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Does anyone know why when trying to stream to youtube why Screen Recorder 4 does not pull the stream url or the stream key from youtube as described on page 19 of the users guide? The only way to stream to youtube it seems is to use a custom setting instead of the actual youtube icon, when using the youtube selection one can't even type in that area to put the youtube streaming url which you have to go into youtube and do a live session to get a url and key. Is anyone else experiencing this issue or is it just me?
Thanks for the input, I did do a dxdiag as stated in the readme I just didnt post the file, it was late.

I was attempting to make a video of all the different FX on my Power Director 17. I loaded a video added some music and then proceeded to start adding FX to the time line. I managed to get A-M loaded on the time line and if crashed about 4 times while attemping to do that. I then started to add the title tracks so I could write the FX type while the video was playing and have it displayed. It seems to be crashing alot since I started to add titles and I can only get a couple new titles on the timeline before it crashes again. Before it crashes and this also was with PD16 Ver the screen like expandes to full screen before it crashes or does it sometime when it is this common to other users? Any ways the main issue is the crashing when I am adding titles for THIS project, I don't seem to have issues when just adding a beginning or ending title. I will post a video of what I am seeing and maybe someone might have some thoughts as to the problem or has a fix. Thanks..

Something else I just thought of it seemed to crash more when I was messing with the BorisFX Film Style FX and the BorisFX Stylize.

It is a SHADOW FILE ISSUE. When I click on the Enable Shadow files setting under the General Preferences ,and disable shadow files, the preview plays fine when I use the video collage Designer plugin. If I cancel the project and go back to settings and enable shadow files , reset the shadow file resolution to 1280x720 it will play correctly or if I enable to 1920x1080 it will work fine. Just seems odd the 1920x1080 wont work on initial program startup and I have to fiddle around with these setting to make the program work right. I did update my video driver but it didnt make a difference. Anyhow. Thanks for the help, I think I will send off an email to support and see what they have to say.

If I save the script file .pds I guess it does save the setting so when I close and reopen the program the shadow files box stays off.

Quote Hi Tony -

There's some good news and some confusing news...

Thanks for uploading the Note 8 clip & testing the iPhone clip. That tells us something, because...

Your Note 8 clip, which has the same rotation tag as the iPhone clips I've tested: "Rotation : 90°", displays correctly at each stage of the process on my PCs.

In Video Collage Designer -

In titmeline preview -

In production preview -

So - it's not the rotation tags & it's not a universal issue with PDR17. It's something about your particular installation of PDR17 & how it's interacting with your system.

I know - as clear as mud. I don't have a clue what it might be... but at least you're able to produce the video correctly.

Cheers - Tony

I will try a reinstall of PD17, and see if that fixes it. Thanks for taking the time to check this all out.

Quote Hi camarodood -

I'm not suggesting for a moment that there's no problem with PDR17. I'm just posting what I've observed with the clips I'm using - which are not from a Galaxy Note 8.

i.e. with the clips I've used, I haven't once been able to replicate the issue you're having.

Try the same procedure with this iPhone clip & see what happens at your end.

Upload a short clip from your Note 8 to Google Drive or similar shared file site - and we can check it.

Just trying to isolate the issue so a solution can be sorted out.

Cheers - Tony

Here is a link to a short clip from that note 8.

I did download the iphone clip and used it with 2 other videos to make a collage and it displays the iphone clip sidways as the other portrait clip, the 16:9 clip still displays fine. Still plays right in the produce window, and saved video displays fine as well. Wierd huh.


Here is a link to thefile info from that program on the note 8 video link.
Quote Good thinking, the King. Unfortunately, even when shadow files are enbled in the example below, everything is hunky dory.

camarodood - I've replicated your procedure here using vertically shot clips from iPhone X, iPhone 7, iPad & DSLR. In each case, the orientation display is correct in VCD preview, timeline preview & produce preview - in a 16:9 project.

In a 9:16 project, the produce preview shows the 9:16 vertical videos sideways.

In the screenshots below, left & right videos are 9:16 & the centre one is 16:9.

Video CDollage preview -

Timeline preview -

Produce preview -

I think the issue may be related to the orientation tags in your Galaxy Note 8 videos. e.g. when I open the 9:16 videos I'm using in Media Info it states "Rotation: 90°" these videos display properly. When you check your Note 8 videos in MediaInfo, does it state the same?

Cheers - Tony

Where is this media info thing? Never had issues with any orientation of videos, They play fine in any media player I play them on. I also followd the same procedure in PD 16 and the orientaion displayed correctly in that Collage video designer throughout all steps of the design, so I don't think it is that. I could try some portrait video from my 80d and see if it still does it with those files. Shadow files are enabled as well on the videos.
I made a video of what I am seeing. Not sure what the issue was at the end, possibly system taxing trying to produce and run screen recorder 3 at the same time, most boring 11 minutes of your life lol. Here is the link.

This is a shorter video (4min) showing the issue, I did enable preview during producing on this one which shows the video renduring fine, as well as the preview on the production screen before pressing the produce sign. Videos were taken with a Note 8. Sorry for the repititivness and thanks for your patience. In the end the video came out fine, but version 16 has no issues doing the same thing.

Tony - was your preview during production sideways once you enabled it? I'm making a quick vid that shows what my workspace looks like. Also, I only used 9:16 images, but when I had a single 16:9 in there that didn't change the previewing while producing issue.

I never enabled the preview during production.
Was just following a tutorial on youtube by Sharper Turtle on PD 17 Collage designer, following along. I loaded a 3 window collage design and used 2 portrait videos and 1 16:9. In the playback mode the portrait videos played sideways and the 16:9 played just fine. After hitting ok and the collage video posting to the time line in the edit mode the 2 portrait videos also played sideways during preview. Once you get to the produce screen the preview there plays fine, no sideways portrait videos and the Produced video file also plays like it should. I am wondering if this is an issue( BUG) with using portrait videos in the Collage Designer. Anyone else having this issue. Program seemed kind of laggy as well with just 3 videos 1080x720 with a I7 7500U with 8 gigs of ddr4 ram...sigh..
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