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I tested the process using matthew MJB's clip in PDR365, without a hitch. PDR did what was asked of it (except applying frame interpolation).

Cheers - Tony
optodata -

I've been using PDR21 (perpetual) in my testing. Haven't tried it in PDR365. Maybe I'll do that & see if there's any different outcome.

I got the same results using matthew MJB's clip as the others I'd previously tested. (side-by-side MediaInfo attached).

Cheers - Tony
OK - I'll have to eat my words (above) embarassed

With the 9:16 videos tested, when I step through the produced files frame-by-frame there is NO frame interpolation evident... just 4x the same frame. There are no intermediate frames generated.

That is not the case with the 16:9 clips.

As you were laughing

Cheers - Tony
Well, that's got me!

When I read mathew MJB's first post, I took the "2160x3840" to be a typo. Not so. embarassed

Anyway - I've just discovered the Orientation Lock on the GoPro & shot a few 9:16 clips... then followed the same steps I'd used previously:

  1. Import clip into a 9:16 project
  2. Adjust video speed to 0.25
  3. Check frame interpolation option in settings - Apply
  4. Return to timeline - check playback
  5. Produce to standard 9:16 profile

Next, I tested the same procedure on some 9:16 clips from different phones. No issues that I can see.

When trying to apply the Interpolation setting after I slow down GoPro footage Power Director always crashes.

In my testing PDR21 didn't show a hint of balking at the task, let alone crashing. Nor did it throw up any alerts that what I was attempting was inappropriate.

Jeff - I've been scratching around in the help file & I can't find any reference to frame interpolation not applying to 9:16 videos. Could you please give me a poke in the right direction?

Cheers - Tony
Hi matthew MJB -

I shot a few clips today on my GoPro 10, with settings that match what you've described (MediaInfo attached).

HEVC - 3840x2160 - 119.880fps - 99.6Mbps

I tried to replicate your issue, but couldn't in PDR21. The speed settings I used matched those shown in the Video Speed settings info, under Interpolation Setting info (see attached screenshot). You didn't mention what speed you adjusted your clip to. Did it match the ones shown in the screenshot? If not, that may be part of the problem.

For anyone who'd like to test, you can download this GoPro clip. Don't expect to see a 70 year old snowboarding, skating or BMX riding (!)

Cheers - Tony
Hi hardcore_gamer29 -

Have you tried Jeff's suggestion of converting the MKV with Handbrake? It's probably the only viable option.

I grabbed a sample MKV with DTS audio & PDR couldn't read the audio, as has been suggested. After transcoding with Handbrake to MP4 with AAC audio, I'm now able to edit fully in PDR.

The side-by-side Media Info reports are attached.

Cheers - Tony
Hi Terry -

There have been some GUI changes.

You'll find Background Removal under the Guided tab. Look in the Improve/Remove section.

Cheers - Tony
Hi detroit123 -

It's actually a pretty tough question because you have indicated anything about the style you're after, the type of gathering/party or the person who's turning 50. Those two factors would influence the direction & choices you make.

Years ago, I did quite a few "big date" type presentations (video, slideshow, graphics), including a big one for my dad who was turning 80. The big gathering, including career friends & family, dictated the editing choices I made.

I could show you some bits of it, but it would be likely inappropriate for your birthday person. In fact, when I look at it now it's completely OTT & I'd be unlikely to do it that way now embarassed (even though, at the time, it went down well).

How about some clues?

Cheers - Tony
Well - that fixed it!

... and just after I'd tried everything I could & failing.

Thanks optodata!

Cheers - Tony
Hi santoshputhran -

Thanks for the heads-up about Krita. I like what I've seen so far.

Krita isn't PhotoDirector & neither is trying to be the other. PhD is essentially photo management/adjustment software with some extra options. Krita is a drawing/painting app. They're different.

You'd have figured out already that you can use PhD for the purposes it suits & Krita for the purposes it serves. Easy.

Cheers - Tony
Hi -

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Today, when opening CL Application Manger on my laptop, I get a blank sign-in screen (see attached screenshot). I've uninstalled & reinstalled but I still get the same thing frown Oddly, I don't get the same issue on my desktops.

Anyone got any ideas?

Cheers - Tony
Hi FelixRR -

When you export your photo(s) from the Guided module are you exporting as .png, .jpg or .tif?

JPGs & TIFs will retain the metadata, including GPS, but if you export in .png format it will be lost. PNG has no ability to retain EXIFdata.

Cheers - Tony
Hi All -

No consolation to PDR365 users, but the Rotate Canvas FX is still present in PDR21.0.2721.0

Guess the designers were trying to clean up the space to allow for the mountain of add-in FX in PDR365. undecided Maybe.

Cheers - Tony
Hi again Stephane06 -

Would it be possible to import more than one picture at a time and apply the same effect on all of them before exporting them all together?

Sorry. When I read that I took it as "adjustments" rather than actual "effects", listed under Photo Effects in the Guided module of PhD.

What you've found is correct. In the Adjustment part of PhD, you can mass produce by applying (copying & pasting) adjustments. The same thing doesn't apply to the Guided part, where effects & modifications can only be applied to individual photos.

Cheers - Tony
Hi Stephane06 -

YES. Easy (assuming the same adjustments apply to every photo).

  1. Import your photos
  2. Apply adjustment to one photo
  3. Copy the adjustment settings
  4. Apply to all other photos (paste)
  5. Export batch of photos

Cheers - Tony
Hi 1BadDad -

As optodata said, changes you make to your photos in PhD aren't permanent until you export them (& then - only if you choose to overwrite the original file).

Adjustments you make in PhD are all undoable...

1. reset within each part of the Adjustment module

2. reset all adjustments

3, using the undo option (Ctrl+Z)

Could you please pont out the "burn marks" in the photo you attached?

Cheers - Tony
Hi Richard L -

You're right. PhD14/365 doesn't display .ORF files from OM-5 properly. In fact, it can't display them at all... not even a thumbnail.

I'm unable to answer your question about support in future updates, but it's worth asking the question directly to CL Tech Support

Cheers - Tony
Hi Birdhunter -

It seems to be functioning properly here in PhD14.

Are you talking about Content Aware Removal or Content Aware Move (which is also working properly)?

Cheers - Tony
Hi NelsonSimRacing & optodata -

Quote: However, going to those other screens from the Edit button on the splash screen doesn't give you any way to reach the main (O&A) screen at all.

... except by closing PhD which takes you back to the 2-option screen. Yes - I reckon that might cause some confusion.

Quote: I can't find where the regional adjustments have go to since the update?
I can't find where to set the aspect ratio of the picture now...

... if you start up PhD & select the "Organise & Adjust" option, the Regional Adjustment & crop tools are where they were before the update.

Cheers - Tony
G'day again -

First up - an aplogy - I misread your post embarassed - I was going on about the R6 but neglected to read the "Mark II" bit. Silly me. I was wrong.

You're right. CR3s from Canon R6 Mkii don't display properly in PhD14 or PhD365.

I'm currently using Photo Director ver 14.1.1130.0 (64-bit)

Is that right? I've since installed & updated PhD14 & the latest build is 1514.

Cheers & apologies - Tony
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