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Quote Hello FrancoisT,

The first question would be which speaker you mean... I assume you mean the latter (as in public speaker).

There are plenty of sites available for downloading images, some require attribution & others don't.

Attached is a red circle/cross symbol - completely royalty free because I just "drew" it!


The loudspeaker is what I mean. I'm looking for a sign or the elements to make one saying no music from speakers allowed. So like a simple speaker like what you see for audio settings in the taskbar of a PC. Some notes coming out or around it and a no thing like what you made around it. Thanks!
I'm trying to find a simple line drawing of a speaker with (or without) a red-not allowed symbol through it to submit to a local Park. I could try my hand at adding something to a black and white simple speaker image. Just to keep it as simple as possible I'd like to use a free image. Could someone direct me to a site where I might find this? Thanks
Has this been fixed in updates? What an inconvenience. I just started a project and thought I remembered how to make the markers stick with the video even after a previous section had been cut. Unfortunately, I found out I was remembering Reaper Audio program. There they gave the instructions..."turn on "Ripple editing all tracks" Press Alt-P or use the toolbar button. But it's important to set Ripple Edit to "all tracks" not to "per-track". I guess there no similar feature in Cyberlink PD 17?
OK. I see what you're saying but that tiny window is a problem for me especially because I often hang a camera upside down on chain link fences for some sporting events. To try to figure out what I'm looking at after flipping the image and trying to crop is nearly impossible to get my bearings. I hope there is a solution. Thanks.

No, I'm saying I use the full-size window to check how the preview looks in general, and I rely on the tiny window to help me see when the window border runs off the edge during playback, which happens a lot if you've zoomed in and are trying to keep a moving object centered:

Quote The "chain" (link) icon is for embedding content posted on image sharing sites, like Imgur.

As for the Crop/Zoom/Pan window, unfortunately the preview window size remains fixed no matter how big the size of the tool window

I sometimes find it easier to work with when the window is the default size because there's a smaller difference between the active and preview window sizes.

When higher positioning accuracy is required, I use the full size window and rely on the active frame for precise positioning. I pretty much ignore the preview except for checking for black edges when the content window ends up offscreen during motion arcs. They're surprisinly easy to see even in that small view.

I agree that it would be nice to have some control over the preview window size, and that's something you can bring to Cyberlink's attention by using File | Rate US & Provide Suggestions

So are you saying you just estimate it in the crop area, click OK and then look at it after? Many times I haven't been able to make heads or tails out of that little crop preview especially if I'm rotating the video. Completely disorienting then. Thanks.

That's correct. You can upload your screenshot to an image sharing website like Imgur and paste the link to the hosted pic in the image box; or you can save the screenshot as a JPG/PNG on your PC and than use the Attachments button under the forum text box:

Thanks! The top has the chain looking thing which is often the sign for attachments, then the picture upload which looks like where you add images on other forums but I hadn't noticed the box below.

Thanks for the reply. Is it possible we're not talking about the same thing? If you crop a video you get the large preview screen and, on the right, the tiny preview of how it looks after you've cropped it. That's what I am asking about.
I would show a screenshot I made but in the area "insert/edit image" it doesn't allow access to files on my PC. It's worded like "inserk link" It has the message:
"The provided URL must have the HTTPS protocol to use this feature"

This is what I'm talking about. That tiny little window on the right.
Quote You could undock the preview screen and expand it to full screen temporarily. You could also resize the preview screen by placing the mouse cursor between the media library and preview screen border until you see a double headed arrow. You can then click and drag to the left and release. Do the same with the border between the preview screen and the timeline tracks.

If you watch the Sharper Turtle videos on YouTube then you will see that Jim does this resizeing effortlessly to show the library area, preview screen, and timeline tracks. These are good examples of resizing PD17 components on the fly..

Thanks for the reply. Is it possible we're not talking about the same thing? If you crop a video you get the large preview screen and, on the right, the tiny preview of how it looks after you've cropped it. That's what I am asking about.
I would show a screenshot I made but in the area "insert/edit image" it doesn't allow access to files on my PC. It's worded like "inserk link" It has the message:
"The provided URL must have the HTTPS protocol to use this feature"
When I crop a video the window showing what it looks like after cropping is too small for me to clearly see what I'm doing. Is there a way to get a bigger preview window size. Thanks
Quote What I was asking for is a screenshot of the actual clip on the timeline, or perhaps a short video showing the kind of motion you need to track to blur out. You don't need to try to blur it out before posting unless there's other content that you don't want to be shared.

