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Quote There are all kinds of software interactions that need to happen to transition from docked to undocked. Before assuming there's a hardware failure I'd reboot once when docked and again when undocked and see if that clears up the issue.

You should also search online paying particular attention to MS forums as that's where these kinds of issues get the most attention and often semi-official steps to resolve them.

You should also double check the View optional updates link on the Windows Update screen as that's where docking-related updates are often located.

Thanks, I did find a number of items that I have on that "optional" list and ticked them, but not the docking station.

I'll check the Surface forum, and with MS to see if there is a fix for my docking station, but if there is a upgreaded model I will just purchase that. Mine is 5 or 6 years old

I realize now that this is not specific to PD. I just not noticed that whenever I unplug the docking station MS shuts down and has to be rebooted. That shouldn't be happening.
Quote Justed chatted with a MS store sales associate. This is a suggested link: . For the price I would prefer to to spend it on a desktop pc. Don’t see any need for it just to edit video. Any electronic equipment could go bad. Check your warranty and chat with their technical support online for free with your questions.

Great, thanks for the link.

I have a desktop, but it's no as powerful as my Surface, which I have used, for years, to edit in Lr, Ps, Pr, and now with Cyberlinks PD; because the subscription price of Pr had gotten too expensive. I've never had a problem, until now.

The docking station is way cheaper than a new desktop so I think I will just replace the old Docking station because I don't see how the old one can be repaired. But I'll do a little more checking to see if there is a repair option.
I have a MS Surface lapton connected to a docking station; with an external Sound system and monitor and a HUB. Until recently this configuration worked just fine but something has changed.

Now when I load a MOV file and hit Play, it plays normally for about a minute, then the sound drops out, while the video continues to run. The sound actually goes out on my system as well, then cuts back in, then cuts in and out, also the mouse response is not quick. It appears to be buffering!

When I unplug the docking station and run PD directly on the laptop this doesn't happen, clearly, this is a docking station issue, but the docking stating has no moving parts!

Do docking stations wear out?

Should I just spring for a new one, since it is just a solid block with female plug opening for the hardware?
Quote You can't convert the trial version into the full version. If you weren't prompted for your key the first time you ran PD18 after you installed it, you'll need to uninstall the trial version and locate the full PD18 installer you received when you purchased it.

Please see the #1 FAQ if you need to get another copy, then make sure you keep it in a safe place in case you need it again.
Thanks. Wonder why they do it that way. Thank for the FAQ link.
I've been using PD since v 16 and used v18 without a problem for some time, but suddenly it crashing,

The program Crashes after playing for only a minute. The video keeps playing but the sound goes dead. When I check my system's sound it has also gone dead. The clip continues to run until I close the app, then my computer crashes.

The first time I noticed a problem is when I had all my ext drives connected. PD seemed to connect to each before crashing. So I turned them all off the then the sound became the sign that PD was about the crash.

So I reinstalled it and it's doing exactly the same thing.

Support sent me a troubleshooting list and instructed me to address each item on the list before they would even talk to me about it. It was like if my mechanic sending me home with instructions to come back after I'd r/o every conceivable problem, then he talk to me.

I plan to contact my IT service to see if it's OS system; some kind of bug or corrupted file.
I just reinstall PD18 because it was not behaving. I've installed it and it will run for 30 days but will I be giving the opportunity to enter my Product key then? Can I change the trial period and speed that up?
Quote It's usually a good idea to search the forum as this issue has come up many, many times. Typically, the issue is objects are downloaded with a different aspect ratio than your project is set to, so no 4:3 content will be visible if your project's AR is 16:9 or 9:16.

I see 22 different effects called "camera flash" and this one is for 16:9 projects:


I"ll keep this in mind the next time this happens, thanks.]
Quote Install the program files on an internal SSD (C Drive) and keep the files on an external backup drive in case you need them in the future.
Thanks for that, I'll check it out.
Quote If you have work depending on working software it is always good to preserve a working version. In your case you have version 17 next to 18.
Thanks, makes sense, I've decided to keep v17
Quote You can use that external ssd for video editing. Place all your photos, videos, and other assets on it that you will use. Produce your work to it too.

Thanks for contributing to my questions.

