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Hey, I got a EzCap284 HD, I want to do so live recording directly into a project.

So I connect it by USB and installed the PC drivers from ezcap website for it.

When I go to capture in PD16 it doesn't show up. Anyway to fix this.

I used OBS Studio and it picks it up right away as IT9910 Capture Filter (HD) and works flawlessly. So I am guessing this is an interal issue with in PowerDirector
EDIT: Thanks Jeff, worked like a charm. Gonna use my key now to make sure it works.

EDIT: Everything works and I now have YouCam 7 registered to my account.

Thank you again Jeff for your help and support.
I did a survey today for cyberlink and they gave me a product key for YouCam 7, however the download link from cyberlink failed.

I figured I'd download the trial and activate it but there only YouCam 8 on the site, but the the product key was for YouCam 7 only for doing cyberlink survey.

This is the link provided to me that is suppose to be active untill May 31, 2019

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^ --- But it doesn't work.
It been 8 days, A support ticket was made (CS001846490). Not a single respone, not one bit of help.

Does CyberLink normally have such bad support ???
Quote Found the problem. Patch would not complete because I uninstalled WaveEditor at an earlier date. Reinstalled everthing with WaveEditor included and patch worked fine.

Quote This is not complicated. The file downloads automatically from the update menu. 90% throught the installation of the patch it gives a message that it cannot extract file Data1.7z. Windows defender is off. No other antivirus installed. That's it.

Quote will this issue gone after you restart PC? it seems fine on my laptop.

no. and i re downloaded it again. This is not a problem with my computer.

There is no Dec 20 update to Power2Go 11. The last one is from Dec 13.
That is a pretty definitive statement.
I'm not having any problems with my desktop either so... .Where did you get the file ID as "Data1.7z" .
Did you look at the notes for this update and do you fit into one of these categories?
" Note: This patch is not for Power2Go OEM versions, or versions purchased via Steam.
Adds support on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update platforms.
Resolves the issue that certain YouTube videos cannot back up in 2160P (4K) quality.
Minor bug fixes."
Did you have your antivirus and/or registry cleaner active? It sounds like you have a zipped file - do you? Where did you get it?

I got the same issue, the lastest update stops at 90% with an error saying it can't extract the data from Data1.7z.

I have WaveEditor installed and it works. I have turned of my virus scanner. I own the full suite from CyberLink, bought it from the website here. So I think it's a corrupt file.
Quote Hi Elochai,

which windows 10 ADK did you install? win10 1607 or win10 1703?


1703 means the ADK was released in 2017/Mar. which is quite new for now.

Maybe 1607 is safer, it was released on 2016/Jul.

I can try the 1607 but is there an uninstall program for the 1703 version or will it be in add/remove programs ?
Quote Hi Elochai,

which windows 10 ADK did you install? win10 1607 or win10 1703?

I'm trying to use the feature to burn a system recovery disk for windows 10. I did the installion of the windows program that was requested by power2go using the link provided by power2go manual page for creating a system recovery disk. After I start the power2go utility for creating the restore disk everything seems to be fine and the DVD starts burning. Then it will quit in the middle of burning the 1st disk and says it encounter a read image error.

any ideas why I keep getting this error and how I can fix it. I don't really want to lose more DVDs to failed burns.

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