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Quote masterdrago, PD17 can do the job, if you have the 365 version you probably have PD18 since it’s auto updated but it can do the same.

BD-R 25GB or 50GB discs can be used depending on length of your projects. These are record once discs. Also keep in mind you can simply copy a produced file to BD and some standalone players will play that or use the "Create Disc" module in PD and create a more compatible BD for many standalone players.

This link discusses how you can simply use windows explorer to burn a BD from a video folder created by the PD "Create Disc" module.

You can also use a player like VLC to playback this PD created folder prior to burning to BD to verify it’s what you like.

Many thanks! What I wanted to hear.
I just began creating and editing movies at home using Cyberlink 365 and Adobe Premiere Elements 2020. I like the way Cyberlink works and the great help forums. I recently purchased a Pioneer BDR-XD05B 6x Slim Portable USB 3.0 Blu-Ray Burner that Supports BDXL/BD/DVD/CD which came with a Bonus CyberLink Media Suite 10 Windows Software. What I'm wanting to know is can my Cyberlink 365 be used to burn movies I produce onto bluray disc? I don't really want to install free software. Also, what type of disc should I get. I'm new so this is a bit confusing.

Both HB and PD will convert to H.264, in HB for framerate just select "same as source", for PD you just need to manually define a profile. Doing this conversion, you gain a little as H.264 is a little easier on resources to decode during editing playback vs H.265. However, 240fps is still the limiter. For me, I'd just edit the source H.265 since your editing was minimal.

The real beauty of your 240fps source is you can slo mo the reveal blow down by a factor of 1/4 and have extremely high quality.

Your posted vimeo clip looks like it was produced at 24fps, so basically you threw 1/10th of what you had out. I'd probably have done 60fps since you have such good source material.

Did not know about tossing 1/10th of data. I may see what 240 to 60 looks like. And thanks for the hints on doing a manual profile. Saw one of the vids on PD University or somewhere about doing that instead of YouTube profiles. Editing video is a recent endeavor for me and I've found that some software has a sharp learning curve.
Thanks for jogging my memory. I remembered that I've used VideoProc and MacX HD Video Converter (liscensed for years) a number of times prior to getting the GP and wanting to do "real" editing. VideoProc allows me to convert to H264 240fps if I want to, which I did and HB did not. My son edited his on his IPhone. What was strange was that once I got to editing it in PD, it was not so bad. Just the getting started part. And the final version plays okay even though some of the clip during edit were a bit twitchy. I played with Adobe Premier Elements for days b4 I realized it does not edit HVEC. Thanks again.
I got to taking a close look at the files in media info and I think that what HandBrake did was take the 240fps original video and convert it to 22fps. So that explains why the size is so much smaller in the H-264 conversion. I looked again at HB and did not see any where to leave the original fps. Still do not know why the original does not play on the i7 32Gig laptop.
Have been having this issue since May. Some videos that are taken using the GoPro 7 Black seem to be currupted in some way. Shot @240fps (HVEC). This one will open in CyberLink PowerDirector 17 and begin normally. Then a bit into the video, it will freeze but the audio continues. If I open it in PotPlayer 64, it will play but then the audio is not in sync with the video. The machine is a Dell XPS 9750 8th gen i7-8750 32G DDR4 1TBPCIe NVMe SSD GTX1050Ti. It will not open in VLC 3.0.8 Vetinari nor in version One other really odd thing. If I use HandBrake to convert it to a H-264 from the H-265 format, the file size goes from 941Mb to 201Mb and it then plays and edits on both the W10 laptop and the W7 desktop. Why did I have the misguided thought that HVEC video was more highly compressed? And smaller file size than H264? Can anyone let me know if indeed this file looks currupt in the HVEC state?
The link to the video:
Quote I think you've done a very nice job! You've chosen a wonderful music track, you've kept the content short and cohesive, and I was keenly interested in everything you wanted to show me. IMHO, it's a solid piece of work cool

Since you've asked for improvements, please take a look at these notes. I hope you'll see them as the requested suggestions for making the video really stand out, and not in any way as a criticism of you or your skills:

  1. Use the Pan & Zoom tool for all of your stills to give them some subtle motion, which will line up much better with your video's wonderful overall flow

  2. Cut to a clearly different view @ 0:55 to keep the continuity in that section. The existing cut looks like a mistake because it's just slightly offset from the preceding clip's view, while all other straight cuts from the tram are to completely different views

  3. Shorten the fade-in @ 1:22 by about 2 sec to bring the new scene in right in sync with the music

  4. Fade out of the restaurant clip at 1:40 to match the music fade, then bring in the wine collection at 1:42 instead of 1:45

  5. I'm not sure why there's a video pause from 2:02-2:04. I'd like to see more of the movement (and view), and less of the building

  6. Same with the ending pause from 2:15 - 2:18. If that's the extent of the viable clip, and you're trying to stretch it out a bit, use the Selected Range tab in the Video Speed tool. You'll want to slow down the beginning and ending 2 seconds of the clip, and use the Ease-out option at the start, and Ease-in at the end, to smoothly transition from still to motion and back to still

