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Can Lightroom presets be imported and used in PhotoDirector?
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Jim5555 [Avatar]
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I've searched all over the internet, but I've not found a way to do this. It seems like it shouldn't be that hard to map the Adobe settings to PhotoDirector settings to convert them. I know that preset files for PhotoDirector are available, but there is a much larger number of Lightroom settings available. I also realize their may not be a PhotoDirector equivalent to some of the LightRoom settings, but I would think the majority of the settings would be the same or similar.
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I think it depends on what you mean by "presets" as PhD has a proprietary format for importing and exporting to PhD running on another computer (.pdadj files).

If you're talking about Color Look-up Tables (CLUTs), however, PhD acccepts a wide variety of those as shown in the online help system (which can be accessed by pressing the F1 key).
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G'day Jim555 -

I don't actually know the answer to your question, but (in a related tale) a few years back I was trying to track down or create a lens profile for a particular camera. I know - lens profiles ain't presets.

There was no profile available on DirectorZone. I'm also a LR user, which had every lens profile you could poke a stick at. So I thought - AHA - all I need to do is (somehow) convert the LR profile into the right format for PhD. It was totally beyond me. Both PhD & LR use proprietary formats & there was no way I could do it.

I suspect the same would be the case for presets.

(not much help but) Cheers - Tony
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