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Quote That message can come up based on some specific settings in the export profile. Maybe first try using the Profile Analyzer on the Export page and choose one of the Best Matched Formats.

Another possibility is that there are problems with Windows and/or one of your GPU drivers.

Your Intel driver is 5 years old but Acer has decided to not provide any updated versions. You may want to try downloading the current version from Intel. The installation steps are here (use the Zip file option if you are blocked from installing the .exe version).

You may also want to run the steps in this post to resolve problems with Windows' core files and also do a clean reinstall of your nVidia driver.

What ultimately worked for me was forcing the Intel driver to update. I was weary of potentially harming the laptop, but I haven't seen any negative effects of installing the new version. Thanks!
My laptop has an Intel UHD Graphics 620 iGPU as well as the Nvidia Geforce MX150 gpu onboard, and while Intel Quick Sync accelerated encoding will work in Powerdirector for a simple clip, if I add any effects to the clip or timeline I immediately get an error when trying to export of “Export unsuccessful” (I’ve attached the full error message).

Both of my drivers are up-to-date, and I reinstalled Powerdirector 365 and ran the Optimization setting to see if it would make a difference. I also updated the Windows 10 Graphics settings to “let windows decide” for Powerdirector.

Has anyone seen an issue like this?
I’m using the Back Light effect to make a moving glowing object appear to be a light source, but the issue with that effect is that it makes the light rays only go from one direction (based on the effect’s center position). Does an effect exist that has rays coming out in an all or omni- directional way like a real light source? I'm already using the Bloom effect to make the immediate light source glow, but I'm looking to have a more effect light ray effect on top of that. I've attached a screenshot with an example of the issue.
I have a video with a moving green glow stick that I want to have functioning as a kind of light source. I figured I would have a video track with just the glow stick, and apply some effects to that track to make the stick look like it's glowing.

Using the chroma key functionality, I can chroma key-out the green glow stick, but what I would like to do is the inverse, and chroma-key everything but the green glow stick. Is there any way to do this?
I saw a video on youtube where the person was able to greatly remaster the audio from a lavalier to make it sound much more impressive. What would be the steps inAudioDirector to replicate how the person was able to remaster the audio?
It looks like with the latest update of PD 365, the Rotate Canvas effect has returned.
Quote GeneH, you may find this new post helpful.

Thanks, your idea of integrating from an older project may be a good workaround. I reached out to cyberlink support and they said the removal was intentional, but that may have been a generic answer from the support representative, no way to be sure.
You can’t tell from the timeline if PiP has been applied to any clip. Also, if PiP has been applied, it’s no longer intuitive to use the flip canvas effect, because that is based on the original clip orientation and not what the PiP is outputting. But if you’re using flip within PiP, there’s no way to track what flip settings have been applied; and as far as I know there’s no quick reset button in PiP. At this point it’s safer to use Crop/Zoom/Pan, even though it’s more laborious; it makes it quicker to see what has been applied to a clip.
I checked to see if the effect was hidden; it was not. It looks like it's been removed. The pip designer isn't a great replacement because there isn't an easy way to see if the effect has been applied.
I updated to the latest version and noticed it was missing from the available effects. It's one that I use very often, was this intentional?
Is it possible in Photodirector to create a glow effect on an object and have the light cast on the surrounding environment like in this youtube video?
Quote You have to have this option checked in Preferences for Loop Playback to work correctly:

If it's unchecked, you get the behavior you're seeing.

This fixed it, thanks!
Quote Mine (17.3005) appears to work fine with several different videos. Does yours even work with the sample skateboard clip?


I deleted the sample clips so I don't have those to test against, but I've tried a variety of video files with various formats from different sources, and the result is the same. I still have PD 15 installed on my machine, and the 'Loop Playback' function works without issue for me in that version of PD.
Using PD 17 with the latest patch, I've noticed that the 'Loop Playback' functionality in the timeline does not work for me. When I'm in either clip or movie mode, and highlight a portion of the timeline and (making sure that 'Loop Playback' is selected) press play, the player goes through the selection once, and rather than looping back to the beginning, the playback marker stays at the end of the clip and stutters, like it's trying to play the last frame over and over again. Is anyone else experiencing this?
Are there any tools or filters like the old software vReveal that would dynamically auto-adjust white balance and brightness/contrast in a clip? That software is unavailable, and looking through PowerDirector's options it seems like the only way to color correct is to chop up a long video into short clips and manually change the settings on each one, which is very time consuming for my projects at hand.
Quote can you explain more?

Which part needs clarification?
I just bought a blu ray writer and am using the trial version of Power2Go 13 Essential (Version 13.0.0718.0b, SR Number P2G190705-02). I was testing the software to see if I could use it to archive my data on Blu Ray, and I noticed a glitch in the burning process:

In the burning options, I check the box so that "Enable defect management" is confirmed. When I view the log after burning, it says "Burn option: w/o stream write(defect management)" -- which seems to indicate that defect management was not enabled. If I do another burn and clear the box for "Enable defect management", the log says "Burn option: w/ stream write(defect management)".

So it's not clear to me whether the front end of the program is correct, or the log, or whether it's really using this feature at all. Is anyone else experiencing this?
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