  7. Find a consistent location for your onscreen text. It's ok to vary that if something is in the way or when you have multiple text lines, but a single line at the bottom left of the screen isn't as appealing as when it's centered, or maybe more artfully placed

  8. At the end of the vid, I'd like to see an ellipses or some kind of teaser that the next video is coming soon; or else simply end with a closing statement about that day

That's it! A few specific changes and a couple of bigger picture ideas would bring the enjoyment of the video up a couple notches - for me at least wink

Please post a link to the revised clip if you decide you want to take up any of my suggestions, or those of other members who want to add their thoughts.
What a great bunch of tips and suggestions. Thanks. I had pondered the adding motion to the still since I had seen that in the films of others. Just have to hunt down the process so I can do a bit more. And yes, I had decided to make video of each day since the 1st several days video edit was just too long. I had the neive thought that I might compress the full 16 days into one vid.... NOT! Also, thanks for the suggestion on stretching the vid to sync with a bump or transition in the music. I knew it was "off" but did not know what could be done.

Other vids that I've created of our vacation in Alaska so far are at these links. You'll most likely get tired since one is rather long. the long one of a few days of the trip this a train ride from Fraser to Skagway. stick with it through the gals narration our ship departure from Skagway

I signed up with soundstripe for the music clips since I had never done this type of thing b4. I've never been a real creative person so some of this technically becomes easy but not the creative part. I will post an updated version in a week or so.
Quote I've taken a large number of still images using a 300mm lens on a DSLR of whales in Alaska. Many of them are shot at better than 5FPS so I might have 40 or so frames of whale action in each sequence. Most of the still images are 13.8MB 5568x3712. I want to make a few slo-mo clips of this action. Some of the frames will need to be centered better and leveled as the backgrond is occasionally tilted. Also cropping might be a good idea. Is there a tutorial that someone can point me to that will assist to make these short clips? I'm very new (green) to movie editing and this is the 1st effort to use PowerDirector 365.
Three full moons later and still not one peep....... I somehow thought this crowd was more active.
I've only recently begun using video editing software and have stuck with CyberLink PowerDirector 365 as I'm getting comfotable using it. It will edit the HVEC although the video studders and stalls on the initial play. Once edited, produced and saved it plays just fine, especially if converted to H-264 first or saved as H-264.

Anyway, the reason for this post is to get a few here to take a look at a short finished vacation vid I put together as part of our cruise vacation in Alaska in May. What I'm wanting is some suggestions as to how to make it better. I know that there are a lot of things I can do using CLPD365, especially when dropping still shots into the video. Better transitions, etc would be helpful. Anything is fair game. I'm open and all ears. It's on Vimeo:
Quote Adding to what JL_JL showed.

You can, by holding the Ctrl key, select multiple video clips at one time, do the same for Delete.

You can add other audio in place if it fits or uses another track.

Thanks. That's very helpful. I'm new to the video editing relm. When adding a track to fill the place of the removed tracks, is there a prefered file format for the sound track? Looks like I can get MP3 or WAV files from. The track in the one clip that I'm leaving in is AAC if that matters.
I trimmed a few clips out of a few video files and want to remove the audio track from only a few of them. So far the only way I see to do that is to select the trimmed clip in the timeline, then tools/audio editor/voice removal. After doing that, it appears I may be able to insert an audio file for only those tracks. I'm not sure of the procedure.
Fairly sure you are on the right track. I posted to one of the GoPro support forums. Not very active - last post was in January. As an experiment, I put the original card back in the GoPro. It only sees one of the Hubbard Glacier videos - the 1st one that will play on the pc and two others shot a different day. All of the other files related to the filming of the Hubbard Glacier pass are not even seen. They are .LRM and .THM files that the GP makes for viewing on the camera viewscreen. Maybe the GP support can repair them. Or maybe the Sandisk folks. It's a new card. Who knows. I'm going to shoot another 3 hour vid here on another card. I would use the same but not enough space left and if is savagable, don't want to kill it.

And about your avatar. Tom Clark has made some really fine scopes. I observed some Herbig Haro objects in northern Sagittarius in a 15" Tectron w/Galaxy Optics primary owned by Jay McNeil back when we called him "The Kid". That was b4 he discovered McNeil's Nebula and became famous.

Quote Thanks very much for uploading the clip!

It's clearly damaged, because I also get the normal audio but frozen video in every app I've tried: VLC, Movies & TV, WMP, the original QuickTime Player and PD17. I also tried converting it using VirtualDub2, but the converted clip has the same issue.

It might be possible to repair the clip by trying other conversion or video repair apps, but the quickest answer is to not use it in your project.

I would definitely bring this up on the GoPro forum and directly with their tech support. You can use the same Dropbox link over there so they can access the clip and do a more though analysis/investigation.
I tried merging two files - Gh073634 and Gh083634 with the same results - a 35minute video that only plays the audio but is locked on the frame from the original 2nd file at 25minutes. I upladed the original 6 minute file GH123634 to dropbox. It's 1.3G. Link is


Let's see what happens when you remove the 2nd clip. If you suspect that something's wrong with it or the 6 min clip, you can upload one or both to a cloud folder and paste the link here for other people to examine.

