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Hi there,

How do I place a picture in main movie. For example, I am creating a video of my model railway and I want to show a locomotive as a picture - say in top left hand corner of main video. How do I achieve this effect.

I have downloaded some effects but none are what i want. I have drawn an example of what I want. OOOPPPS Can't seem to upload drawing. frown

Ah well I hope my explanation is sufficient

Thanks in advance for any help.

Quote If you're saying that because of how you've recorded the video it ends up mirrored left-to-right, the obvious solution would be to adjust the camera settings so that it records with the correct orientation.

If you can't do that (or since you already have clips in that condition), you can mirror them in PD by dragging the Flip Canvas FX directly onto the source clips on the timeline, then click on the Effect button and set the Type to Horizontal.

Hi optodata, thanks for your quick reply. My camera is a Canon Legria HF R406. You open the preview screen door on the camera and the image as seen through the lens appears, this screen can be rotated so it's also viewed from the front of the camera and this is where the image is mirrored - I knew what I was trying to say, but I had a Seniors moment and forgot the term. undecided

I will try your suggestion later and see what happens.

Thanks again
Hi there,

I have a problem when using clips from my video camera. If I am doing a video clip to the camera, with the viewing screen facing me, on playback and consequently when editing, the image is reversed, i.e. any words or writing are back to front. How do I correct this when editing.

I hope that all makes sense. An example is wording on a T-shirt or a hoodie is backwards.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi there, I'm using PD18 Ultimate 18.0.2725.0.

I'm trying to make some how to videos for my Youtube channel, and there are sections where I want to speed up sections. I have tried the Video Speed Designer to do this, but can't seem to get the speed right. I have selected the clip I want to work with, clicked the Tools button, and then selected Power Tools > Video Speed.

The problem I have is that the scrubber slows down when it gets to the section I want to sped up, but the the audio appears to go out of sync when the section is completed, and then it keeps going at normal speed but the clip is still in the fast mode (7x - 10x). Also it is not a smooth running, the video either goes at the speed I require or it "jumps" around - fast, stop, slow, fast etc.

What am I doing wrong? Is there a video tutorial on how to do this?


As for IE11, I can use it on the forum and I'm never prompted for a verification code. Are you logging in with something like Google or Facebook? A direct email and password gets me in right away:

Sorry, I should have mentioned that it only happens when I create a new topic. I assume it is to weed out the differnce between spam and genuine topics. After that it is all ok.
Hi there,

I have 2 queries.

  1. Been using PD for many years and just upgraded to PD18 form PD16. On creating discs, both DVD and Bluray, I have had problems with the sound output being too loud. (Have not created disc with PD18 as yet.)

I have adjusted the sound in the timeline to a nice listening level, but when the disc is played back, I have to make a mad scramble for the remote to turn the sound down quite considerably. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong with the audio track? Any help would be appreciated.

My second query is a minor one but never the less a nuisance. I use IE11 for browsing. Don't like Edge! When I go to the community forum I have to use Chrome - which I am using for this topic - as IE11 won't show the Verification code. It only shows a white x on black background. Is this one of the "foibles" that has started to show up just recently?

The location should be C:\Users\Public\Cyberlink\

Thanks Tomasc,

I was looking through all my previous posts and found where the link was just as your reply came to my Inbox.

I can now go ahead with my upgrade. Will they all show up in PD18 straight away? I seem to remember last time that they didn't show up straight away, but there was a short time delay before they did.

Thanks again.
One last query, is/are there any "hidden" folders/subfolders where all the my downloaded titles, transitions, menus, etc. are kept?
I've searched through all - I think all - CyberLink folders/subfolders but can't seem to find them. If I can find them I would like to save the folders/subfolders to disc for future reference.

I know from previous upgrades that I was directed to them but can't remember what they were.

Thanks again.
Quote I have to say from the images you uploaded it looks very much like you got a full instal of PD18 and I cannot see any reason why (physically) you would ever lose the ability to run PD16.

