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I want to make an audio clip sound distant and like its coming from only one ear. Is this possible?
Its kind of a really dark, blue-ish filter.

The effect will smoothly transition from one intensity to the next, so you may want to set two keyframes of the same intentisty to maintain that level then transition to a lower intensity.

To ramp up from there, place a second lower intensity keyframe when you want the quiet period to end then add a higher one where you want the shaking to be more intense. You can do that as many times as you want.
Ok thank you
Quote All you need to do is use the Keyframe tool to set the shaking intensity at different levels as the clip progresses:

If I do this will the shaking transition smoothly though or will it just cut to the next Keyframe?
I know that you can adjust its frequency (or strength, whatever you want to call it, basically how hard it shakes to put it simply) for the effect, but I wanted to know if there was a way to make it increase and decrease again, so the shaking becomes more violent smoothly. I tried splitting the effect and adjusting the frequency but the transition just isn't smooth. Sorry if none of what I said makes any sense but it's kind of hard to describe, I can provide more details if you're unsure what any of this means.
Quote First of all, there's a newer version out now so please update PD and see if the problem persists.

If it does and you're comfortable sharing the clip, you can use the Attachments button below the forum's text box to upload it as long as it's smaller than 100MB or so.

If it's larger than that, upload it to OneDrive or Google Drive and paste a publicly shareable link here. See this FAQ for more details.

I downloaded and installed the latest patch but the problem persists. Here is the clip
I am running PowerDirector 19.0.2108.0

I have a WMV clip that when I put on my timeline cuts off part of the clip. It plays the full clip in the preview but when I put it on the timeline it cuts part of it off.
Quote See this tutorial for a shake effect: .

Thanks, this was helpful, anyway I can add the blur effect as well, so when it shakes, it blurs?
I want to apply an effect similar to this one for my presentations, it creates a blurry shaking motion.
You can see it in this video:
Right at the beginning, where the image of the person standing in the forest is shaking. Any suggestions?

I think the Lighting 2 effect would be easier and do exactly what you want. You just need to enable "Thunder Flash" and then set the "Core Size" and "Glow Size" to zero. Doing this gives you a similar flash.


Thanks so much. I'll try it

Its actually not so much where the flash is coming from, no need to mask it. What I meant by showing you that is how smooth the flashes look, in comparison to if I adjusted the brightness of the image at random points. It wouldn't look like real lightning flashes. Again, I apologize for how unclear and stupid this sounds lol.

Actually, I think I got it. I'll use old movie and adjust the noise option at random intervals and that might work
Quote The easiest way to do what you're looking for is to use keyframes to set the overall brightness at a low level then jump up to a higher brightness for a frame or two and go back down. You'll have to do it several times in random locations to make it look like real lightning. Ther are actually several FX with lightning bolt shapes if that's of any interest.

The windows scene in the linked video is much more complex, because you'd need to have a mask in the shape of the window to only brighten things showing through it, and then to also light up the inside frame on the brightest flashes.

Its actually not so much where the flash is coming from, no need to mask it. What I meant by showing you that is how smooth the flashes look, in comparison to if I adjusted the brightness of the image at random points. It wouldn't look like real lightning flashes. Again, I apologize for how unclear and stupid this sounds lol.
Quote Well you can do that with a combination of lighting changes and keyframes, or you can try the Old Movie FX:

Yeah I tried using old movie, I don't think there's any way to make the flicker brighter and darker. Like I mean how it flickers stays constant, I want it to grow really bright, then dark, then kind of bright, then dark. I could always hit split and make each image brighter but it doesn't give off a flashing effect, you know? Sorry this sounds extremely unclear, I just really don't know how to explain it lol. I'll give an example of what I preferred it to look like:

Go to this video and to the time stamp 10:01. See how it flashes there?
I don't mean like a PiP object, but like an effect you can apply to an image that makes the image brighten and darken, like thunder. Similar to the old movie effect
Quote The rain is too fine and does not work well. Just use the fx Rain. You can adjusted it to your liking.

Yeah I don't mean to sound picky, but the fx rain does this thing at the beginning where it starts slowly coming down, I just want it to instantly come down, and I don't know how to remove that feature. Is there a way?
So I'm trying to use this effect for my video to simulate a rainy background:

Whenever I apply chroma key, the rain disappears. Not much other people seem to be having this problem. I tried downloading in the highest quality but it still wouldn't work.
Hi there, when I put images in my timeline and press play, for some reason in the video box to the right the image shows up brighter than what it normally looks like, and only darkens when I click on it. When I export the file, it goes back to normal. Is there a way I can turn this off (or something) because it gets irritating because for the type of videos I make I need to know how bright the image is actually going to be when I export it.

Here you can see how bright the image is supposed to be as opposed to when I drag it into the timeline:
Quote Jeff provided you with the answer to all of your questions in the other thread you started. Please review the linked page there which details the items contained in every single pack, including where you will find each kind of object inside PD.

For blending effects, I suggest starting with Content Pack Premium 2.

apologies, I missed the parts where they tell you how to find each effects. Pretty stupid on my part :p
Quote Your screenshot is of the Particle Room (F6). PiP objects are in the next icon up, Video Overlay (PiP Objects) (F5)

ah sorry. Ok now that that's figured out it appears that I actually do have the PiP objects, but I think I still don't have the blending effects. Just for clarification because of my past mistake, which room is the one for blending effects?
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