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Here I also don't have SVRT for videos from other sources, nor for videos produced on the PD19 / 360 fullHD 60P itself before it always worked.
Quote How can a play or "loop" am animated GIF file for an hour

To make it easier to create a loop with gif or other we can use this.
Hold the "D" key while dragging the clip to join the side.
If there are many after doing 5 or 10 select all and do it again, and so on.
When editing, just bring the Undo button backYou may need to give several Undo's until you reach the point where you restore the original audio

If you have saved the project and returned later, you must add the same video or audio over the modified one and select overwrite
You are right, for this case I would try to produce the video, first.

Add to the timeline, speed up to get the desired effect, see if it looks good.

To speed up, press the Ctrl key, grab and drag the edge of the video to shrink the size and get the desired time (effect)
Hi camerondm44

Very strange your case, if it were me I would try from the timeline to open in Audio Editor to make any volume changes for example and leave.
This creates a copy of the audio in wav format, which replaces the audio in the timeline.
It is a palliative that "maybe" can solve the case.
If I understood correctly.In the timeline, select all the photos, click on the clock and type the time, ok

If you want to change the default time Settings, Preferences, Editing, Durations, Image foles, ok
Quote Hello,
Is it possible to have just fade out of an image? (without fade in)

If I understand correctly, you just want to fade the image.
It has several simple ways, dragging down the horizontal green line in the video directly on the timeline.
Photography or video, same process, check this out.
Quote I want to shoot a scene with a person standing in front of a mirror, then shoot again with no person, and merge the two so the person is standing there with no reflectrion. Can this be done in Cyberlink? I know it can be done in Adobe Premier, but I find Premier veruy unituitive to use. I am using Cyberlink 19.

If I understood correctly.
It seems to me that this can be done using the green background for chroma key when filming the person.
Then in PD the person will be superimposed on the mirror and apply the green filter.
Quote I have a file that was recorded in a camera that has two audio chanels. In this file one of the audio chanels was recorded using an external mic, and the other audio chanell was recorded using the internal camera mic. How can I saperate this two audio chanells in powerdirector 365 if I only want to use one of them in my project?

PD19 / 365 does not do what you want, if you have “AudioDirector” installed, you can do it easily.
The “Audio Editor” that comes with PD19 does not have this tool to separate the L and R channels

Forgot to mention that when looking in the control panel after install it showed the program but it had no size on disc? all the other effects packs had some size showing?

I was referring to the PD19 / 365 packages that came with the product.
I read that you bought transition packs.
In this case, "I think" maybe you use another way to install and activate with serial
I would do, uninstall the transition package at, Programs and Features.
And install again through the Aplication Manager

Quote I have an audio/video track (1) and an audio track (2). I have unlinked the audio/video track (1). There are 4 distinct clicks on both audio tracks and the audio is very short (removed audio after the clicks). Selected both audio clips and selected 'Sync by Audio'. PD moves the audio tracks from track 1/2 to 3/4, and it aligns the beginning of track 4 to the end of track 3 (i.e., end-to-end). I have used it successfullly in the past. Any suggestions? Ultimately I have used Alt-right arrow to manually sync the clips.


The audios need to have a good definition to be analyzed correctly, there are cases that I prefer to do 2 to 2 at a time to avoid this spreading that happens when a lot of clips, will occupy several tracks
In some cases, increasing the volume and improving the audio can help, I think.
In PowerDiector 19/365 we have a lot of material available, just install what you want.
There's the other version that has more
Application Manager
Most transitions come in several, PowerDirector Content Pack ...
Other recent transitions, Seamless Transitions Pack
Only tr. Alpha, we can create, modify, upload or download to or from DierctorZone
Hi Ben-Robert

You didn't say what your video card is.
Here AMD RX570, HA uses a different way when rendering and speeds up the process for videos in progressive mode.
If you post a small sample of your raw video we can see what happens.
You can and should also contact Cyberlink support, open PD click on “?” Online Support Website
I'm out of the PC now to confirm, but you must select a folder to save the video before giving the Start render, if you don't choose a PD folder, it directs you to an Export folder.
In my case, I really choose the folder where I saved the project.
It seems to me that the Export folder is changed when PD has a new update.
It goes back to the default folder.
Quote Is it possible to keep all shadow files in one place? Right now they seem to be placed at random. I would prefer one folder for all but PowerDirector doesn't stay with the ones I type into the options. Sometimes they go into older project files and not my current one.

If you configure the Export Folder all shadow files, audio, SnapShot if automatic.
But there are those who prefer to save in the same project folder.
hi Grumpy Goat

I'm not sure if this will solve your case.
try this.
Open PD, Settings, Preferences, Confirmation, Restart, OK
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