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It would be nice to say the name of one or more packages for us to check and maybe find an answer.

Several packs have not installed in power director 365 even though they indicate they are 99% and 100% installed. The content pack at the top left and the bottom left indicate they are installed but then when I reopen the application manager they indicate 0% was installed. I have a second pc in which all packs, as they always have, in this version PD and 14 and 16 were installed properly.

Any suggestions you may have to solve this problem will be welcome.

Thank you for your time,

PWee Morrison
I have had prior versions of PD and all effects packs downloaded as they should. In 365 some effects packs download fine while others say they are installed but are not installed. I'm at a loss as to what to do.
PD 16 produced and burned video fine for over a year and now I find only one produced and burned video is sort of stuttering. I mean it is not smooth. Any video on the project runs fine but any pictures that have made use of the PIP designer are jerky, not smooth. It is noticable. Other video subsequent to the jerky one produces and burns fine. Also, how can I burn in H254 in Premiere Elements and not in PD16 on the same PC? I've enjpyed this software but these problems have me baffled and frustrated.
I have the same problem with PD 16. The projects such as theme, express,slideshow etc runs slowly when loading pics and videos into the project. Further, when play is pushed to review the project ofter there is sound but no pics or it will advance a few seconds and stop. In addition, half the transitions no longer work. Why would it run fine for months and now freeze constantly and accorking to my task mgr be not responding? I might go back to Adobe Premiere Elements. if this continues.
Quote Hi PWee,

If you by saying the clip has been saved mean you have saved the project with the picture.

Then just open the project, highlight/click on the picture, open Magic Motion, click on Reset button.

Now the Pan and Zoom effect is removed.

Cheers, Anja

Thank you. That worked.
I can pan and zoom fine. However, i want to eliminate some from clips where the zoom has degraded the picture. Does anyone know how to do this after the clip has been saved with a pan and zoom applied?
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