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Quote I just purchased Director Suite 365 & want to use Color Ditector on one of my computers & the rest of the programs on my computer that I only use for video editing. It's not letting me download the other programs to the 2nd computer. Is this something that is not possible to do?

Thank You

Make sure you are not running PD on computer1 then go download it on computer 2. Open clock and exit to make sure it not running
Try this
Quote Hi,

I'm trying to add one second of silence before it goes into my clip. How can I do that?

I tried to "Insert Silence" but it cuts off 1 second of the actual audio


Add and image for 1sec. or a colorboard.

Thank you- I'll check this out. Let me inquire a bit more. Is there a way to make a 'viewing circle' on the screen? Much like changing the shape of the video in the preview window.

Pick your image.
Quote Hello everyone.

Complete newb here. I moved up to PD17 from Movie Maker. Yes, you read that correctly. I was king of that software- cue laughter. :

I am producing my first film with PD which should wind up at about 45minutes in total length so it's been a learning exerience as I navigate the 600 page instruction manual and youtube tutorials and now this forum.

Is it possible to create & place a "round" frame of my video clip, taken with a spotting scope, but was filmed in landscape mode, over a picture of the area as a larger background? I want it to appear that the viewer is looking through the spotting scope.

Thanks for all the support PD and forum peeps.

Sure you can you just need and image of a scope. Heres and example of what I did with binoculars.

Quote I use PD to create short videos for our local youth football team. I have advanced (only just) from a simple text title intro to a better intro where I use JPGs of the team members that start off in the centre of the frame small, enlarge and are then repositioned in the frame, each team member moving sequentially and expanding to a different position in the frame until the whole team are displayed on screen. I can do this manually. Each JPG occupies a seperate video track and has a number of keyframes for size and position set. The team changes every week and I would like to simply replace the JPG without having to set the keyframes for every JPG every time. Is there an easy way to simply replace the JPG without having to manually set the keyframes.

This may help you solve this.

Quote CyberLink PowerDirector was granted access to your Google Account...blah blah

If you didn’t grant access, someone else could be using your account.

Now I know this is youtube but surely there is a setting I can change somewhere that says its ok......its me and I am allowing Cyberlink to post youtube videos instead of getting this message everytime I upload a youtube video

Is there some setting in my Gmail settings that I can change to show cyberlink is "trusted

This would not be a question for Cyberlink it would be a question for GMAIL. search google for these words I am sure you will find your answer. "gmail setting to trust email"
Quote Hi

I used one of the music from the music libary (楽しそう Happy) from PowerDirector 17 on my youtube video but it is claimed by the copyright owner and all ad revenue will go to copyright owner. Just to confirm is all music from libary copyright free to be used on my monetized video? And what should i do right now?

This happens quite a bit. You will have to fight it and then it should get approved. I use youtubes music library so its one less thing to deal with. If you search the forum this has come up alot.
Yes you can. I use it on my main computer and my laptop. Just make sure you are NOT running them both at the same time. Only one at a time.

Quote If i purchase one year subscription, can i use two different PC to use the power director? everytime i will use only one PC with power director and will not use two at the same time. Do i need to purchase two licenses?
Did not fix it. Still spinning.

Quote Hello,

This seems to be a common issue. Fix is to uninstall the CyberLink Application Manager, and then download and install the latest version from here:

PowerDirector Moderator
When I run the subscription box that gives you the options to load PD or the other programs the media tab does not load it just keeps spinning it did this after the update. Anyone else has this happening?

Quote I have just purchased PowerDirector365 but made some footage in PD10. Am I able to remove the watermark from the footage I took, or do I have to retake it using PD365? I have tried following a youtube tutorial about removing it using "enable this track only" but it still hasn't worked. Any help, please, or should I just record the footage all over again?

Thank you.

retake it.
I run it on 2 computers not at the same time. My main and my laptop with no problems
I just had that very same message with my Canon EOS R. I run the ZOOM F4 with a cable to my camera and this is the first time this came up with. Now in my situation, it only does it when I goto audio director and then back to PD then it does this. It moves the audio file to the audio director fine. But when I am done editing and go back to PD it destroys the audio file and produces the same error.
Quote Hello,
Alright, I have a video of a plane pulling a banner behind it but I want to change the words on the banner. I want to make the banner say something else. What is the tool or effect that can make this happen? Please point me to the proper tutorial. I thank you in advance.


Thanks but these suggestions did not resolve the problem and frankly are not the root of the matter. As to the RAM size, the PC has 8gB and the PC has a relatively high overall spec SSD etc

The "stuttering" pre-view has only started recently - I've been using v17 and (forunner programs for years) with no difficulties of this nature.

I was directing you to the rendering section. Have you tried that?
Quote Just recently I find that the insertion of a Title (any form) causes the Pre-View of the entire project to "stutter" on play back. The accompanying audio is OK. Removing the title all playback is normal. I've attempted a re-install to no avail.

The problem also arises when inserting fx, Video Overlays but not Particles.

I've produced two short videos as exmaples (one with a title inserted and the other without) should anyone wish to see.

They do not read the forum. Your better to submit a ticket.
File - Import Folder

Place all photos in that folder

Quote Hello Community Forum,

Here is my problem: I have a folder on my Windows 10 desktop. In this folder, I have say 100 pictures. I select about 5 pictures by either left-clicking and then shift left-click a row of pics (ie. multi-select), or I Control left-click some random pics.

NOW I right-click any of the selected photos and choose Open with Photo Director 9.

When Photo Director opens, lo and behold, only ONE photo gets imported. The others never make it over. It says "One photo was imported" and it shows it to me.

Even if I click and drag the photos from the folder into Photo Director directly, only some get manually imported even though the import window shows me the exact # I am importing. I just tried it with 5 photos and only 2 got imported. The duplicate photo did not get reimported.

I'm not going crazy. Try this right now on your PhotoDirector and let me know how it goes before replying.

And, oh! If you have the answer as to what I'm doing wrong, please help me

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