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Quote I shot some footage in Palm Springs this weekend with my GoPro Hero 7 black. Footage I'm having problems with is 2.7k 120fps HEVC/H.265 format. Specifically when going to the "Produce" section of PowerDirector 365, I get a final video that's all scrambled. I verified that this happens when I apply "Video Stabilizer" enhancement to the video.

Playback looks fine when in the "Edit" mode of PowerDirector. It's when I try to produce/finalize the video that it ends up all scrambled. I verified if I don't use the video stabilizer option then it works fine. I just end up with a video with all the shakes since image stabilization is not available in my GoPro 7 Black at the 120 frame rate setting in 2.7k.

Producing a video with Video Stabilizer on at 2.7k 60fps HEVC works fine.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how to correct this. I know I can convert the video to H.264 but I notice a loss in quality when I do that.

Reggie D.

You could use to convert your video then load it back into PD and then produce. I did this in PD17 for my 4k videos.
Click the gear in the top and goto project

Turn off autosave. I have them all unchecked.

Then load the video again and then produce. I don't think its happening when you produce the video I think its happening when your editing the video and do not notice it. I could be wrong but this is what I did.
You can see whats in mine which is 365 subscription goto marker 4:05


Yes; but the only Choices are;
Action Camera Centre
Screen Recorder
Blending Effect
Paint Designer
Enhanced VR Stabilser
Al Style Plugin

Then tere is sub groups Effects > and Transitions >; below that,

It's been awhile since I've used PD Upgraded from PD14 to 365 subscription 12 months ago haven't really used much.
Quote MY PD 365 subscription is missing a lot of the plugins I had in earlier versions; ie. theme Designer, multi cam, express project and more, according to product info 365 subscription is supposed to have everything - where do I find them???

While your in EDIT mode do you see the puzzle piece at the top.

This does work. Awesome I just tested it
I do not think its possible. You would need to submit a ticket and see what they say
Quote Can anynone rebuild the following strange Error with "Tools - Powertools - Video in Reverse" and the hardware Decoding Option?

Video "automatic" change Color-Settings and flip 180° togehter with Hardware-Decoding.

Support Ticket is created.


Dell XPS9560 / WIN10 64bit - 1903

Looks like a bug open a ticket with PD because they don't read the forums
Quote Hi All,

Could someone please help me. Is there a way to Live view green screen when filming? I have the correct cables etc in order to link the campera to the computer but can't seem to find how to active this in Power Director.

I run a HDMI cable from my camera (EOS R or Canon 80d) To the monitor directly. Then what ever I see on camera shows on the big monitor

Now if you want to stream it looks like this program will do what you want.
Quote I have to say, after upgrading this morning, that I am disappointed. I have been a user of Powerdirector for years and I was hoping for a major upgrade to bring it up to par with some of the other video editors out there. I was wrong. Other than a few minor changes I see no improvement. I know a lot of people are raving about the 1:1 ratio, but that's a feature I will never use. I am currently working on a small project in which some of the lighting and colors needed adjustment. After trying several times in Powerdirector, I kept getting blocky, noisy video. I loaded the same clip in to Hitfilm Express (a free editor) and using the built in curves editor was able to correct the image in 10 seconds. The tracker in Powerdirector is also lacking. It frequently loses the track when the same footage in Hitfilm or Davinci (both free) will lock on all the way through the clip. The options to what you can attach to a tracked object are also severely limited compared to other programs. Something as simple as an object like the Boris light saber effect, instead of attaching the source and ending points to tracks, you have to go in and manually keyframe each point by opening a seperate window for each keyframe and each point. I was hoping that things like this would have been streamlined in this release, instead of a little fluff added. I have always loved powerdirector, but if they can't keep up with free software that's out there, then I won't be renewing my subscription.

Check your private messages. thx
They just spammed my youtube. They have no idea how youtube works..... what a waste.

People on FB and Instagram have been clamoring for it for years, as shown in recent posts like these

ahhhh ok... Changed all my settings after it upgraded I have to go thru them all again. arrrgg
Photo director DOES NOT do RAW3 at all. So they did not make it to work with EOS R photos format which makes it useless to canon users. *sigh*
so why is 1.1 so important? who wants to watch a square. I must be missing something
Well I just tested 4k from my EOS R camera which never let me edit video before I would have to use handbrake to convert it where now it WORKS... Man thatsgoing to save time
So wheres the information to see what they added?
Should remove those photos it has your serial numbers in them or at least blur them out
Quote How do I avoid saving my project as a .pds file? I produced it as mpeg and want to view on other media players.

Does this help
Quote When is Photodirector going to support CR3 files?

I sent them CR3 files and 4K video that came out of my EOS R and they thanked me. I asked the same question and they told me they can not give a deadline but it will be added in time.
With reference to your query:
1) May I load the program on two PCs? (I live alone and like to have a conversion of family VHS tapes to DVD running on two computers. Every new program I've recently purchased allows me to have it on 2 PCs.

If you purchase only one copy of CyberLink products, you can only install on one computer at a time. If you want to install on other computers, you can purchase more copies. And we also offer volume licensing program:

If you purchase a subscription software you can download and install your 365 subscription software on multiple computers. However, you can only be signed in to the software (ex. PowerDirector 365 or Director Suite 365) on one of those computers at a time.

If you would like to use the subscription on multiple computers at the same time, you need to purchase additional licenses with different CyberLink accounts/e-mail addresses.

2) As happens with me with the trial program, many users have complained that it will not burn longer videos to double-layer DVDs... error message always shows half the new blank DVD is half full. Another older program that I have burns them perfectly on the DVD burner that I bought.

You may try for example DVD profile "HQ 720x480/60i (9.5Mbps)" and burn it to a double layer DVD (8.5GB).

3) Last Saturday I went to the Cyberlink site on my old XP computer and found the program on sale for $79. I switched to this computer that I want to download the program to, and it was $99. Have not been able to find the ad again.

Please be advised that we have sales promotions with different packages (price + free bonus) through multiple channels, such as CyberLink website. We may have to get more details so we can identify your concern accurately and assist you further.

You can use Member10 discount and get 10% off. You may also subscribe to the newsletter for great deals and promotions for CyberLink software.
Login to your CyberLink account > scroll down to Account Setting > Newsletter Subscription > put a check and select Update Information.

Please feel free to contact us back for further clarification or assistance related to CyberLink products. Use the link below to get back to us:

Thanks and Regards,
CyberLink Technical Support
I sent email in for you when they answer I will update this thread
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