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Looking for the same information in order to call from a DVD cataloging program that I am using. I woudl like to call both in PC Mode and TV Mode.
I would be intrested in the command line calls that you used. I have some software that catalogs all of my DVD's that have been ripped as ISO files and stored on a Synology NAS.

I woud like to know which exe files to call PowerDVD 16 Ultra in PC and TV mode to play a specific ISO.
Glad that it is working for you. I cannot take all the credit as this was originally posted in the RealFlight forum to resolve issues with the scrren saver and power saving options in MIcrosoft Windows 10 not working when the RealFlight Controller was plugged in.

I unplugged my controller to resolve that issue and then was workign on the finding a resolution as to why the PHD6/7 menus would not work and discoverd that they were working.

I am now working on trying to detemine exactly what is causing this interaction to happen.
It has been five days without a response from CyberLink on my support ticket.
For some unexplained reason the Menu options of PHD7 started to work today. I am running Version 7.0.6901.0. The SR Number: is PHS150716-01.

The only changes I have made is a forced removal of NERO 2015 Platinum followed by a CCleaner Registry clean to remove all of the left over NERO items.


I have determined that if I have my RealFlight USB Controller plugged into the computer before launcing PHD7 then the Menu options will NOT work. If I unplug the Realflight Controller and then re-start PHD7 the Menu options will work correctly.

The RealFlight USB controller is utuilized with the RealFlight Radio Control simulator.

I unplugged the RealFlight controller from my computer to get the Screen Saver a Power Options to work correclty on Microsoft Windows 10 Pro. No other software has a issue with the RealFlight USB controller plugged ioto the computer.
Thanks for confirming this issue. I will open a support ticket with CyberLink and escalate it on my end.
The face tags are retained in the PHD6 version. I am waiting for CyberLink to respond.

I lost all of my Face Tags when converting from PHD6 to PHD7. I have posted another message on the forum about this.

If you have converted to PHD7 from PHD6 can you confirm if your Face Tags are still present.

I usually install just the OS and major utilities to the C Drive and all application on other drives in the system. I find that this make it quicker for me to back up the C drive and get the system back in operation in case of a failure.

I am going to open a case with them about this issues and get an official response on my installation.
I upgraded to PHD7 from PHD6 and just noticed that the Face Tags are no longer listed. How do I correct this issue? If I open the project file with PHD6 the Face Tags are still present.

I found the original files from the PHD installation and copied them to the PHD7 folders, however all of the names have 0 listed for the number of photos that have been face tagged.

How do I fix this issue as I have over 400 photos that Ihave spent time face tagging.
They took care of me by issuing a credit for the upgrade to PHD6 Ultra that I just purchased. I now have the PHD7 Suite as a upgrade to the original PHD5 that I had.
I noticed that the computer that installed to C:\Program Files (x86) also has the PowerDVD Ultra V15 installed and the other applications that came with it. This is also the computer that is have the MENU problems with both PHD6 and PHD7.

Thanks for your quick reply.
Why does PhotoDriector Suite install to the following default location?

C:\Program Files (x86)\CyberLink\PhotoDirector7

C:\Program Files (x86)\CyberLinl\ColorDirector4

PhotoDirector 6 installed to the foillowing default location:

C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PhotoDirector6

Microsoft receommends that all 64-Bit software install ot thge C:\Program Files\xxxxx folder
I have confimed that Photo Director 7 has the same issue with the menu bar selection not working. I ghave PHD6 installed to the following drive:

D:\Program Files\Cyberlink\PhotoDirector6

Photo Director 7 is installed to the following location:

D:\Program Files (x86)\Cyberlink\PhotoDirector7

I only change the the drive loaction and left the folder structure when I installed both products.

For others that are having issues let's detemine how many oif us have chose a different dreive and folder other t han the defaults.
Look like I may have this one fixed. I noticed that when I click on the Face Tag Editor the icon to the right becomes active if there are face tags already in the photo.

It also allows me to see the existing face tags in the photo. It is not as clean as Adobe Photoshop Elements but it is usable.

I still have the background music issue on this computer and menu issue on another computer to resolve.

I am hoping that they will provide me free upgrade to PHD7 since I just purchased the PHD6 upgrade.

Thanks for saving me the headache. I just purchase the PHD 6 undergrad and now see they just released PHD7 I have a E-Mail inquiring about a no-charge update to PHD7. If the answer is NO then PHD6 goes back.

Based on your comments I may just try the trail to see if It fixes my menu problems before going through all of the trouble.
Is the update free to customers that just purchased the PHD6 upgrade?
That is correct. I originally had PHD 5 and upgraded to PHD6. I applied all patches and the menu problem still exist on one computer. The other computer cannot produce a video if I have background music selected.

Overall I am NOT impressed with this software I am having issue with the basic functionality.
Thanks for responding.

I just updated to the latest version 6.0.6225.0 and it did not fix the issue.

It either gets fixed in the next few days or I am going to ask for a refund. I just purchased the update to PHD6.
I am havign the exact same issue as weel as others.

Computer #1

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro - 64 Bit


PhotoDirector installed on the default "C" drive.

The Face Tag Editor Tool will NOT open.

Computer #2

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro - 64 Bit


Photo Director installed to the "D" drive

  1. The Menu Items (File Edit, Photo, View and Help) in the Menu Bar are NOT working with the exception of the Prferences Option

  2. The Face TAG editor only opened one time. I wil not open.

  3. PhotoDirector Version 6.0.5703.0 PTD140702-04

  4. I have not installed the latest patch file.

How do I fix this issue ???
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