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I want to create slide shows and videos from .jpg and .png images. Which CyberlLink product would be best for me to consider?

TIA. SweetTasha.
Please ignore this message.

Thanks. SweetTasha.
It's actually at:


Thanks for that.

How do I navigate to where I can copy from the saved image to another CD?

Thanks. SweetTasha.
Quote Oh goodness, that's because you've somehow been using the German forum.

All you neeed to do is go to the Forum Index page then click Power2Go then click on New Topic (or just click here). If the box at the top right says "Zum Forum" you're in the German forum and you need to change it to English (which will then show Go Forum)

I went to the German forum because, by trial-and-error, that was the only way I stumbled upon to find a New Topic button. I do speak a bit of German, but in this setting it would be counter-productive. smile

I have more questions about navigating here:

When I sign in, what's the quickest way to go directly to the Power2Go forum?

After I'm in the Power2Go forum, what is the quickest way to get to my posts?

Thanks. SweetTasha.
Here is the only way I've found to get the New Topic box to show up

^ Open profile
^ Down arrow Go Forum
^ Choose Deutsch
^ Change to English at top (Google translate)
^ Scroll down to Power2Go
^ See "Welcome to the forum and please highlight." I read that once and didn't finder how to post new topic.
^ Near top left see New Topic

I'm certain there's a better way but I can't find it by trial-and-error.

Thanks. SweetTasha
I performed a Copy CD operation and did the Save Image at the end. I thought that would make copying the same CD again run faster, but I don't see an option to do that. I didn't ask for a location within my computer's file system, so I assumed that the image was saved within Power2Go itself.

Is there a way to do that?

Thanks. SweetTasha
Quote Attached is a screenshot of the settings to use to create an Audio CD.

I've decided to just do the copy-disc as you suggested at the beginning. To be honest, I'm not sure what I hoped to accomplish by going through the other process. I did the Save Image at the end of the copy. I thought that would make futures copying of the CD faster, but Copy Disc doesn't offer that option.
"Google is asking you to verify your source files because it is in your private account. No one can see any files unless you make the file shareable.

I have already supplied the detailed information on creating that CD earlier with P2Go. You need to try it."

I did try it and it failed with an error. See my latest post.

As for the shareable link, the latest one I posted is shareable.
"You need to set that as a sharable link so users can see that link and see what you need to do. I can't see it.

In P2Go, go to Music Disc/Audio CD and place your wma and mp3 files on the bottom part of the screen. Click next to the burn screen where you can burn the CD. That should do it... "

I get error "Unable to verify one or more files. Please verify." Where is the source of the files is specified?
Quote From the MY_WMA_...p2g screen I drag tracks from the top part of the screen to the lower part. Once I have dragged all the tracks, I want to make a disc that will be playable on a CD player. How do I do that?

I'm still learning how to use Google Drive. I believe this is an unrestricted link.embarassed

ADD TRACKS 8-23-2020 12:11am
From the MY_WMA_...p2g screen I drag tracks from the top part of the screen to the lower part. Once I have dragged all the tracks, I want to make a disc that will be playable on a CD player. How do I do that?

This is the correct one.

ADD TRCKS 8-22-2020 1:00 pm

I want to make an exact copy of an audio disc. I've done this successfully in the past but I've forgotten the steps. I believe the first step I took before was rip to mp3. I want to share a link to the rip to mp3 screen but I'm not sure how to insert it here
Quote the track titles in your original CD is CD-Text, it will be perfectly copied to your new CD if you use disc copy.

Yes, it copied them to the form where I entered them, but they are not put into the output CD. How do I get them to be copied to there?
My original CD (the one I am copying from) has track titles that are displayed when I play the CD on a player that has the display capability. But the CDs that I burn to don't have the title information. Is there an option that I need to choose in Power2Go?

Thanks. SweetTasha .
Does anyone know of a vendor of forms for printing labels for CDs? Presumably they would have a "sticky" layer that would be peeled off so the label could be affixed to the CD. How about a MS WORD template for formatting the CD title and track titles? The PRINT LABEL interace of POWER2GO is pretty good, but I don't see a way to print to anything but plain paper.

Thanks for any ideas! SweetTasha.
Both Power2Go.exe and Power2GoExpress.exe are present in the CyberLink folder in Program Files(x86). The file descripton of Power2GoExpress.exe is "Burning Gadget." How do the capabilities of the two programs differ?

When I run Power2Go.exe, I close it using the X. If I try to run it again before I've closed it, it (understandably) says "CyberLink Power2Go is already running." However, if I try to run Power2GoExpress.exe, even if Power2Go isn't running, it says (not understandably) "CyberLink Power2Go is already running." In other words, it means I'll never be able to run Power2GoExpress.exe. Which matters if Power2GoExpress.exe has a capability that I'd like to use.

Finally, there's an small, rectangular object on the desktop, see attached.

The object never goes away, even after I restart Windows. If I click the left arrow, it changes the heading to "Audio CD" and then if i hover over the object, it says "drag audio files here to make an audio CD". Is this, perhaps, the "burning gadget?"

You are correct, I did mistype the model, but it's not bdp-s6700. It is BDP-S6500.

However, I determined that the problem is that the disc power2go is creating is not an audio disc but a data disc. So, clearly,I've done something wrong in setting up the burn process. I've opened a support ticket with Power2go support. If they come up with a solution I will report it here.


You didn't mention which specific player you have, but according to this link WMV and WMA files are not supported on Sony Blu-ray players:

Try the MP3 format.


BTW, I did mention in my initial post it's a Sony 4K UHD Upscale.
The model number is DBP-S7600.
According to this link, mp3 and WMA are supported by this model.
I've tried mp3 in the past. My blu-ray didn't play them, but I'll try them again.

Quote hi SweetTasha,
I see you're creating a wma disc, is it what you intented to? If yes, do you know your SONY blu-ray device plays wma disc?
from my experience, wma disc may only suitble for car audio.

I believe the SONY does play wma. I have one that was created by someone else that I believe is wma. I there a way to tell whether that disc is wma?

Thanks. SweetTasha.
Thanks for your helpsmile
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