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Thanks Hatti for your answer, just wondering so much improvements have been made to PD since PD8, but no support for 21:9 video edit/production support?

Quote Simple answer: No.

Dear All

Is it possible to edit and produce 21:9 aspect ratio videos with a resolution of 3440x 1440p?

Resolution part can be fixed with custom profile creation and edit the profile file with notepad but I have not been able to figure out whether is it possible to output/produce videos in 21:9 aspect ratio with PD?

Please see below few videos on youtube produced with Adobe premiere pro (you must watch this videos in 1080p screen)

any suggestion to be able to do this with PD?

Thank you
Thank you all for the feedback

Please find below link to Avengers infinity war trailer, widescreen ... proving that it is possible to produce and upload widescreen videos on youtube. NO BLACK BARS

Another gaming video

I am watching it in theatre mode on YouTube

Just want to know if it is possible to produce such video with PD 16 with custom mod profiles? assuming you have 3440 x 1440p monitor

Make sure you are watching on 1080p screen (less than 1080p may not give you widescreen view)

Quote I have produced a little video in 21:9 aspect ratio (1920x822) (Not in PowerDirector)

YT shows it with black bars on top/bottom. But I played it on my 21:9 monitor fullscreen and the video is expanded to my full monitor (ok, the 1920x822 are not optimal, it should be 1920x802, or so) - look at scthe reenshot.
So YT handles 21:9 videos. But not in the thumbnail.

Videos on youtube are gone already, can you please put up written tutorial to modify custom profile ini file for PD 16? will I be able to produce videos in native 21:9 (same as input video aspect ratio of 21:9) with 3440 x 1440 resolution?

Quote welcome to the forum.

Quote: does PD13 allow me to edit at the 21:9 format natively? Specifically with the input & output resolution at 2560x1080...

yes, it can be done. not natively though.

watch my tutorial

my video addresses both 2.35:1 and 21:9 aspect ratio.

or follow ynotfish example on

happy editing.
Thanks Theolilou - it says there is side effect that preview will go black once you have done this workaround, but I always need preview window with HW encoding enable as I edit large and high res files (up to 4K) for my gaming channel. is there a way to have preview working normally with workaround in place?

PS: for clarification, my PC crashes with Blue screen of death (and not just PD14) if I enable hardware encoding when producing (even through it is available)
Hardware video encoding while producing ! but my PC is crashing when use HW encoding, CPU only rendering is fine though
found the link and changed the values, now it is working fine

LINK here
Hi Sonic

I have Nvidia GTX 980ti (SLI) but I use only one card for Video Editing and Production with PD 14 Ultimate

Since I have YouTube Gaming Channel, I am uploading 2560 x 1440p 60fps videos all the time, for that I have crated custom Mp4 Profile by editing Profile.ini file (since PD does not have option for 2560 x 1440 resolution profile natively)

Two days back I tried to render very long video in 1440p profile with Hardware Endcoding enabled (option was avaible and working fine then) but my system crashed (BSOD) since then there is no option/HA encoding greyed out in 1440p profile (while 4K and 1080p profile does allow HA Encoding), I have already done clean reinstall of PD 14 with latest update 2527 + clean install of Nvidia Drivers 361.91 but no luck frown

Could you please advise what could be wrong with PD 14? (PS: I did try your Cuda files but it didnt work ), I have attached picture of 1440p batch production in progress with CPU only for your reference here...


Dear All

I have started producing 4K Video content regularlly for my Gaming YouTube channel but PD 14 Ultimate does not allow me to use hardware video encoding while producing/rendering videos

I have created 30fps and 60fps profiles in mp4 codec as custome profile.

While it does produces video file in 4K but it takes too long (1 hours video takes 4 hours to produce) as it is relying on CPU only

I have Nvidia GTX 980ti as GPU and Intel i5 3570K as CPU

Can anyone suggest workaround?

PS: 1440p/1080p resolution videos are rendering fine and it does allow use of hardware video encoding

Dear Community

Google now already started supporting VP9 codec support for youtube videos, since now days of 1080p are gone and everything seems to have moved to 2K and 4K, even on YouTube there are more videos on 4K and 60fps support on the way till 4K already..

Does CL PD 13 supports Vp9 codec video production? is there a way to produce video in vp9 codec? I know it has H265 codec support which does reduce file sizes by 32% which is awesome but YouTube does not support H265 (processing fail error), the best alternative seems to be VP9 codec but I am not sure how to produce such videos? I suppose it reduces the file sizes while keeping the quality at best !

will CL support video production in VP9 in future? is there a way to produce VP9 enabled videos?



I am facing too much issues with Producing MP4 H264 codec files with Hardware video encoder enable, it creates poor quality files, only solution is to disable the HW encoding but in that case video takes ages to produce but quality is good !! however I produce very long video files in one shot and speed time and energy saving does matter to me, I have already contacted tech support but they are very lazy in replying or understanding by issues. I have linked below two links, one with poor quality and one with good quality, Ithe good quality is produced with CPU only and bad quality with GPU HW encoder:

1. bad quality video and
2. Good quality video

I have also attached dxdiag report of my system for your reference here


I dont think so I am using Intel Graphics, i have GTX 780 which where my Monitor is plugged into.... and as I have mentioned before, GPU encoding is making my produced video rubbish, by not selecting HW encoding videos are fine and good.
When you use SVRT, does it mean it will be purely CPU based rendering in PD?
if they have option for hardware acceleration, it should work properly, or else you need to have good threaded CPU, but it is also true that video production always works fine with CPU only.... gaming GPUs are not meant to produce videos, u will need professional grade GPU which are designed for video production !!!
As suggested above, I turned off Hardware video encoding while rendering and video came out just fine, use only CPU rendering, CL PD 13 is full of glitches and compatibility issues, they will need atleast 5 patches to fix the damn thing, It has affected my work and I have already asked for full refund which they have not given me !!
thanks Carl, result was better, but it does make a big difference in speed while batch producing, i batch produce a lot for my gaming YT channel and speed does matter, funny thing is that if I do individual video production from within each project even with hardware encoding with GPU, the result was good now only problem with quality was when I tried batch producing with hardware encoding, so in short

CPU rendering - batch produce and in project produce result was good either way

Hardware Render - In project produce (individual), result was good, but with batch produce result was bad

should i raise support tech ticket to get batch producing fixed?

I have i5 3570k with GTX780
Thanks Carl for the reply, sure I can try without HW Acc

but then video rendering would be quite slow, isnt it?

also why PD 12 ultimate can produce good quality at 60fps and not PD 13? isnt that PD 13 is superior version?

I tried using PD 12 with same rendering settings and video worked just fine, I think there is some issue with PD 13 with 60fps rendering
Hi Stevek and Sonic

I tried disconnecting all unnecessary USB drives while editing and rendering video, but result is same, still there are some glitches and stutters in 60fps video !!!

anymore suggestions?

should i change some settings in video rendering profile?
Thanks Stevek

I will try rendering video again while removing USB Hard drives, and let u know the results !!
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