As for my avatar, NGC4565 has always been my fave to look at through my 15" (38cm) f/5 Tectron telescope, but it didn't have much oomph in the avatar department. NGC6814 is beautiful and conveys a similarly "deep" message cool
Thanks for the suggestion. The timeline is as you may have thought, sorted by file name with the 6 minute file as the last video. I'll try what you suggested and remove the 2nd file since that would be where the 25 minute mark would be. On several other vids that I shot while in Alaska that are longer than the 4Gig limit, they all play just fine as an individual file (vid). I do not know why the time stamp is wrong for the ending file and I do not know why any one of the single files will not play except for GH013634. I've not had much luck getting answers on the GoPro forum so I've not even asked the question there yet. Hey, wanted to comment on your interesting avatar. Pretty cool - The Spiral Snowflake -NGC6814. Wondering why that face-on galaxy?

Quote I don't have any GoPros, so I can't be certain here, but based on the file names, I think that the 6:00 clip (GH123634.MP4) should actually be the final clip. That would also make sense if you had the camera continually recording for hours starting @ 2:38 PM.

If so, the 6:00 clip's timestamp probably should be 5:43PM instead of 4:41PM. If you sort the clips by file name in PD's media library, the sequence should work. It will look like this:

It's also possible that the clip in question is corrupted. Does that clip play properly in PD or other media apps?

You didn't share a snapshot of your project timeline, so I don't know what's located at the 26m 25s mark. You may want to temporarily remove whichever clip is there and see if the produced video plays normally.
So I had my GP7 take 3 hrs of 16:9 60fps linear 1920x1080 video. The video was broken into 12 files of ~8Gig each and 17+minutes except for one which looks like 6 minutes. If you look at the file manager list of details, it looks like one was written just a minute after the one b4. When I try to view any of them except the one with the 2:38 timeline, the file runs in PowerDirector 17 or PotPlayer64 but the video is frozen on one frame. The 2:38 file runs fine.

I used PD17 to Produce the 12 together and it will run until 26m25s, then freeze at that same frame.

Any suggestions?
I've taken a large number of still images using a 300mm lens on a DSLR of whales in Alaska. Many of them are shot at better than 5FPS so I might have 40 or so frames of whale action in each sequence. Most of the still images are 13.8MB 5568x3712. I want to make a few slo-mo clips of this action. Some of the frames will need to be centered better and leveled as the backgrond is occasionally tilted. Also cropping might be a good idea. Is there a tutorial that someone can point me to that will assist to make these short clips? I'm very new (green) to movie editing and this is the 1st effort to use PowerDirector 365.
Quote Here is the 30 day info:

Keep in mind, the trial has this too:
2K/4K resolution H.264 video files are not supported
Importing and producing H.265 video files is not available

So it's kind of hard to get a feel how the product may work for you with your real footage as the trial is too limited. Use Handbrake to convert to a basic 1920x1080 H.264 and you should be ok to play around.

You've been very helpful. Thank you.
Quote PD17 will handle HVEC, H.265 files, just not the trial. The notes of the trial say:
"Importing and producing H.265 video files is not available"

Depending on the details of your edits and if you are recording in the 4K 60p setting of the GoPro7, you may or may not like your editing speed with selected platform but PD17 should be able to handle. You could always use 30 day return policy if you find you don't care for the product.

I thought I may have seen that return policy on one of their pages. Since I'm a complete novice at taking and editing movies, I'm just having an uphill struggle. Since I have nothing to compare to, liking the editing speed will be very new, so donno. It is a lot of computer for such a small footprint. I ran conversions on 3 30 second vids using HandBrake to MKV files and I still get the same message "This version of PowerDirector does not support this feature". I will say this: the little laptop did in about 90 seconds what my 3+ yo desktop did in 20 minutes on the conversions - difference between an i5 and i7 8Gig memory vs 32Gig I suppose.

So if what you say is correct, and I'll check their web pages again, I can get the paid version and experiment for nearly 30 days, then get a refund?
Got a GoPro 7 Black just b4 Christmas. Soon discovered my 3+ yo DellT1700 did not have the guts to open or edit the HVEC files from the camera and converting them to H-264 was going to kill a lot of time. Upgrading the machine was going to run $1,000+. I opted for a Dell XPS 15 Touch i7-8750H, 32Gig DDR4, NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti 4Gig GDDR5, 4K 3840x2160 display. So now I'm beating my head to find the software to edit the best vids from the GoPro. Thought I was close when I downloaded the trial of CyberLink 17. Well, just discovered it is not compatible with the HVEC files (doesn't support them). Any suggestions for some more rabbit holes? The GoPro Quik and Studio are not doing very well. I tried Premiere Elements. No go there also. Yes, I can convert them using HandBrake or some other converter like VideoProc but that is what I would like to avoid. Is CyberLink even capable to dealing with the HVEC H265 files from the GoPro 7? What a PIA it has been for this complete noob to edit movies. Thanks for any assistance.
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