Cautious users would always want to retain the option to go back to the earlier release if the new software presents problems and I cannot see CL restricting that freedom. I have asked CL for their ruling on whether an upgrade in any way restricts the user from running an earlier version.

That's what I thought. I will wait for a few more replies before I go ahead and intall PD18. At the moment it seems the upgrade will be done.
Ok everyone,

Seems this has partially gone off my original topic.

All I wanted to know is will I have problems finding my downloaded titles, menus, etc. Will they automatically show up in the upgraded installation or will I have to search for them?

I am running PD16 Ultimate with Windows 8.1. I think the PD18 Ultimate upgrade from PD16, maybe a new installation as on the order confirmation i received from CyberLink Online Shop it included a Product Key and 14 other files.

The main file link is 1_CyberLink_PowerDirector18_Ultimate_VDE190912-05.exe (I have highlighted the version). With the product key, this makes me think it maybe the full version. Am I correct in this assumption?

I have attached copies of the order confirmation.

I did save ALL of the DirectorZone downloads in a seperate folder on another drive, so I can reinstall them if I have to, but would prefer not to have to do this, due to the number of downloads.
Quote Further thought after re-reading posts above -

When I upgrade from PD16 to PD18 do I still have both versions installed - or has PD18 overwritten PD16?

Therre seems some confusion.

That is exactly one of the things I was worried about, as I would like to have PD16 as a fall back if PD18 did throw up any problems.

I hope someone can clarify that please.

Think of it as a completely new install. You will actually have both on your system. I still have PD16 sitting on my computer and I switched to membership this year and its still there. So your good.

So the new install will recognise all the Director Zone downloads along with Custom titles and DVD menus?

Hi there,

I have just purchased and downloaded the upgrade to PD18 Ultimate and i want to make sure I don't lose all my downloads from Director Zone.

I have been using PD16 Ultimate since its inception. I want to check that i won't lose ALL my Director Zone downloads (there are lots.) Also can I retain PD16 as well, as a backup?

Thanks. I meant to reply sooner but was busy with the project. Found what I was looking for, managed to resize it.

Was perfect. I now have 4 different arrows, left, right, up and down.
I am not sure if this post should be here or in DZ. I am editing videos of my grandchilren's school assemblies for this year - as I always do - but i have a minor problem. I want to put an arrow pointing to one of them that is hard to see, but I can't find anything suitable on Google.

Is anyone able to help me? The arrow does not have to be thick one as I saw on Google.

If this belongs in DZ, could the moderators please fix.

Hi there,

I am trying to find some special opening titles. What I am looking for is is an opening (and matching closing) title - like in the days before multiplex screens without any curtains - where the curtains start to open, then the image comes onto the screen, then the titles (and subsequent titles follow before going to the main movie). Also a matching closing title where the curtain starts to close on the image, and it fades out when the curtains are closed.

I have seen some Cyberlink titles that are similiar but they having flashing lights all over the place which i don't want (Titel 2084, Titel 2105).

I hope someone can help me.

Hi there,

Just a quick query. When editing title text, how do I add the copyright symbol - C in a circle - so it shows in the same text - and size as other letters.

e.g. Copyright XXX 2019

Thanks for any help.
Quote Whatever file is re-encoded by YT anyway. You don't have to use PD16 YT uploader. You can produce a mp4 file and upload it to YT yourself using the Creator studio,

OK, thanks for that. One other question, how long should it take for a 23 minute video take to upload?

Hi there,

I was wondering what is the best format for producing & uploading to Youtube. When setting up for Online producing with Youtube, I'm using a profile of FULL HD Quality 1920x1080. When PD16 renders the video and asks for Export file location, I noticed it saves as .WMV. Wouldn't MP4 be the better format?

Hi Pix,

Thank you for your reply. I will give it a try later today.
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