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Thank you for your time Tony!

This is what I mean:


Corel Videostudio

I was searching from Director Zone effects but I found no feather, soft, edge mask effect!?
I was thinking DZ would be the best place for sharing effects, not this forum?
Quote: Hi Simeon -

Unfortunately, the search function doesn't work properly for PD9 & earlier forums, so I'm unable to locate the thread where this was discussed at length.

Ah yes I can!

You'll find some masks posted in that thread that will probably help you.

Cheers - Tony

Thank you!
I downloaded your's and Ken's masks. But I only can use the frame effect. There is no soft edge att all. Is this because I have PD 8?
I have Powerdirector 8.
Is there any plugin to do Crop and Edge feather the smaller pip track video?
If not, what version of PD can do this trick for softening edges when video in video.
I hope you understood, thank you.
Hi DanH!
You are doing big job by explaining your steps. I gave some stars for that.
I hope you will find the answers you need!
Let me tell about one test.
I had Amd Athlon X2 6000 CPU.
I produced from 720p material H.264 AVC video, length 2,46min. Producing, what you call rendering, took 8,24min.
Then, I replaced that CPU with AMD Phenom X6 1055T. Now producing took 3,10min.
Nothing else did I change. I still have Windows XP and 2GB RAM.

Experts tell you to have faster CPU. I still don't know what a faster GPU has to do with rendering. But, because some forum members are telling that faster GPU makes PowerDirector work more steady, I will replace my GPU in the near future.
Answered at DirectorZone forum:
How do you see this drop down menu? Have you got any MOVHD options?
I am working on MOVHD files.

Your file is 454Kbytes. No video or music is included. Even if you would send your videos to somebody it will not work because we all have different file structure and naming for the files on hard disks.

You must fix the problem on your system. Maybe someone can show way out if you describe your steps carefully.
2nsane, please try to download that same photo BID 003.jpg back to you and try to open it in PD. Just curious..
Quote: Please don't boil the messenger...

That was good!
Quote: You might add 2 tracks by
1st step: create a MPG of your (main) video track plus the PiP track
2nd step: create another MPG (or the proper video) from your first produced MPG plus the PiP track (which now is track #3).


Thank you! You saved our time.
I must say that none of the effect was interesting for future use. Pip tracks are my way to go.
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