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Ive been using Cyberlink Screen Recorder 2 for a while. Today I recorded the screen video and when I went back to look at it the big square which I now see is a Cyberlink logo was in it. This is not a demo version. How do I get rid of this? Thanks
Quote Hello,

This is not possible in YouCam.

YouCam Moderator

Too bad. Thanks for the info.
I have a wide angle webcam and need to rotate it 90 degrees to get the capture area I need. Is there any way? Thanks.
Back on this subject with a different project. In this case I am using the same cam to shoot two different videos. One video plays along with an earlier video. I sync them up exactly in Reaper. It allows true "no snap to grid". I then make a video with the same sound track for one camera and then do the same for the other camera. They both now have the same sound tracks so I can sync them in Cyberlink. In PD17 I first try sync by audio. It gets close, but for some reason, slightly off. I then try to manually adjust and in the attached picture it shows as close as I can get. Not sure why I can't exactly align them this time?


Please contact CyberLink Customer Service about your issue with version 9 and downloading a copy of version 7:

YouCam Moderator

An unnecessary hassle. It's the 2nd time I've gone through this. There should be a fix without uninstalling but if you go that route one shouldn't have to work through sending support requests. There should just be download link. If you don't have the product key you won't be able to make it work.
Quote My webcam works fine in win10 camera app and PD17 but not Youcam. I get the error message that Youcam cannot connect to either of the webcams available. This is the 2nd time this has happened. What is the problem? Thank you.

I uninstalled my Youcam 7. This is an awkward way to fix a problem. I went to Cyberlink but shown only Youcam 9. Can't find where to download Youcam 7.
My webcam works fine in win10 camera app and PD17 but not Youcam. I get the error message that Youcam cannot connect to either of the webcams available. This is the 2nd time this has happened. What is the problem? Thank you.
Quote Yes. That is the preference setting to change. I am still not sure of why you can’t sync the audio unless one has a different or variable frame rate than shown in your preference setting like maybe 24 or 25 fps

Good detective work. I checked and yes the frame rates are different. What you mentioned earlier is what I've done in the past. It adds another step but is the only way that works decently. I do the audio on Reaper and bring it over to PD17. Thanks
Aha. Thanks for clarifying. I didn't know anything about that. Is this attached photo showing the setting you're talking about?
Quote Thanks for the additional info. Unless the audio recorded by the 2 cameras are the same, there's no way PD will be able to sync them. It will tolerate different intensities and some missing/different sections as would be expected when cameras are in different locations, but it can't sync totally different sounds even if they have the same pattern.

I'm still puzzled as to why you can't manually sync the clips, though. It's very easy to do with the timeline zoomed all the way in and the Enlarge timescale for audio track is turned on. Did you zoom all the way in, and also try unlinking the audio and video sections as I suggested? You should be able to move the audio clip with 2ms accuracy with a 50/60fps project.

As far as I'm aware, the human ear is able to tolerant slight audio misalignments but is much more tolerant of A/V sync issues, so unlinking the audio to get it perfectly aligned shouldn't cuase any problems with being out of sync with the video as it will always be withing one frame of the true position.

Thanks for your comments and video. Both of my video tracks are 30 fps. One from a webcam that won't go higher than that. I did try unlinking the audio from the videos. I take your point on the video syncing not having to be so exact but with the picture I sent on the last post, did you notice the two wave forms side by side? One was too far to the left and one was too far to the right. Never possible to get exact. The difference between the sharp acoustic sound and the other is noticeable. In fact it was just irritating enough that I thought the playing was useless. With it correctly synced in Reaper I saw it was OK. Like I said I was just checking to see if I was missing something but surely with a small amount of work they could fix this and offer an option to turn off snap to nearest frame. It's been standard on audio DAWs for years.
Quote Have you selected both clips on the timeline then used the Sync by Audio tool?

That should do everything for you automatically, although it will move the synced clips to two new tracks at the bottom of the timeline. All you'd need to do is select both of them and drag them back up to the top tracks.

If you're going to do it manually wIth the audio timeline scale enlarged, you can freely move audio-only clips but video clips with audio will still only be able to be moved to the nearest frame. You may have better luck if you use a higher project frame rate (50 or 60fps instead of 25 or 30)

You could also right-click on one of the clips and choose Link/Unlink Video and Audio, which will let you slide the audio section forward and backward more finely. Note that you may need to zoom in all the way to see the movement increments. Hopefully you'll be able to exactly sync the audio without causing the video to be out of sync by enough to notice.

