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Hi Jacek please report your issue to Tech Support here:
Which video codecs are supported by blu-ray?
well this is quite strange ... uninstaller of windows and CyberLink Cleaner Tool must have done the job. Anyway if nothing works and you wana remove powerdvdv, then manually delete its files from "Program Files" folder of windows
hmmm ... Thanks jasm
I wana watch 3D movies and wondering if powerDVD supports this. Anyone using PowerDVD 12 please let me know if it supports 3D videos and what about the quality? Thanks
Thanks Michael
I wana know about some good quality and reliable Blu-ray players. Just wondering if anyone can tell me the cheapest Blu-ray players available in the market. Thanks
What would be the cost of upgrading powerDVD9 to powerDVD12 ?
Thanks Michael but thats the comparison of PowerDVD 12 Versions ... not between powerDVD9 and powerDVD12 anyways its cool
well plz share the soltion coz i also wana upgrade win XP to win 7 and may got the same issue. thanks
Which version of powerDVD would be better for upgrade from PowerDVD9? What would be the difference? i mean extra features etc.
What are system requirements for blu-ray disc/hd dvds?
interesting to see the list ... almost all the options except monneybookers
how much would it cost me to upgrade power DVD 10 to Power DVD 12?
Quote: PDtoots has a channel on youtube.....

well i have HP laptop with win XP ... and i am also looking for some editing tool ... happy to fine video tutorials of PD 10 ... i ll download its trial version and test it on my laptop to know the results
well there may be some upgrading issue ... does that video paly fine when you play it individually?
hi guys any one using youcam with a builtin webcam ? i have HP laptop with builtin web cam and have problems with the video.... i have just seen the youcam product and wana know that will it work for me?
Couldnt understand what really fernando wana say? Can anybody please translate?
well is this problem with blue-ray only? Have you checked with any other media players as well?
Quote: Hi,
we are working to implement such wish

well this would be nice michael
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