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Thanks so much for your help! I will check out those cards. I didn't know there were any that inexpensive. Even though I can't use a lot of those effects, I can still make the videos I've been making even though the producing takes longer, so I won't be cancelling my subscription. Thanks again for your response.
I just purchased PowerDirector 365. According to an error message I get my older graphics card (Geforce 8400GS) is not compatible with DirectX 11. So I can't use many of those packs I downloaded (minimalist title pack, etc), most of the callouts, shapes. I can't afford a new graphics card right now. How disapointing. The error message also states that I need a platform update for Windows 7. I have Windows 8.1. What kind of sense does that make? Is there not some kind of software solution for this?
X Y Z (3D) rotation. Pinnacle Studio, Corel VideoStudio and Magix Movie Edit Pro have had this feature for several versions. Please!!!
Thanks so much! Turns out that the version I already had was, as you suspected, an old 32 bit version. I installed the new version from the PD 13 disc and everything works fine. Thanks again for your help. Randy Wright
I have PD 13 Ultra and Windows 8.1. I select an audio clip, click "edit audio" select wave editor, and get the message "Cyberlink Power director cannot launch cyberlink wave editor. Try re-installing the wave editor program." I still have PD 12 ultra and the same thing happens there. The odd thing is that I can run wave editor as a stand alone program from my desktop and it works fine. I just can't get it to launch from within Power Director, even if I have both programs running at the same time. I don't know if this means anything or not, but the wave ediror folder is in Program Files (x86) > Cyberlink and the Power Director 13 folder is in Program Files > Cyberlink. And I have no idea how to re-install wave editor separately. Any ideas would be appreciated. Randy Wright
A feature I would like to see is 3D rotation (X,Y, and Z) for P.I.P. objects. In Pinnacle Studio it is just as easily done as 2D rotation (X,Y) I can't understand why PowerDirector hasn't had it before now. I keep hoping that it really is possible and that I just haven't found it yet!

Randy Wright
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