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My library is on a NAS server and so the file paths should still be the same. But I have to agree with you, there does not seem to be a way to do this. The bad thing though is it took nearly 6 hours to load the library and was hoping there was a much faster way to do it.
I am running PowerDVD 22 on PC 1 but it is too slow for most of my movies so I want to move my software and movie library to a new computer PC 2. What do I need to do to transfer the system?

Worked perfectly .. Thank You.

Is there a way to change the movie release date in the edit box, or advance the calendar by years. I have a movie dated 1957 and starting from todays date and advancing month by month is going to take a long time. I have several movies like this.
After a couple of restarts I got 5 of my original movies to appear in the library. I discovered that I could not reload the movies and I could not force a rescan of the movie folder. It was like PD still had a library but would not display them. So I went ahead and completely uninstalled the program, rebooted a couple of times and then reinstalled the program. PD is now loading the movies into the library. I am suspecting that sometime during the editing of the previous movies that the library got corrupted and it would not work any longer.

Before I re-edit my movies to get the correct cover art and title, is there a way to backup the library so if this happens again I can simply go back to the last saved copy of the library?
I am running PowerDVD on a Windows 10 PC. My movies are on a NAS network server. This morning I was able to get PowerDVD to find my movies on the NAS server and add them to my library. I was able to play the movies from the library. But I then powered off the PC and when I came back there were no movies in the library. How to I get them back?

I have found an easy way to display my library of bluray discs:

1. First, create a Folder on C drive named "Bluray Disc Library" (c:/Bluray Disc Library/)
2. For each disc create a subfolder with the Title Name
3. Using your web browser, go to IMDB
4. Type in the title name and select the correct one. Notice the Cover Art is displayed on left side at the top.
5. Right click on cover art and "Save image as" .. replace the long name with the title name (e.g., "Red.jpg")
6. Save the image in the subfolder from step 2 above.
7. Repeat this for each disc. I got things organized to where I could do 2 discs per minute

In Power DVD 14, select My Computer on left panel, then select C drive. You should now see the folder Bluray Disc Library. If you double click this folder you will now see all of your discs with cover art displayed. You can use this scheme on any drive and create as many folders and subfolders as you want (e.g., Bluray Movies, DVD Movies, TV Shows, etc).

To further enhance this, for movies with multiple discs, simply create a master folder (e.g., Star Wars) and then enter the cover art for each disc (title.jpg) into the same folder. For example, with Star Wars you end up with 6 jpg files in the Star Wars folder. When you double click on the Star Wars folder in PDVD you will see all 6 titles.

Another enhancement is to include the date of the movie in the cover art (jpg) name. e.g., Jurassic Park (2009) This will then sort the cover art and show the date. Obviously you can include a drawer # or sequence # or any other scheme in the name in order to make it easier to find the disc.

It would be nice if PDVD included something like this which would integrate it into the movie library, maybe PDVD 15 will do this. Ideally what we want PDVD 15 to do is if there is a jpg file in the folder then it should use that and not try to find it online. This way all that work done here to build these folders and save the cover art can be easily integrated into the movie library. For example, if when scanning the Bluray Disc Library folder, for each folder that does not contain a movie but does contain a jpg file then the movie would be flagged as offline.

I tried using external movie library managers but then I had to run two programs .. I wanted to keep it simple by including all the titles under PDVD.
Maybe another way to look at this is, can we use another program to catalog the DVD information and then use a 'migration' utility to transfer the information from the DVD catalog database into PDVD?

I think PDVD gets its cover art from a file in the movie folder, and some DVD catalog programs do the same, seems an easy translate would be to reformat/copy/move the DVD catalog program artwork file to the PDVD artwork file.

Checking to see if anything like that exists, or if one of the DVD catalog programs already does that. Obviously, would be nice if PDVD did that, but it would need to search multiple artwork databases and give many more options for cover art than presently exists, maybe version 15?
PDVD 14 gets about 50% of my movies cover art correct. For those in error it seems you have to manually right click on the cover art and manually update it by first finding the cover art on the internet and downloading an image.

My question is, does anyone know of a 3rd party application which can scan a folder of DVD movies and for each one:

a) display current cover art image PDVD would use,
b) have an option to change it
c) display a list of available images from online movie databases
d) replace the image in the folder
e) do the above steps in automatic mode using advanced analysis of the DVD folder and maybe even open the DVD files to get movie information.

For example, is this something My Movies would do? Not sure if it would update the movie folder so that PDVD can then use the new image.

No, I ended up going with MyMovies and Windows Media Center. MyMovies collection allowed me to import all the information for both my disc files and discs. I found the accuracy very good in getting the right artwork and then easy to change if not correct. From WMC I then view my movies, and displays a message to mount a disc which then launches PowerDVD. Works great.

I think PowerDVD is now the best player, have tried many others, but PDVD13 is now the best. Cyberlink has just introduced the media library with artwork concept and has a ways to go, which given their track record in the past I am confident they will improve on this quite a bit. As a basic player there is no other match. Which is good, I would prefer Cyberlink to get moving playing solid before playing with the GUI stuff. This is different from other players which perfected the GUI before the player .. not good.

In the meantime, using MyMovies + WMC + PDVD13 is a winning combination. There is no better solution. Hopefully one day Cyberlink will update the GUI and we can then remove MyMovies and WMC.
I added "The Distinguished Gentleman" to my library. The DVD folder name is the same as the movie title. The result I got back for the art cover was "The Merry Gentleman". I did a search in MovieLive and it does have the correct movie. But for some reason the program selected a title different from the folder name even though it had a movie with an exact match.

