you're using video footage, here's a little trick that might help you.

The "look" you want is going to determine how you go abaout it.

Cheers - Tony
Hi SteveAB -

This is as old as the hills, but the same things still apply.

In short, the only ways to slow the scrolling text down are to:

  1. increase total duration, or

  2. decrease the number of words/lines

Conversely, the only ways to speed up the scrolling text are to:

  1. decrease total duration, or

  2. increase the number of words/lines (e.g. by inserting blank lines)

Cheers - Tony
G'day szonar -

Agreed - it's a bit of a PIA, but that's how it is.

If you increase or decrease the duration of the title, the in/out animation scales to "match" the increase/decrease.

There's no way I know of to fix the duration of the in/out animations & (except for keyframes) there's no way to apply your preferred animation timing to other/all titles.

You could try using File > "Rate Us & Make Suggestions" "smile"

Cheers - Tony
Hi David -

In the old days, I might have had the energy to try to work out how to modify those .xml files found in the sub-folders at C:\Program Files (x86)\CyberLink\templates\Creative Design Pack\Bloggers Social Media Pack Vol. 2\Titles...

A simpler approach is to create separate Video Overlays/PiP Objects and combine them with titles on separate tracks.

Here are some Sound Cloud Video Overlays/PiP Objects I just uploaded to DirectorZone:

Sound Cloud Beat 5sec
Sound Cloud Slide 5sec
Sound Cloud Spin 5sec

Sound Cloud Beat 10sec
Sound Cloud Slide 10sec
Sound Cloud Spin 10sec

... & here are some titles that could be used with the graphics:

Sound Cloud Beat Checkout 5sec
Sound Cloud Slide Checkout 5sec
Sound Cloud Spin Checkout 5sec

Sound Cloud Beat Checkout 10sec
Sound Cloud Slide Checkout 10sec
Sound Cloud Spin Checkout 10sec

Used together, they look like this:

Here's a packed project, in case you need to seem them in situ.

Cheers - Tony
Hi Team -

You probably won't be surprised to learn that none of the tracks from the recently released News Room pack attracted a copyright alert when uploaded to YouTube on Tess Ting's channel.

Cheers - Tony
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