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I am havign the exact same issue as weel as others.

Computer #1

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro - 64 Bit


PhotoDirector installed on the default "C" drive.

The Face Tag Editor Tool will NOT open.

Computer #2

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro - 64 Bit


Photo Director installed to the "D" drive

  1. The Menu Items (File Edit, Photo, View and Help) in the Menu Bar are NOT working with the exception of the Prferences Option

  2. The Face TAG editor only opened one time. I wil not open.

  3. PhotoDirector Version 6.0.5703.0 PTD140702-04

  4. I have not installed the latest patch file.

How do I fix this issue ???
I have the Face Tag Editor visible on the toolbar and when I click on it it does not start. I have just tried again and made sure the image that I had selected already had Face Tags assigned.

The ability to see the "Face Tag" is something that Adobe Photoshop Elements (Version 13) does extremely well and make it easy to review this information by just selecting the image and viewing the assigned tags. FYI: I tried taking a screen capture to show you but could not figure out how to insert into the message reply.

It is to bad that Photo Director V6 requires you to export the photos to get the "Face Tag" information visible. In my opinion this is a MAJOR shortcoming of the software.

If I cannot resolve the background music issue when producing a slideshow then I may have to return the software. I do like some of the other features that this software has but these two are major show stoppers for me.

Thanks for your quick reply.
I am running PhotoDirector 6.06225.0

  1. I cannot find anywy to display the face tages that have been assigned to each photo. They do not appear in the Metadata tab once they are entered.

  2. The Face Tage Editor does NOT open after installing the 6225 update.

  3. I can assign TAGS to each photo and they are visibel in the Metadata tab however when I attempt to tag a new photothe tags that I have already entered are ont available from pick list. Does this feature not exist in Photo Director?

I do not use the remote control function and want to know if it is ok to disable this from starting on boot?
Does PowerDVD Ultra V10 support the DVD ISO format? I was told it did and purchased the software and am unable to get it to play by DVD ISO files.
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