You can use this Attachments button under the forum text box for screenshots and short video clips under 5MB in size:

Yes, I guess that's the thing. Nothing too alarming, just not sure I want it on the general web until it's done. Even then it's really only for a small niche audiance as a bit of promo. It seems like I'm making some progress but only halfway through so may find I'm disappointed once I see it more clearly. Thanks.
Quote It would probably help to share a short sample or a couple of screenshots so we could see exactly what you have to deal with. Often an experienced member can come up with a simple solution as soon as they see the actual clip. If instead the solution will be more involved, they'll have a much better description of the likely steps involved.

OK. I'm experimenting with trying to block it rather than blur it right now but it still seems a bit obvious. Not sure if I can give a good example but will see if I can. Thanks
Quote You could get creative on this one. ColorDirector can be used to remove that performer and place him or her in a different setting or background enviroment or simply place the performer back in the same but completely blurred background. That would involve more work.

Thanks. That's very cool to know about. I wasn't aware of it but have many videos where the background ruins the whole thing. This particular one really just has that one tiny (but irritating) part but it's right where it can't be cropped out. So II'll work on trying to minimize it's presence.
Quote You can try motion tracking on the flashing sign if it moves to a different location in the video like capture from a moving car or train window. If it is stationary then put a different object like a different sign in front of it.

Thanks for the reply. It's a mounted camera on a music performance. But over 30 minutes there are about 15 different crops to accentuate a performer etc. Don't know if sticking something in front of it that looks natural will be possible but I'll make some tries. I guess the thing that's most annoying about the way it looks now are the hard edges the blur has. Could you say if there's a way to make the edges fit into the background better? Thanks
I have a flashing advertising sign with moving letters in a video that I want to obscure. It takes up maybe 1/200th of the whole space. I made the video and blurred it. I had hoped it would blend into the background instead of putting a black box over it. It's still distracting. Any suggestions on the best way to get rid of it. It's positions change as I crop the scene in many places so I have to go back and locate it. Thanks
Thanks. next time I do a project I'll be checking this out.
Quote I'm not sure why you're seeing that. Typically, I use only the second monitor for full screen previewing of critical sections, and only rarely because it's so taxing on the CPU.

However, the 2nd monitor is only for display, and all the editing takes place on the monitor with the main PD window.

That's what I'm trying to do. My normal setup is to leave the laptop screen off and use the larger external monitor. With PD17 I extend the display (Win10) to the laptop. When I put the video display on full screen I can't do any editing on the external monitor where everything is: like the timeline, cropping window etc. It doesn't seem to be too big a drain. It's a gaming laptop so pretty capable that way. It's a shame too because I'm just looking at a video I thought I'd finished but now see small detailed errors I couldn't see before so will have to redo some things. The one thing in the non-full screen video on the extra display that might be a problem is this (somewhat irritating) box where every time I make a change in a clip I have to go back and set it to movie (instead of clip) so the video will go to the next clip. Maybe there a keyboard short cut for that procedure? If there's a workaround to allow full screen video display on the laptop and still be able to edit on the monitor I'd appreciate knowing how to do it. Thanks
I enabled a 2nd monitor and dragged the video display over. When I make it full screen and try to edit anything on the timeline I get error beeps and can't do anything else until I minimize the display. Is there a way to avoid this? Thanks
I think it's the slowest of any forum I read and why not add spellcheck?

So what version of PD do you think had s as default split hotkey?

My PD8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,and 17 all have Ctrl T as split as it's "Split at Current Time".

Any chance you maybe did a custom hotkey at PD16 or even a prior PD version since it's been around since PD11 and changed it to s yourself?


Interesting! I guess I did if that's what the default is for PD16. Not as heinous as changing s to control-t from 16 to 17 but shows the lack of attention to streamlining in this program. Why make someone remember if its control or shift and t instead of s. I switched from Vegas to this because of problems with multiple videos. It was better that way but I was struck by all the extra, unnecessary steps I had to take for some of the most common tasks in pd16. Like I said above, especially with cropping. I don't need to call it a "power tool". I shouldn't have to reset crop to free form every time but there seems to be no ability reset it's default. I shouldn't have to click in the middle of every crop to show the edges. These were all steps that make each crop a 6 click procedure when just hitting eg. c for crop and let me get started would have been the way to do it much simpler from the get go. Still, thanks for reminding me that some hotkeys can be changed as I'd forgotten.
Quote I don't think your Logitech HD webcam C310 has zooming feature. maybe it's done some other software. (Logitech driver?)
hence, you need to disable it first.

Logitech pretty much completely abandoned support of any but their newest webcams for win10. I downloaded the latest and it wouldn't recognize my webcam. Then I looked on youtube at their video on this logi progfram and all the comments below it talked about how they couldn't get it to recognize their webcams either.
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