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I'm up to 17,100 pics with most having faces tagged. Before I start a session I reboot, shutdown background programs like backup, and get a big drink. Face Tagging still takes forever but PHD8 works. Previous versions would take forever then die. I hope future versions continue the improvements.
Ability to change Date Taken ,This is now implemented in PHD8.
Thanks for the reply. From your response I figured out why my Face Tagging was not working. I went to "Customize Toolbar" and turned on the "Face Tag Tools". Then I was able to turn on the "Face Tag Editor" on the tool bar. Now face tag works, for old tags and new.
Trial version PhD 6.0.5703.0
Project converted from PhD 5 and Face tags can be used for selecting.
When I try to "Tag faces in photo" the message comes back that "No faces found" yet the photo was selected by a face tag. It looks like the Face Tag function is not enabled. Could this be a limitation of the trial version?

My project contains 12,384 pictures.
PhD5 Suggestion R12 - In Meta data and Library/Browser Mode/List view - Provide GPS Data for location coordinates and height. The information is maintained in the photo because when you Export Selected Pictures the GPS data is with the new photos, along with tags and people(faces).
Got the Full version with the patch.
I believe you but the error message says the patch won't load because I'm using a non-trial version. It should say because I'm using a trial version.
Since I had less than 30 days use of PhD4 before problems occurred I was hoping to get a free upgrade to PhD5. No response from Tech Support yet.
PhD5 Suggestion R11 - In Export Selected Pictures, add option for including the Album Name and Original Folder Name.
Tried to download the Windows version and got error message that I must have a non-trial version installed and the update will not work. I have un-installed version 4 and I am using the trial version of PhD5.
Hi Donkey,

When I import pictures that were previously "Selected Pictures Export" the Original directory locations are lost because Export Selected Pictures does not save directory info. Album information is also not saved, but I Export Selected Pictures by album so when I import I create the Album to put them in. It would be great if Album and original directory info could be saved.

On the face tagging, once the selected pictures are imported, run face tagging on them and all the face tags will miraculous return. You will also get a lot of "2" and "unknown" tags that have to be cleaned up but that's easier than starting from scratch.

A trick I've learned is when I have a lot of pictures to tag with the same people I temporarily rename the face tag to "1", then when you select a face tag it appears at the top of the list and is easy to click on. When I finish I rename the face tag back to the person. Also when you plan to up load to Facebook use the persons Facebook name and they will be tagged in the Facebook Picture.
It has been my experience that when my picture count reached 1951 Project "Backup" did not save face data. When my picture count got to 4478 "Export Project" did not save face data. This would also corrupt my project data and I could not open it. Tech support is working on this.

I am using PhD5 with 11,776 pictures tagged and faced. Export Project and Backup still don't work but I make a copy of the whole project subdirectory each time I quit. Export Selected Pictures works and saves tag and face data. See my other posts for details. Good luck!
PhD5 Suggestion R10 - In Library/Browser Mode/List view - Provide headings for Tags, Faces, and Folder. Since they would be multiple entries sort would not work but it would be great to see them and maybe update.
I've been working with PhD5 for about 4 hours and I like it. It seems to be very stable, has not crashed and opens every time. I've imported and face tagged about 50 pictures and now my total is 10,064.
Backup does not save faces.
Export Project does not save faces or about half the pictures.
I make copies of the project for my backup.
What a pleasant surprise! I downloaded it and tried it on my Main project of 10,020 pictures. It ran a conversion program but came back with an error code that it could not translate Face data. I tried another copy and got the same result. I looked at the Face data folder and it had the same files as PhD4 so I deleted all the files in the PhD5 face folder and copied the files from the PhD4 face folder. Guess what? I now have face data on all my pictures.
PhD Suggestion R9 - Provide for a way to change the "Date Taken" in Metadata. Now I have to do a Locate on Drive", fix the date, delete the photo from the library, import, and retag and reface.
For two days PhD has worked. I've imported, tagged and faced about 900 pictures to where my new record is 10,030. I shut down like normal and made a copy. Now neither the main project or the copy will open. Neither will the previous two copies. I have to go back to copies in the 6,000 range to successfully open a project.
I watched memory usage when opening different projects and it looks like the successful projects slowly build up to 300mb while the projects that crash slowly build to 300mb then start grabbing large chunks (100-200mb) until memory usage reaches 930mb, then crash.
There may be a limit of 1 gb on memory in my PC. I'll look into that.
PhD Suggestion R8 - Add Suggestions for Tags in Metadata. Like in Face Tags, entering a letter in the tag box will pop up a list of all the tags that start with that letter. Then you can pick from an existing tag or enter a new one.
PhD Suggestion R7 - Export Tag or Face List.
I would like to export a list to a text file. I have hundreds of Tags and Faces and would like to print them out for reference. Right now I do a screen print and load into OneNote for OCR.
30/8/2013 - Failing to get my main project open, I started with a blank project and started to import the pictures I had saved with tag and face data. When my total picture count hit 1951, Backup did not save face data. When I got to 4478, Export Project would not save face data. When I got to 5861, the project and a copy of the project opened. I ran Tag Faces on the last group of pictures imported, shut down, and made a copy. When I came back the project would not open and the copy would not open.
1/9/2013 - My new project still will not open, but my old main project with 9144 pictures opened. Made a copy of it and the copy works. Tagged some faces, deleted some duplicate pictures, imported a few pictures and tagged faces on them. Seems like PhD is working but I don't dare try to Backup or Export Project. I think that corrupts large face databases. Still waiting on Tech Support to figure that out.

I have increased my preview cache to 32gb, I don't touch anything until the program stops loading, and I turn off face tagging before I shut down. And then I make a copy.
I tried opening my main project this morning, like I do several times a day, and to my surprise, it opened! I Exported Photos in approximate 1000 picture groups, until I got 9,180 saved with tag and face data. I then tried to Export the project but that failed to save face data. I used Backup and when finished there was no face information in the backup. And now the main project will not open. Still waiting on Tech Service.
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