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By the way, there is a trick to the 30% discount price. You get it only during the first year. See, what it says when you buy the subscription:

PowerDirector 365 (Annual Plan – 12 months) - $48.99
This product is a paid subscription. After 1 year the price for this product is $87.49 if you wish to continue using it. You can renew or cancel your subscription at any time.

Watch as I scroll in the video you will see it all.

Great review, PowerDirector Tutorials! Myself, I am more interested in the contect packs, to add all that stupid cheasy graphics around my children (I am getting old, you know ). I saw that they are all included.

By the way, I do not agree with you about the Suite vs PowerDirector. I got AudioDirector and PhotoDirector for free from Cyberlink with other programs, so the only thing that I am missing is ColorDirector. And I never had a need for it anyway. So, PowerDirector 365 is more then enough for me.

Now they offer 30% off the price of 365. Were you talking about that discount or you think they can do better?


Right now I had problems with the clips from iphone 8 saved vertically (when you turn the phone vertically). In the same time, the clips made in horizontal mode do not give any problems. Also happend with another clip from another source saved "vertically". I will try to provide a clip later.

First of all, I will try to play with hardware acceleration to see if problem is there....

I looked throught the forum, but could not find a similar topic.

I noticed that if I add vertical videos (for example, 1080x1920 instead of 1920x1080) to the media, powerdirector starts playing them in the prevew pane and immediately freezes and has to be restared. So, in order to use them these videos have to be recoded into the "accepted sizes" in other programs.

Does that sound familar? Is it a bug or a "feature"?
Quote Thanks Pavel. I had the same exact issue with PowerDirector 15 and it almost ruined video of my family's first vacation. Your instructions helped much more than any of CyberLinks useless instructions.

Can't thank you enough and this fix/issue applies to PowerDirector 15 as well.

I am glad you could save your family vacation video : PD has some strong sides, but official support is not one of them.

great idea. Thank you guys.

Though it could be nice from the Cyberlink to add the possibility to choose hardware encoder.

I have installed an Nvidia Quadro K600 (Kepler) card (support h264 acceleration) and the Intel 530 graphics (with h264/h265 encoding/decoding support). My motherboard does not support two high resolution monitors, that is why I use a Nvidia card for that. But in order to be able to use Intel Quick Sync I decided to leave Intel Graphics also on in the BIOS.

The problem is the following: Unless I do not have at least one of the monitors hooked up to the Intel Graphics card, PD14 automatically picks up Nvidia card as a Hardware accelerator (in the produce window i get "hardware acceleration"; otherwise it says "Intel Quick Sync"). And I need both monitors to be on the Nvidia card because it supports high res monitors;

My question is: how can I force a certain hardware accelerator (as it is done in the MPC HE player, for example)?
Hi Scott,

I think I probably have very similar issue as you do. But first a little story.

I often use Corel Video Studio x8.5 and they have a similar feature as SVRT (SmartRender). So, since the beginning I noticed something similar as you are describing: statterts in the beginning and in the end of transitions. I tried to understand what was happening, but few people could see them. And the support in Corel is the worst support ever. They just ignore your questions

So, after I bought PD14 (one of the reasons was that SmartRender glitch) I noticed that PD14 had exactly the same issue as Video Studio! So, as a result I do not use SVRT on my skylake 6700 because it hardware acceleration is actually faster then SVRT.

Probably I have to do some tests on PD14, but from what I remember was happening on VS:

  1. Stutters was happening only on the 1080p50 projects. 1080i50 were rendered all right.

  2. I was inclinded to think that the culprit was my Panasonic hc-x920 camera (european edition), because noone else could see the problem on their footage.

These days I will do some tests and tell you when I see the stutters on PD.

Yes, I know that unplugging my PC while it is working is not a particulary good idea. So, I think I will pass :

But I still think that PD has a potential problem there, especially when you are saying that something similar happened before in other modules.
Hi everyone,

I got tired to wait for Cyberlink to look at the issue and started to look for the solution myself.

Finally, I managed to solve it. Apparently, TitleDesigner was not able to start in the full screen mode. I was looking around in the registry and found the title designer start up configuration. It is in


The variable name isMaximized was set to 1. I set it to 0 and restarted the PowerDirector. Magically Title Designer started to open again.

The funny thing, that I cannot reproduce the error. If I maximize the TitleDesigner now and save it, the registry setting changes to 1 again, but the title designer opens without a problem!

Not that I complain though. laughing

Thanks a lot Dafydd!

Hi Dafydd,

I did what you asked and I still cannot open the title designer. It either crashes directly or freezes, like before.

Also I tried to play a bit with the framerates. Changed them from normal for me 50 to 25 and 30, and the same thing.
Hi Dafydd B,

1. I uploaded on my Google drive a small capture sequence:

On the video I kill the process after it hangs. Otherwise it lingers forever (or for a long time). Sometimes it dies itself in an instant and I get Cyberlink crash reporter that tells me that PDR.exe has crashed and offers to send a crash report. I send a couple with my mail account and informed Cyberlink later about them.

2. My computer data:

Cyberlink PowerDirector 14.0.2302.0, SR number VDE151023-05

I attach dxdiag file in English (had to change the language , otherwise everything is in Russian).

3. I reinstalled it a couple of times the following way:

a. Uninstalled everything that PowerDirector installed one by on from the control panel. Even the Microsoft C++ libraries.

b. Looked through all the Windows folders: Program files, Users, etc (searched with windows search "Cyberlink") and deleted them all.

c. Looked through the registry with Regedit (but did not find anything there). It looks like uninstaller works well.

d. Restarted the computer.

e. Installed everything again. Strangely enough, after all that I still had all my preferences in PD set up correctly. I forgot to delete something or it saves them on the server somethere?

f. Manually deleted all the temporary files.

g. Reinstalled Nvidia driver.

I tried everything that I could except reinstalling the Windows (I would prefer to avoid it).

Thanks for help.

I cannot open any title from neither timeline nor the title pane. Title Designer does not open neither from old project nor new blank project. In the same time, all the previously created titles work: I can see them in preview window and can produce the movie. Before it happened I created several titles with title designer using Latin and Russian alphabet and it was working for a while.

At the moment I have to use NewBlue titler to do the titles.

I just installed the PD14 and have the following problem: after some time of successful use of Title Designer, I cannot open it anymore. Every time I try to do it, it either freezes and I have to kill PDR.exe myself, or it crashes directly. Does not matter, what title I try to open or from there. It ALWAYS hangs.

I reinstalled the whole package several times, tried to clean up the registry, delete all the cyberlink files everythere (in program files, windows users foders, etc). It keeps doing the same.

Everything else seems to work fine.

Any idea, what that can be?

In the meantime I contacted Cyberlink support and I am waiting for the answer from them. But I guess it will take some time before I here from them.
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