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Not quite sure I understand? Can you do a screen capture of the issue or some images to illustrate what is happening?

PowerDirector Moderator

I'll get a clip ASAP.
The other day, I was editing a video, which contained two videos.
I was using key framing on one, to transition opacity for the scenes.
When I tried to use key framing on the other clip, to pan/zoom, it kept defaulting back to the other clip.
I did finally get it to work, by double clicking the clip, and editing it in a seperate window, but boy what a pain...
Been using PD 365 for years, and this is the first time I've had any issues like this.
I'm running Win10 Pro Ver 10.0.19045 Build 19045
I also ran into the program crashing (First time ever) and it really took me aback.
I hope the last update didn't do something, to a perfect program.
I uninstalled/reinstalled, and while it stopped crashing, the key frame issue still exists.
Is anyone else having this experiance?
I love Screen recorder, but for some reason, the last update of PowerDirector 365s Screen Recorder 4 isn't working.
I've tried everything, including deleting and reinstalling PD 365, but every time I click Screen Recorder 4, the program tries to start, and crashes.
I hope the next update rectifies this, because while I don't use it a lot, it's really handy when I do...
Quote There's no reason to lower your display resolution. You should see some benefit from changing the display scaling options in Windows: Start > Settings > System > Display > Scale and layout along with Advanced scaling options are where to look.

On my Surface Pro 3, I have text scaling set to 175% on its 12" 2160 x1440 screen. At lower scales the fonts are too small to be useful. Google for additional tips.

The way my system is already layed out, the scaling works perfectly with everything, except PD17.
If I scale it up further, it blows up everything way too big, in order to make PD17 look OK.
There must be something within the program to fix this...
I just got a new laptop with a 4k display, and Powerdirector 17 workspace words, labels, etc... are so tiny, it's almost unusable...
I've reas a few topics, but they all want me to lower my native resolution, which to me is unacceptable, because it makes all my other programs look huge.
Is there any setting, or adjustment I can change, to make it usable again???
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