My guess is the program is using a different search criteria instead of exact match it uses something like newest movie with 2 out 3 words correct.
When viewing the movie library, if I right click on the first movie and change the artwork image, the library icons will be resorted. It appears the sort is in the same order as the library folders, or drive order. To fix you have to right click, sort by descending title, then right click again and sort by ascending title.
I tried that .. everything was great for a while and suddenly windows renabled it and I was nearly thrown off my chair when a loud windows alert sound shook the room. For some reason windows decided to renable it .. either because at startup it didn't like the configuration or some sounds got through .. don't know. So I had enough and set the default soundcard to the motherboard audio, of course the added benefit to that is now if windows does need to alert me about something, or other programs need to 'speak up' then they can all use the default card. But when you want to watch a movie or listen to music you want to route that audio to your large system.

Is it possible to change the soundcard assignment in PowerDVD 12? The reason I ask this is because my system has two soundcards, one is set to default and used to capture windows alerts (which are quite annoying when watching a movie), and a second card which is used for movie playback. Windows alerts would then use a set of small desktop speakers for its alerts, and not pass them to the main sound system which is hosting several hundred watts. It seems PowerDVD 12 currently only uses the default soundcard.

If PowerDVD does not have this feature, can we add it? Sure would be better than having the default soundcard suddently hitting you with 100+db.

If I use +/- keys to adjust the volume then it jumps +/- 10% sometimes and +/- 2% at other times. The 2% value is okay but the 10% is too coarse. Is there a special keyboard shortcut to set the volume increment more precisely or is their a system setting for doing this?
I can confirm that PDVD11 plays both DVD's and Bluray movies from HDD. For Bluray movies I first backup my Bluray movie to HDD using AnyDVD and creating an ISO image of the disc on the HDD. Then when I want to watch to movie I 'mount' the movie using Clone DVD from Slysoft and then run PVD11. I click the movie tab and select the virtual drive which has the movie and away it goes. The only problem I ran into initially was getting the region code to match. Some of my movies have discs encoded as Region A and others as Region B. The solution I found was when backup up a Bluray movie to the HDD I needed to tell AnyDVD on some discs which Region the movie was, e.g., Region B. AnyDVD then removed the region code and then when you later mount it using Clone drive you indicate that the backup version is Region free. Works correctly every time. I guess the problem initially was sometimes AnyDVD incorrectly guessed the Region code. By telling it the region you eliminate the possible error later.

Using this method means I don't have to mount my physical Bluray discs, but simply mount it from a list on the HDD. This is much more convenient and also means I don't damage my physical disc by inserting it all the time. The physical discs remain scratch free. Especially if you have kids that want to watch a popular movie a lot of times.
Hi Michael,

I think I solved it. Up to this point I have been running the trial version of PDVD11. But given the audio problem which I have a work around for, I still decided that the flawless playing of videos was good enough for me to go ahead and upgrade to the full version. I did that and after the install I found that the audio problem was gone. It appears then that the problem is with the trial version and not the full version, which is why you were not able to reproduce it, I am guessing.

Anyway, the problem has gone away and it is good that the discussion has helped at least one other member. Thanks for the great support Michael, at this point it is all working perfectly.

Hi Michael,

This weekend I built up another desktop PC, but this time I used Windows 7 x32 (the one I have been using so far was x64). This PC has a different motherboard, a different cpu, different DVD ROM drive, and a different sound card. Once the system was up and running I installed PDVD11 on it and loaded the DVD: Con Air. And guess what .. Output: No Information. Same as the other PC. So the only software I installed on this clean install was Windows 7 and PDVD11.

I observed much the same results as the first PC so it still seems something related to Windows 7 either 32 bit or 64 bit. Is there any diagnostics I can run .. for example, is there a test program I can run that might log a list of diagnostics that I could send back. I think one valuable clue is that this only happens on DVD's and not Blu ray discs. I am guessing there is some sort of decoder difference when playing these two medias. If I could install here some sort of modified decoder that would log some diagnostics why it has No Information for the output, I'm sure we could solve this quickly.

Hi Michael,

I have sort of solved the problem. In the PDVD11 Audio settings the first line shows:

(current system setting) (6 speaker)

This is what I have been using because if I change the configuration of my sound card then it automatically changed the audio settings here also. But going down the list of specific speaker configurations I found:

6 speaker

which I assume is 5.1. So I selected this one and tried it. At first it didn't have any effect, still got "No Information" when trying to play a DVD. But then when I exited the program and restarted it, suddenly all my DVD's were playing correctly. Well sort of, if I play two DVD's in a row then I get No Information on the second DVD, first one always plays correctly. Since most of the time I play a movie and then exit this is okay.

I remember trying this once before but I didn't restart the program. When it had no effect I set it back to the first line item, which I assume is the default. The key is to make the setting then restart PDVD11.

To make sure, I changed the speaker configuration back to the original default setting and sure enough I get "No Information" for the audio playback. So forcing it to 6 channel definitely helps.

Hope this new piece of information helps to determine what may be happening.

Another piece of information, all Blu-ray movies play perfectly. OUTPUT: LPCM 48Khz/16 bit 6 channels. So the problem seems to be in the graph setup when playing DVD's. Maybe DVD's use Windows audio decoder while Blu-ray movies use Cyberlink decoder?
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