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Hi henlfern

You saved a Pip and that you can use for another photo.
Add the Pip on the timeline, drag from the library, the new photo onto the pip on the timeline in the menu that appears select replace.
If the photo has the same aspect ratio it will be perfect if you don't have to make adjustments.
You can also copy several Pip at once, paste in another position and make substitutions
You can also save the project with lots of pip and other effects, to use whenever you want, opening this project first, or during your new project, using the Insert project option, it will be added at the cursor position (needle)
In the Pip editor we have no way to add more than one photo, also not audio, saving the project is the closest
PD does not do this directly.
PD has Audio Editor, it does it in 2 steps.
Audio Editor, unfortunately it doesn't have Copy / Paste

To access it in the timeline, right click on the audio and select Audio Director.
Copy channel L to R (audio 1)
Copy the R channel to L (audio 2)
In PD, an audio placed under the other is mixed.

This video uses "Audio Director" similar process.
When PD does not find a file, because his location has been changed, he asks if he wants to look for it must give the way to the new location.It may be on your card, but it is better that the file is on the PC's hard drive.

If PD no longer gives you the option to search for a file, Open the project, add the missing file in the library, drag to the timeline over the missing file and choose from the replace menu.This functionality was implemented recently I don't remember which version of PD.
Adding to what JL_JL showed
In this case, mono audio was created on channels L and R
If you want to work the mix better to have an effect, like Stereo Expander, it can be done in AudioDiretor.
Quote Have you tried using the Precut tool for Media Library clips? All your small clips will be shown in the subfolder of the main clip there and they can be dragged directly to the timeline when needed.

Optodata good idea, but in my case I prefer to create a new clip.
I usually download videos from 2 to 3 minutes to extract 10 to 30 sec.
I produce a new clip, keep this and discard the biggest one.
The way you show it I need to keep all the low (complete) videos stored occupying the HD.
Quote I have a main video, a green screen video for an inset, and a static image to replace the green screen.

I want the green screen video and static image to act as one -- so if I (for example) mask it with a circle and position over the main video, I don't have to painstakingly match the mask size and position for both the video and image.

One obvious way is to save the greenscreen and image as a new clip, and use that clip in the main project. I have quite a few to do and this would be a little tedious, so I'm hoping there's a better way.

Thank you!

If I got it right you want to mask a video that will overlay the main video.
Make the first select the video, photo and mask, Copy this (Ctrl + C) go to the next place that will have another, Paste (Ctrl + V) now add the next, video, photo, on the previous one and choose to replace.
Repeat Paste for more videos
See if it works in your PD version.
BarryTheCrab explained very well with dealing with VHS videos.
I used a Philips recorder to capture VHS tape, then in PD I used SVRT to avoid deteriorating the image.
But recently I think PD improved its MPEG 2 and I started to zoom the image to remove the defective edges.
This dealing with VHS to DVD (interlaced)
Recently I was asked to extract part of a DVD (vhs copy) to record on the MP4 pen drive.
I did some tests, I thought it was best to save at 60fps progressive, this makes the video roll smoothly without the shaking that happens with 30 fps for the same case.
Hi rkruz3
I've had problems with SVRT, but each case can be different.
The fact is that if SVRT works as it should, it will not change the video, only where there is something that needs to be rendered, cut, transition, etc ...
Hi nightmareman00

PowerDirector 19 + PhotoDirector 12

Comes with, Screem Record 4 and AudioEditor (Basic)

Director Suíte (Complete)
Quote Hello,

I use the Precut feature for larger clips, once it is done, it puts them in a sub folder. Can I take the clips I want from the sub folder into the main media library?

Or only drop them into the timeline?


I never used Precut ... I do the same on the timeline using the tool, Split and Del.

I checked here after using Precut ... just drag the same file to the timeline.

When I intend to use this edited video many times, I produce it as a new video (file)
In my opinion it should be based on the aspect ratio 16x9 or 4x3 in which your video fits perfectly, otherwise you must use some means of filling in if necessary.

Aspect ratio is not related to video resolution.Example I have fullhd video “16x9” with 1920x1080 or 1440x1080 resolution

Attach video images with 640x352 resolution with 16x9 aspect (but it could be 4x3) depends on the one selected on the camcorder.

I have a profile created for this video see image, just with the intention of reducing the size of the video file.

Note: PD “doesn't like” this if you open this profile even if just to look and say “OK” it will change to 320x240.

Anyway I have preferred to produce this video in 720x480 for better quality of the text added to the video.

Obs2: This 640x352 video leaves a small black band on the top and bottom of the video.
At first I zoomed in to fill the screen.
I found it better, right click, Set Clip Attributes, Set Aspect Ratio, mark 16x9 OK
This corrects without distorting the image.

Obs3: I use PD19/354
Hi Veepo
In PD I only know this way to save video clip or part of it.
Select with yellow cursor, Produce Range button appears, click on it and proceed to produce the clip.
You have to do it one by one.
Optodata thank you so much for checking, your help is always appreciated.
It is not a big problem, I will forward this question to Cyberlink support.
Transition, "Distortion and Geometric" error opacity.
I opened a project made in PD18 and came across this problem, if the opacity is changed in a video or photo the transition ignores that.
I appreciate someone can confirm the problem.
Attached project
Hi Lin52

Check in preferences, Editing, Set defalt insert project behavior, if the option selected, As Nested Project
You must choose, As Expanded Project
Here it worked in the past.
I liked this modification, now I can work with only 2 tracks for simple editing.
Any track can be named, see image.
You can add a new track for, video (text. image), audio (music, voice) and Effect.

Project attachment that adds time line as shown in the image.
Advantage of using few track’s, it facilitates for simple edits and increases the preview window.
Hi teedee

I did tests here and verified that only the last Clut applied to the clip is active.
It can be removed, Efefct button, Color Lut
Even the (i) still marked in the clip, Clut was removed.
If it has no other effects
Clicking the ( sign will remove the ( i ) in the clip as well.
Hi icgpamretired1

Another longer way for this and other tools.
Right click on the image, Edit Image, Pan & Zoon
Adding to what Tomasc showed well.
Tools Mask Designer, just choose a mask ready to taste, fits the photo.
Tools Pip Designer, add shadow, etc ...
Hi rkruz3

Adding to what JL_JL explained very well.
You can apply stabilization to several selected clips on the timeline, hold the "Ctrl" key on the keyboard, while selecting video clips.
If you want to apply to only a part of the clip, you must Split it at the beginning and end, select only this part.
In this case there will be a difference in the video size between without and with stabilization, I use a “cross fade” transition to disguise it.
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