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1:1 square videos for Facebook, Instagram with PowerDirector
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Powerdirector 15 (and 16 I think) doesn't have a 1:1 project mode. Why? Because it was never a popular format. It is now though thanks to social media.

It's possible to output a 1:1 video by tweeking the user settings profile.

To create a 1:1 video from a 16:9 source I switch to a 4:3 mode and do my work in that incuding zooming the 16:9 video into the from (alternatively use the black space to put text and logos for speaker-off viewers.

Then you need to create a new output profile in the standard way.

I use an MP4 profile with 8Mbps for a 1080x1080 output. Chose any frame size in the profile.

Name the profile something obvious like 'square facebook'

Then, use the old trick of modding the PowerDirector user settings file. In my case...


Make a copy of profile.ini and then edit profile.ini with a text editor.

Find the name of the new profile in the file and simply change the resolution setting. See the image attached for an example.

I haven't worked out if the output is cropped or stretched to 1:1 but it definately outputs a 1:1 square format file.

Hope this helps social media video creators.

square pd15.JPG
profile.ini example
187 Kbytes
252 time(s)
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Stoliv [Avatar]
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This was a big help - thank you!

UPDATE: I spoke too soon, this didn't work in v16.

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tomasc [Avatar]
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Many smartphones can capture a video and photos in the square aspect ratio in their settings. I beleive it is the intention of uploading it without editing for something quick.
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Interesting but doesn't work at least not the output part.

Yeah we can jerry rig the video manually. Wow thats amazing... not.

So really there is no answer other than "do it yourself". -- A merry heart doeth good as a medicine --
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