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A few days ago I tried to open PowerDVD 17 and got a message saying "The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCR110.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem."

So I uninstalled and tried to reinstall PowerDVD 17, but that message appeared three or four times during the installation, which was completed only after I clicked OK each time the message appeared. Then came a message saying that PowerDVD 17 was successfully installed, with a button to launch it. I clicked on it but nothing happened, and the same happens if I try to open it via Desktop shortcut.

I searched and found how to fix issues related to the MSVCR110.dll and downloaded its installer from the offical Microsoft page, reinstalled it and again tried to reinstall PowerDVD 17 with the same results.

I'm not sure, but I think this problem might be related to Windows 10 updates on my desktop PC, which runs with Windows Insider updates. I have another license of PowerDVD 17 and it's running OK on my laptop PC, which is not running Insider versions. Besides, I remember that PowerDVD 17 was OK on the desktop PC too a few weeks ago.

So I ask you to please help me get PowerDVD 17 installed and running again. TIA.
Quote Sorry, from your attached image, I can;t tell if you are just getting a black screen or not. What do you see in the Splash screen (as I showed)? I can;t tell if any of the themes you show are the NorthernLights.

The image I sent shows the Wallpaper section of the UI Customization area, where the Northern Lights theme does not appear after I download it.

I get no black screen or anything like that, it is a matter of this specific theme not downloading or installing properly or installing another one. I can apply any other theme available there, be it in the PowerDVD default wallpapper or in the My wallpapers section.
Quote Yep, but when I clicked on it, it loaded to the PowerDVD home page. How about a screen shot of what you see. Here is mine.

Quote Its link is downloading another theme.

Please more information. I just downloaded the Northern Lights theme from the Moovie Live site and got the right one.

I open PowerDVD 17, click on the Change settings and preferences icon, then on the UI Customization option.

In the Wallpaper > Get new wallpaper for your PowerDVD > Latest wallpaper on MoovieLive area, I click on View more.

On the MoovieLive > Wallpapers for PowerDVD page (2), I click on the Northern Lights theme download link (arrow down).

It downloads a theme.pbgz file. I open it (associated to PowerDVD) and when I check on the UI customization area, it's not there.

By the way, I downloaded other wallpapers and previously Northern Lights was the theme I was using (on PowerDVD 16).
Its link is downloading another theme.
My guess is that it has something to do with my upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8. The latter removes some stuff from the system–Windows Media Center, for instance.
PDVD12 started to show this message, probably after I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

How can the implied problem be solved? TIA.

EDITED: please, administrators, delete this post. At first, I couldn't find another post of mine on the same subject (via Search). But then I found it. TIA.
It would be very helpful if the program indicated the missing Windows Media Player components, so I can find a solution.

Any ideia? TIA.
Quote: Does the syncing start automatically? That is the description of the check box.

Just because the process shows, doesn't mean that it will do the syncing without your input.

What is the problem/issue?

The problem, as I said before, is that all the options there are disabled, but even so that icon in the notification area keeps showing, which probably means there is some sort of service running somehow, and I want to stop it.
do you use some kind of Firewall or Parental control Software on your Machine?
We have seen similar symptoms on platform using strict Parental Control SW


No, only the Windows 7 firewall with its default settings and Microsoft Security Essentials–and no parental control software.
I set PDVD12 to not sync anything with my pen drives, but every time I connect one of them to a USB port, the program's icon appears in the Windows notification area. So it seems the program doesn't work according to my configuration choice in this case and also that there is some kind of service running to allow this behavior.

Well, I want to stop that. Any idea how? TIA.
Note: If you do the same thing that I did in Services.msc, then you will receive the following message every single time you start PowerDVD 12:

All I have do to is either press Esc, press Enter, click Yes, or click the little 'x', and then I'm good to go. I prefer pressing Esc or Enter because it's faster than using the mouse.

Remember: all I use PowerDVD 12 for is DVD playback, and it is not affected by making these changes!

I have this problem too, but I didn't anything like configuring services and stuff, just used the settings of PDVD12.
So I ask people here: what to do to stop this annoying warning? TIA.
PowerDVD 8
Version: 8.0.3228f.50
SR Number: DVD100201-01

PowerDVD 10
Version: 10.0.3507.52
Version Type: BD - OEM 3D 6CH+6CH
SR Number: DVD111101-01
TR Number: TR111108-039

Should I simply uninstall version 8?
Until yesterday I had PowerDVD 8 on my Windows 7 Pro 64 system. I installed this software from a CD that came with a new LG Blu-ray reader/recorder drive I purchased a few months ago.

Yesterday I opened PowerDVD 8 and was warned that there was a "patch" to download. After I installed it, much to my surprise, not only it wasn't a real "patch" (that is, an update to correct or improve the sofware) but I ended up with two versions of the same program: 8 and 10.

Fearing something might somehow go wrong, I ask you to please give me advice on what to do about that. TIA.
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