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With latest 365.

This has never happened before in all my years fo editing but I have some stage show clips that run okay then when I run again on the timeline, they sound half speed.

Up until today it has run fine.

My guess is the PC, but what part?

EDIT: NO it can't be the PC as it runs fine on Win10 Video

Any ideas please?

I have 365 and want to scroll across the lower screen some sub titles to the vision. It is goes for quite a long time.

I have the lines (20) in a text file. Can I paste them and control the speed ?

I have tried the standard text scroll left but it either goes too fast or has double lines etc.


Many thanks. I will check out the links.

We used to call the XLR Canons in the 'old days' :

Will report back when/if I do somthing in case others in the furure want to know.



I eventually bought the ...

IK Multimedia iRIG Pre Microphone XLR Interface for IOS device iphone ipad andriod camera

It comes with great reviews so we'll give it a whirl.

I need to get direct vocal audio to the camera.

I have Shure 58s and some similar mics but not sure how to connect.

The 53 only has the mini jack while the 58 etc use a Canon.

Without having to go to a lot of expense what is the best way to do this please.


With 365 when cutting or splicing what fram shoud hecursor be on tocut at the very last frame of the previous vision.

Should the cursor show the last frame or the 1st frame of the next vison?

I have the timeline extended as far as it goes yet it does not seem to show exactly each frame as other programs like Video Pro X I have.

Maybe I need to change my settings.


It would be much easier if the cameras were stationary. You could place a duplicate clip on a lower track and adjust the exposure and brightness to make the audience lighter and more visible. Add a mask and position it on that lower half. Uncheck maintain aspect ratio. Feather it to blend in this lighter clip.

Many thanks, will give that a go.

With 365 how do I lighten up the audience in a concert where the top half of the frame is on stage and is light enought but the lower half of the frame is the audience and needs to be lightened up a bit to see them better.

I have two large clips joined in a crossfade and they both need this doing to them.

What is the best way to do this please?


I have a load of old Hi8 tapes I need to digitise.

I have a couple of Hi8 cameras and have S-Video and RCA audio plugged into a EasyCAP av/USB 2 gizmo.

It shows in Win 10,1909 Device Manager as AV to USB 2 and I can capture via a NCH Capture program called Debut.

I want to use 365 if I can so it goes straight to time line but I can't see it anywhere.

In Capture it does not register at all.

Is it because it is analog and will not work or ?



With 365 what is the best way to make 4.3 video into a 16:9 one ?

Know it could cut off top or bottom a bit, but how can I see to test it please?

Thank you for yout help.

Yes I did copy VOB to HD then dragged to timeline.

I have treid to captrure direct from DVD however I get the first image then it saves it as a mpg then stops capturing. Tried many tiems but same old story.

Why is it not captiring the whole DVD?

Here is the Capture screen and the files on the disk.

Timeline and dvd files


Well I tried it with another DVD, much less length but it did capture it correctly.

So what could be the difference for it not to do the fist one?

Just captured a music DVD in 365 Win 10 1909, and noticed where the VOBs meet on the timeline, there is a slight blip in the audio. Is this just in edit or is there something I must do to correct?

End time on 1 and start time on 2 are the same.



Just noticed that there is something in the left side of the frame for this interview and don't want it there.

What is the best way to get rid of it?

Crop seems to take the frame too small just the size of their face, so need it bigger,

Any ideas please. 16:9.
Quote Let's make sure we're all on the same page regarding the terms you're using here:

You produced a video to 4K, and when you finished and went back to the Edit page, PD automatically loaded the produced clip into your Media Library. It's not on the timeline (nor will you put it there), but PD gives you the shadow files prompt because a high resolution clip has been imported.

You can click No on the prompt, or go to Settings and disable shadow files, whichever makes the most sense for you.

Nothing has changed on your timeline, and you're free to make any new changes you want or save the project as is.

If you don't want the produced clip in your library at all, you'll either have to right-click on and choose Remove from Library or save the project before producing and then close PD after the producing is finished. There is no way to stop PD from automatically adding the produced clip to the library.

Thank you.

This is exactly what I wanted to hear ! :

After saving to 4K, when I go back to Time line, I am shown a panel which reminds me I have saved to 4K, it is bringing it into the project and do I want to use shadow.

Thing is, I am not bringing it into the time line. I just saved it to 4K.

Does it really bring it in, or is the orig still there for further saves at whatever I want?

Many thanks.

Yes there must have been a virtually invisible clip left behind.

Never thought if using the 'End' key !

All good now.

I have several clips on the timeline Track 1 which I want to save as mp4.

I also have clips that I have chopped out of original, unticked on tracks 2 an 3 but all within the length of the primary movie I want to save.

After I saved I notice that the length of the saved movie is longer than the movie.. a lot of blank.

How can I just save the movie at full length only ?



See this tutorial: . At 7 sec. in rhe clip the Produce Range button is clicked in the video.

Doh... I didn't think of clicking the orange sides of the arrow !

Many thanks.

Quote: I have tried the "Pack Project" but it just puts everything back the way it was (as best as I can tell).

***Scratch this, I found it in an odd place* I can't find where "Produce a range" might be or how to accomplish this. (I marked the range with the orange triangles, it game me a cross-hatched orange section that would have been one of the clips, but the "Produce..." tried to do the whole tape again.)

When you select the area you want to "Produce a range", look on top of the timeline between the Media Libary and the timeline, you will see a button labeled Produce Range.

You can also Right Click the orange range, Produce Range.

See Attachments.


I have PD 15 and wanting to also only save the clips I have chosen from the full movie.

I use the markers as your images suggest but cannot see anything about 'Producing a Range'.
The Whole Menu above the Timeline has different options as well.

Am I able to do this please in 15?


I have 15 and need to know how to stop the cursor from going back to the start whenever I press stop in editing.

It stays there with pause but I need it to stay there with stop too.



I have Win 10m 1803 x64

I have Bluff Titler 10.2 but it requires d3dx9-34.dll directx9 but I have 12.

Directx9 does not work with directx 12 so my program doesn't work.

They say my option is to update Bluff Titler $60 or go back to directx9.

I do not know what going back means to my other programs.

What to do?

Maybe another titlet like Bluff?


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