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According to your Advisor.jpg screenshot, your pc can play normal blu-ray discs. Read that top paragraph.

I don't understand!! It always getting an error even cyberlink_bluray_advisor showing everything green. See the unable.jpg attachment, thats what error I getting when using "Intel UHD graphic" GPU.
After dealt with serious issue now I am facing another issue, this is about not playing normal blu-ray(not UHD bluray) on my new PC with powerDVD17. My pc Build with intel UHD graphic(12th generation i9 12900 series )
I checked with cyberlink's bluray Advisor and result logs are attached with this post.

There is no more new update for powerDVD17 since 2019, is powerDVD17 dead for new PCs?surprised

Bello are screen shots of error and bluray Advisor results. Result logs are attached with this post as zip file
Holly cow! After contact with support staffs finally it proven that those activation keys from my accounts has been stollen and sold-out!!.They managed to deactivate those keys by the way and resolved it with delay reply.

But question is still remain there about member security, are we safe here!!undecided

Anyway that junky pathetic problem finally solved.
Quote Hard to say, because you never indicated where you purchased Powerdvd 17 from. You're best to contact Cyberlink support about this and provide you purchase record. They will help you get it sorted, unless you purchased from Ebay or something.


I did not purchase it from any thirdparty, all purchased made( from 11 to 17) from official powerDVD retail shop and all order records are stored in to my account's section.

I already opened a support tciket about this issue before this forum post BUT still no responces received from technical staff. I am in very frustrating condition nowyell
I am membet since 2011 and has licence of powerdvd11 full reatil then upgraded to 12 and again has upgraded licence to 14, after that I have been purchased PowerDVD17 full retail again and keeping it countinue.

I don't know why it happening, recently I bought a new PC and tried to install PowerDVD17 on that which was purchased year back 2017, now it is not getting activate, always throwing as message like "the activation count of this key has exceeded its limit" see the attachment image. I totally shocked, don't understand how that happening, I uninstalled powerDVD from old pc before applying activation but wow no way and most important thing is, I never tried to activate powerdvd17 on old pc like counter activation before, just been applied three times with in 5 years before applying it to new pc. Now a question arising, is my activation key stollen from powerdvd database and used it many times somwhere?
How to resolve it?undecided

ok i understand now, anwer is no(not possible) frown
How to chose video accelerator to openGL or Direct3d11 during playback of Blu-ray media?

I can Only see powerdvd using DXVA(DirectX Video Acceleration) but no other options are left!
Quote You need Windows 10 and your cpu is too old to have the proper graphics. See this FAQ for more info: and this recent post: for the answer.

Alright! my CPU is old, my GPU is also old for support full 4K "HDR" format but those are not old enough to play in "SDR" format

Why I have to upgrade my pc in to windows 10 just for play 4k blu-ray in SRD format?
There are so many free blu-ray players out there(I don't want to mention those names here) which can play fine in SDR format at windows 7!

PowerDVD is shareware app,it must have much bigger advantage for users than other freeware, but for this case it looks like completely oppositeundecided
First of all here is the system information about my pc

OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
Other OS Description Not Available
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Manufacturer INTEL
System Model DZ77GA
System Type x64-based PC
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3401 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date INTEL - 27, BIOS Date: 04/26/12 15:22:02 Ver: 00.00.0039, BIOS Date: 04/26/12 15:22:02 Ver: 00.00.0039, 4/26/2012
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "6.1.7601.24540"
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) Not Available
Total Physical Memory 7.97 GB
Available Physical Memory 5.26 GB
Total Virtual Memory 15.9 GB
Available Virtual Memory 12.8 GB
Page File Space 7.97 GB

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970

When I trying to play, it shows your display unable to play HDR(sure it is gtx970) move to SRD?
see attachment of srd.png

When I moving powerDVD to SDR, it showing your display driver is mismatched.
see attachment of graph.png

I have Installed latest graphic driver for gtx970. still that error not going.

I already tested with other bluray media players,But they are playing fine with smooth and no washout image quality(off course down converted to SDR)
But why not powerDVD?
I am unable to findout any clue about how to disable or just turn off the dynamic range compression when bitstreaming HD audio source through HDMI or digital spdif.
Three dynamic range compression methods always visible there when appling HDMI or digital spdif for bitstreaming to receiver.

I just want to turn it off when bitstreaming but how to do that?
thanks for the info.
I have power dvd and it installed at my current pc but very soon I going to purchase new PC and there I like to install this power dvd.
How to do that?do I need to revoke the lisense key before installing at new PC?if so then how can I do it.
got it! thanks

I have been checked powerdvd 10 on my friend's PC and he has very old builded version of power dvd 10.

it could be first build version of powerdvd 10 like build 1705 or early and for powerdvd 11 I am using latest version.

I have been used Battle:Los Angeles blu ray title during testing.
hello thank you for responce.

I have a question(I am noob about 3d)

if I purchase 3d dispaly which support Polarized displays technique(like Imax or readD),glass and has hdmi 1.4 input,can I watch 3D by selecting hdmi 1.4 3d via Polarized glass?
The blu ray "Movie IQ" special feature not working with powerdvd 11.It is always turning to Movie IQ server offline when I chooing to watch movie with "Movie IQ" special feature on disk.
But on power dvd 10 the same disk Movie IQ server working fin.I think it is bug of version 11.need to fix.

do you have exact same problem
I have power dvd 11 anyhow I don't have hdmi 1.4 3d tv set.So only options I can choose checkerboard,mirco polarize and 3d vision when I watching 3d blu ray.

Anyway I want to know if I had 1.4 24hz 3d tv and if I choose 1.4 3d tv 24 hz option on power dvd during playback of 3d movie on 1.4 3d support tv,then what exactly tv screen looks like?is it same as chekboard or micro polarize?
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