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Quote I often need to match a colour font in a name title to a logo. I don't seem to see a colour picker function in PD that lets me do this.
Appreciate any advice on this.
Thank you.


I've done this several times myself but I use the following website and then just match the colours in PD using the RGB code.

Good luck!
Same with me. It all seems to be working as it should.
Ah, thanks for that. I took a look at his tutorials and something on there reminded me about the mask feature.

I've figured it out now.

Here's a quick test I did. The original shot was the guy looking out over a canal. All I did was put that on track 1 and 3 with the text on track 2. I then used the mask feature to cut out around his head on track 3.

Really quite simple but very effective!

I've just got around to downloading these and they're brilliant... Thanks for the great work!

But I have one small question, is there any way to remove the background on these and change it to an image or video of my choice?

Ahhh... Ignore me, I've figured it out.
This is a worry as I'm just updating my version of Windows as we speak!

I shall let you know if I'm suffering the same problem.
I've seen this effect quite a lot recently and I would love to recreate it... but I'm not sure how with Powerdirector?

The effect in question can be seen right at the start of this video. The titles and text are all behind the mic stand yet in front of the rest of the stage. Now, I was there when this was filmed and I can assure you that there were no green screens or any magic going on on stage... so, any ideas?

I'm sure I can do a better job than the videographer who did last years show... If I can get it in focus then that would be better than his for a start!laughing

As for the memory sticks, it's a nice idea so thanks for the suggestion but not something the dance leader would want to do this time around I'm afraid.

I think I'll just have to have a play around with the bit rate when I'm producing the videos and see if I can get them to fit. Fingers crossed!
Yeah, it's got to be a DVD I'm afraid as it'll be given to the parents of the dancers on the show.

I've just checked and last years show was on a single layer DVD and that ran for 120 minutes. The quality isn't that bad either so I wonder how they did it?
Hi all,

I've recently put together a wedding video which came in at 1 hour and 7 minutes.... 5000mb according to the DVD creation page.

I've had to click 'smart fit' to get this to fit onto a DVD which seems to have worked. In a couple of days time however, I'll be filming a dance show which is scheduled to be around 2 hours long.

I'm concerned that this won't fit on a DVD so does anyone know the optimum settings or any special tricks to enable it all to fit ok?

Thanks in advance.

You might try turning off both options in pref > Hardware Acceleration and see if that's a short term fix for your green screen.


Thanks for the suggestion Jeff but it didn't work I'm afraid. The green is still there! Pesky.
Ok, that's good to know. Thank you.

I think I might just finish up this bit first as I'm almost done and then delete them afterwards. I can make do with different transitions for now I just spotted one bit where it would have looked quite nice.

Never mind, I shall carry on and see what happens when I've finished this bit of the edit.

Yep.. I'm not sure what's happening at all. It's not quite clear but you can see the green on the screen shot above.

I'm still working on the video, if I go in and delete those files manually, will that effect my edit at all?

I'm wondering if I'm missing something really simple here but I can't figure it out.

I'm transitioning between two clips with the "rotation counterclockwise" transition effect.

The problem I have is that as one video leaves the screen and is replaced by the other, there should be a black back ground inbetween. Unfortunately, this is green on the actual video timeline.

Is this normal? I would have thought it would be black or at least the colour of the colour board I have on the previous track but no, it's still green.
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