I take your point about being sure my SSD is plugged in, I learned that the hard way when I tried booting Lr when it was unplugged.
Quote ProDAD and Andorage are “plugins” to PD. They give you a bunch of additional effects and transitions. After installation, you will find both in the effects room AND the transitions room. If you think you don’t need them, you can ignore installing them.).
Thanks for explaining those two files. I was afraid they were apps that come with some software downloads that have that have nothing to do with the software that was downloaded. There's a name for that stuff but I can't recall it right now.I will effeminately check them out. Thanks for explaining what I need to do to do that.I will keep my installation files on my E: drive, from where I installed PD to my C: drive.I just noticed a new icon for Screen Record, it has a bight red dot on it, the old icon didn't have that. So the icon is different, maybe this represents the version with patches.I will "uninstall" the Wedding Pack from the Task Manger, now that I know it's safe to do so and keep the installation file with the others, on E:You referenced the "Application Manager" and how it overwrites the previous version. That is what I expected to happen when I installed v18 but I never discovered the "Application manager" so installed v18 manually. That means I still have v17 on my computer. I thought I should delete it but, "in case of bugs" in 18 I'll keep it.
Quote Yep. This is even better. You can install any software from the external drive. It should also be successful.

I clicked on all the exe files from the PD18 download, as advised, but now I see a couple of programs that appear to be unrelated: ProDad and Adorage

There is also something called "Manage Activation" and "Manage Activation 64". I assume they have something to do whit activating PD, but I've done that but these two items are still on the new apps list. Can I delete them now?

I'm not sure about Screen Record 2. PD 18 installed with a new icon but there was no new icon for Screen Recorder. I'm guessing there's nothing new there.

Looks like v18 doesn't do any housekeeping, like removing the old version and those "Activation..." files. Can I delete or uninstall then all, Oh, and I don't need the "Wedding Pack". That shows up as a program in file management, can I simply uninstall it? It's taking up a lot of space.

Quote Yep. This is even better. You can install any software from the external drive. It should also be successful.
Excellent! Thanks

Yep. You can place the installation files in your backup external drive for safekeeping after the installation is successful.

Ok, makes sense.

Now, my original question was about installing the App from an ext drive, without moving those files to C: and having to delete them. Instead, runing them from my E: drive, where they are stored. I figured there would be a location prompted.

That would be easier them copying them to C: running the exe files, then deleting them.

Oh, no that was my mistake. The App Manager is used for the subscription version so it's not necessary (or even usable) with a perpetual PD18 installation.

Apologies for muddying the waters, and I'm glad to hear that you've decided to keep things simple!

No Problem, you just saved me from a wild goose chase.

At this point I am planning to simply copy all the App files to my C: drive and install them from there.

So here's how I imagine it will go.

The exe file will run, and install the App in the C:\Program file\Cyberlink folder or the C:\Program Files 9x86)/CyberLink


I expect this will happen with each exe file I run and then I should be able to remove all the files I copied to my C: drive. since the program will be installed in the Programs folders.

I think I will just install it on my C; drive, and not complicate things.

But I didn't know about the App Manager. I must go in search of that. embarassed
Quote There is no reason to install the 32bit versions on a 64bit operating system unless you have other applications that potentially would make use of the 32bit programs because they are 32bit themselves.
Thanks, Warry, this was very helpful. I take your point re Search and I confess to not using the option as often as I should. In my defense, I often get too many hits from a search (which probably means my search query was not well-thought-out) and too many of them are irrelevant. Even when I use quotes or another Boolean syntax.

I do like to keep my C: drive clear, mostly so I can leave my computer "in the shop" and not worry about losing my date; but program files of different.

I will check out the links you sent to see if I can run the exe files from my E: drive; so that those files stay on the E: drive while the program installs, and runs, from my C: drive, even if E; is unplugged?

Again, thanks for taking this question.
I have downloaded all the files in the v18 package. I assume I will not need the 32-bit files, as I'm running Win 10.

But where do I put all these files?

Can I install them on an external SSD and run them from there; or is that not a great idea?

I understand I should run the main exe program file first, then run each of the others, in no particular order files. Will I need to keep all the files that come with the package, after I've run all the exe files? Are some just installation files, that don't need to be kept?
Quote No delete option for end users, same as discussed here: and bottom suggestion by PDM.

I'd say rather than deleting, just post your own follow-up with what your solution was, thread may help someone else now or in the future during a search.

Thanks. I'll do that the next time.
Is there a delet option?
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