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Many thanks.

TYes that's what we want in the end.

So we do a zoom, save it
then do another save it,
then load them all in and choose the view in MC.
Many thanks for the help.

Yes I want to Multi Cam it.

I also thought I could do the zoom effect, save it and then import it into the project with the original.

I think that is what you are saying too.

I was hoping I could have a part of the frameselected and zoomed into and then as the track ran I could move that zoomed section so what I wanted was always in frame.

But maybe no.

Can I load the same clip to two differnt tracks then zoom in on one of the tracks so to seem like a 2 cam shoot?

The place where I want to zoom is a face which is moving and I want to alwasy have it in the zoom area.

How can I do this?


I have a phone video which is vertical and I need to use it in a 16:9 project using up as myuh of the screen as possible.

Any ideas please?


Thank you. It was the full packing of files for the project.
The only was I get access to the files without having look for lost ones.

Once I have saved teh whole project package and later make some chnages and add and delete images, is this reflected in that folder, or is uit best I delet that folder and save the porject to a new one?

I recall saving the changes but ebnded up with 2 of the orioginal images, etc.

Many thanks for that in depth reply.

Yes it is a bit of a Dino however we do manage to chug along as it is. :

Did I get you right that the new card will give a reduction in render to the one we already have for 20/365?

I appreciate your expert opinion.

Thanks again.

We have a DEll T3600 with a NVIDIA NVS 315 Display and looking to update it to this card..

Would we see a much better rendrr time if I made the change?


As TP 1.5 is quite expensive can anyone recomnet a good titler that is euther free or economical?

Quote It is not completely clear what is happening with your clips. But maybe this helps:

Please note that the clip count that shows in under your preview screen is that of the clip not of the whole video. (You can change that by untagging in the edit preferences: Switch to movie mode .......)
And the “seconds” shown in PD are frames not seconds.
The moving of the handles and cutting has influence on how (when) the zoom behaves in the clip. What I saw was: I started a zoom at precisely 2 sec into the clip and ending it at precisely 3 sec. Then I cut of precisely the 1st sec of the clip. The zoom started at 1 sec and 47 frames into the clip and ended at 2 sec and 46 frames. Same result when making the clip shorter by moving the handle. This means that the zoom parameters or keyframes stay (almost) the same (start the zoom 2 sec after the start of the clip) and these do not move along with the cutting. I can understand why that is. It is at least something to keep in mind. I have learned from this that better adjust the length of the clip before applying any zooming.

Maybe this helps you discovering what happened with yor video? If not then you might consider sharing a recording of what it is you do?

(What I don’t understand is WHY the zoom started and ended 3 frames earlier than originally defined (my project has 50 frame per second).)

Many thanks.
All good now. It was going to the files in the tempfolder. Deleted them and it came good.
Many thanks. Yes the deleting of temp files helped.
There is a spot in the time line where I had a short clip but had problems so deleted it.

Now I have a new clip which I have placed in the same place but it doesn't even show yet it shows in a differnt place on the timeline, same track.

What is going on?

Is there a memory for what has been at a particular place on the line?

If so, how can I delete it?
It may be easier to understand if I show the two views.

The cursor on the 1.22 sec clip on the time line and it showing in the preview and also the same place after it has been saved to an mp4 or mpg.

You can see it is a different image than on the chosen timeline clip.

Both are from the same 30 min source file though.

Hopefully it will ring a bell !
Many thanks, I will give this a go.

I have a Win 10 box that the disk is damaged and will crash at any time.

I need to transfer programs to another box.

What is the best way to do this with 365 please.


Timeline shows one thing in clip-produced shows frames before what is on timeline ?

I have a movie of many clips.

One clip of 8 secs is in the middle butr when I produce the whole movie, the frames I have on the time line are not shown there.

In place are frames on that same clip but before the frames I have chosen.

Never seen this before. Strange.

How can I get it right so that it produced the farnes I have chosen? and why?



I have a poroject made up of a concoction of various size video all timelined into 1 project.

It will be sent out via HDMI to a large LED stage screen and I wouild like to have it fill the screen if possible.

Any hots please?


Quote You may want to Right mouse click in the Media library and Click Remove all unused content before you pack the project. This would eliminate the unused content from being packed too.

Onc again I opened a project and got the dreaded cannot open moved/missing C:\Users\AppData \ esoe547k.bmp

I have done seaerches on all AppdDat for PD, all Windows/ Temp but cannot find the file.

Of course other filenames come up once I 'Ignore that one and continue.

I can't recal what those files were so need to at least know that.

How can that be done as I can't goback and Pack the project untuil it is complete again.


You are saying that these ?.bmp files appear in the media library on one project or all of them?

Try this: Right mouse click on a .bmp file in the media library, Click Open file location. Delete the file if desired. Repeat for all other bmp image files if desired.

Thank you for the help.

When I opened say 1 project I may have had 4 different bmp file errors, so if I ignored I get 4 blank spaces on the timeline where those files would have been.

When I opened another project, they would be diferent bmp files but the same result.

I will try your suggestion tomorrow.

BTW. None of the actual image files I used in the projects are bmp files. They are mostly jpg or png.

I would have thought if one got to the blank in he timeline, a right click would say what the orig file name was or solme other process to show the file name. Is there a log file for each project that migght have all the file names in the p;roject?

I see the Packed project option now, so will use that. Can I use it for past projects if I load them?

Thanks again


When opening a 365 project I get a few AppData/***.bmp files.

I try to find them but can't.

How can I track down whatever files they belonged to?


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