Appreciate the reply. Unfortunately I tried Sync by Audio tool and it did what it's done a number of times before. It took one video/audio track and put the the other video/audio track behind it. No sync whatsoever. By the way these are 2 audio/video clips made from 2 cameras. The audio on one is the acoustic sounds of percussion while the audio on the other is the electronic sounds triggered by the same acoustic sounds. So the wave forms look similar but are very different. However all the stops, pauses are the same. Anyway, the inability to bypass the snap to nearest frame makes correct manual sync impossible. I just wondered if there was something I was missing but that's a basic concept. Like I said it was very easy to do in Reaper. I could turn off the snap to grid and also I could see exactly where I was moving the track (it didn't disappear while being moved like pd17) but it's not a video editing program. It can render the synced a/v tracks but no changes can be made to the video itself. Thanks for trying to help.
Quote You can also expand the timeline ruler to get better accuracy. If you need accuracy of less than 1 frame then go to Preferences/Editing and put a checkmark on Enlarge timeline scale for audio track for 1/10 frame accuracy.

Still no luck at all. I don't have a problem seeing the timeline. I have a problem on two levels. The main one is I can't move the audio wave form exactly as I want to. It always jumps. I enabled the enlarge timeline scale but it didn't give me any more control. Also, when I move the audio it disappears until I stop moving it. I spent half an hour trying to exactly sync yesterday. Then I went to Reaper and did it in a minute. All I had to do there was turn off snap to grid. Unfortunately it's not set up for video editing. But I could clearly see the two audio files and move them exactly where I wanted to. I can sync the audio there but still have to match it up with the video in Cyberlink if I want to do any video adjustments like crop etc. So I still won't be able to get an exact sync to movement.
Quote You can also expand the timeline ruler to get better accuracy. If you need accuracy of less than 1 frame then go to Preferences/Editing and put a checkmark on Enlarge timeline scale for audio track for 1/10 frame accuracy.

Thanks. I'll be checking that out.
I am trying to manually sync two video tracks by using the audio. No matter what I do I can't get them to precisely align. In my audio program(Reaper) if I turn off snap to grid it can align two tracks however I want. Is there a way with PD17? Thanks
Quote Hello FrancoisT,

The first question would be which speaker you mean... I assume you mean the latter (as in public speaker).

There are plenty of sites available for downloading images, some require attribution & others don't.

Attached is a red circle/cross symbol - completely royalty free because I just "drew" it!


The loudspeaker is what I mean. I'm looking for a sign or the elements to make one saying no music from speakers allowed. So like a simple speaker like what you see for audio settings in the taskbar of a PC. Some notes coming out or around it and a no thing like what you made around it. Thanks!
I'm trying to find a simple line drawing of a speaker with (or without) a red-not allowed symbol through it to submit to a local Park. I could try my hand at adding something to a black and white simple speaker image. Just to keep it as simple as possible I'd like to use a free image. Could someone direct me to a site where I might find this? Thanks
Has this been fixed in updates? What an inconvenience. I just started a project and thought I remembered how to make the markers stick with the video even after a previous section had been cut. Unfortunately, I found out I was remembering Reaper Audio program. There they gave the instructions..."turn on "Ripple editing all tracks" Press Alt-P or use the toolbar button. But it's important to set Ripple Edit to "all tracks" not to "per-track". I guess there no similar feature in Cyberlink PD 17?
OK. I see what you're saying but that tiny window is a problem for me especially because I often hang a camera upside down on chain link fences for some sporting events. To try to figure out what I'm looking at after flipping the image and trying to crop is nearly impossible to get my bearings. I hope there is a solution. Thanks.

No, I'm saying I use the full-size window to check how the preview looks in general, and I rely on the tiny window to help me see when the window border runs off the edge during playback, which happens a lot if you've zoomed in and are trying to keep a moving object centered:

Quote The "chain" (link) icon is for embedding content posted on image sharing sites, like Imgur.

As for the Crop/Zoom/Pan window, unfortunately the preview window size remains fixed no matter how big the size of the tool window

I sometimes find it easier to work with when the window is the default size because there's a smaller difference between the active and preview window sizes.

When higher positioning accuracy is required, I use the full size window and rely on the active frame for precise positioning. I pretty much ignore the preview except for checking for black edges when the content window ends up offscreen during motion arcs. They're surprisinly easy to see even in that small view.

I agree that it would be nice to have some control over the preview window size, and that's something you can bring to Cyberlink's attention by using File | Rate US & Provide Suggestions

So are you saying you just estimate it in the crop area, click OK and then look at it after? Many times I haven't been able to make heads or tails out of that little crop preview especially if I'm rotating the video. Completely disorienting then. Thanks.

That's correct. You can upload your screenshot to an image sharing website like Imgur and paste the link to the hosted pic in the image box; or you can save the screenshot as a JPG/PNG on your PC and than use the Attachments button under the forum text box:

Thanks! The top has the chain looking thing which is often the sign for attachments, then the picture upload which looks like where you add images on other forums but I hadn't noticed the box below.
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