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PowerDirector 15 was ahead of the game with the View Designer. It's called overcapture now and a few 4K cameras are now offering better overcapture software. Why can't I zoom right out to tiny planet mode? Why the limit?
Powerdirector 15 (and 16 I think) doesn't have a 1:1 project mode. Why? Because it was never a popular format. It is now though thanks to social media.

It's possible to output a 1:1 video by tweeking the user settings profile.

To create a 1:1 video from a 16:9 source I switch to a 4:3 mode and do my work in that incuding zooming the 16:9 video into the from (alternatively use the black space to put text and logos for speaker-off viewers.

Then you need to create a new output profile in the standard way.

I use an MP4 profile with 8Mbps for a 1080x1080 output. Chose any frame size in the profile.

Name the profile something obvious like 'square facebook'

Then, use the old trick of modding the PowerDirector user settings file. In my case...


Make a copy of profile.ini and then edit profile.ini with a text editor.

Find the name of the new profile in the file and simply change the resolution setting. See the image attached for an example.

I haven't worked out if the output is cropped or stretched to 1:1 but it definately outputs a 1:1 square format file.

Hope this helps social media video creators.

This is an old subject but I wanted to confirm that if you import, for example, 50 fps to a 25 fps timeline and then use Video Speed to adjust the rate to X0.5 it will use all the original frames for a smooth slow-motion.
Quote: ...

Also, I would like to have a SAVE feature in MultiCam Designer so I can work on my project later and especially now the PD 14 always crashes. big headache

+1. Multicam designer has saved me a lot of time in my product presentation videos but on long projects it becomes risky. Saving the audio sync previously used on the same clips would be a start so I don't have to 'OK' the multicam design half way through and then restart with another few minutes of the same audio syncronization.

I would also like to be able to see audio track waveforms on the multicam designer. If one doesn't import a seperate waveform you don't get to see important audio cues.

Just to a vote for s new feature in PD15, I would find it extremely helpful if there was an audio scrubbing feature
Quote: Finally got it and it worked!
On Windows, logged to your account go to menu Start > Run and type regedit. Be careful now, since you operate on the Windows registry.
Find the key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Cyberlink\CES_FunctionLogger\Data.
All the listed entries should be of value 0x00000000 (0). If any of them is not change it to 0. This will be the production profile which produces the message "Production unsuccessful... blah, blah, blah..."

Just wanted to drop a thanks to PawelB for the tip.

I finally have the answer.

AMD Fusion C and E ranges do not implement Avivo encoding acceleration.
The reason is not clear but I have a hint from an AMD engineer that the CPU can actually do it faster than the GPU so there's no advantage in enabling it in the drivers.

Obviously Cyberlink have written specific code for some effects which help. I also hear from a Cyberlink engineer that there's some enhancements that have been done on the DMA side of things which help but my summary is...

If you're outputing H.264 (or other complex codecs) at 720p or above, you will see very little (almost no) advantage in turning on AMD APP acceleration and AMD AVD acceleration. If you want to use the special AMD-enabled cyberlink effects, yes, there is some good acceleration happening there.

My hope: Cyberlink and others can write some specific code that does part of the encoding process on the GPU and shares the load with the CPU.

After a lot more research it does appear that encoding (not just effects) should be accelerated by the AMD APP unit but I've tested and tested and the GPU is not being used at all.

I don't even see 'Fast Video Rendering Technology' enabled for any profile at all. The user manual says this needs to be enabled to enable the AMD GPU.

Clearly some parts of PD9 use the GPU. Effects are accelerated as I said above but I suspect that the encoding part of the equation is relying on some subsystem external to PD9. Perhaps the AVIVO/AMD video converter or Catalyst Drivers are broken in some way? I'm using 11.3 Catalyst drivers all round.

I'm still trying to get a direct answer from Cyberlink about this.

Steve / Chippy.
After a lot of research, I think I found part of the answer. (although i'm waiting for official confirmation)

AMD Parallel Processing (AMD GPU processing using Open CL 1.1 / ) applies only to the preview and rendering of certain effects available in the effects room. In these cases it does speed things up. More importantly though, applying APP doesn't affect any rendering speed where there are no effects applied. (According to many tests i've done)

However, AMD claim that Cyberlink "MediaEspresso takes advantage of the AMD UVD engine on AMD GPUs and APUs to accelerate the decode section of the transcode and uses AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP) technology1 to accelerate the encode section of the transcode."

So if Cyberlink can do it in mediaEspresso, why not in Power Director 9?

Research continues.

An update...I purchased the full 64 bit version, updated to 2702 and updated Catalyst. While I can see some advantage with the hardware decoding feature I see no difference with APP enabled or disabled.
I suspect the PD9 still isn't using APP yet.

I have a query out directly to cyberlink and i'll report back here if I find anything.

For the record, I can render a 11mbps 720p h.264 file into a 6mbps file of the same format at a time ratio of about 2.8x which isnt bad for a 399 euro 1.4kg laptop.
Thanks Allen.

With the announcement that Cyberlink are explicitly supporting the E-350 and announcing a big improvement in performance, i'm hoping to see something otherwise i'll tend towards Corel as their product seems simpler and faster on a low power device.

I'm still researching tho. Happy to hear any thoughts, news, tips.

I've been spending a lot of time with PD9 and other software over the last 48hrs and was impressed with my Lenovo S205 (AMD Fusion - Zacate E-350) ability to render H.264 720p, 6mbps at about 3X real time.

I was also very excited to see an announcement that APP (AMD Paralel Processing) is supported. (1th Feb press release) that could bring up to 3.5x rendering speed improvements.

Having downloaded patch 2702 (AFAIK this is the patch that enables AMD APP on the Fusion platform) on a trial version of PD9, I see no difference at all.

Interestingly I can adjust 'power play' to reduce the GPU power and it makes no difference at all to processing speed. The same is true of HD decoding.

What's up?

Is this something that's only supported in the retail version or are Cyberlinks claims of "up to 3.5x" just false?
Press release sounds great here - 11th Feb.

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