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Hi All,

As the title does say it already, does anyone has a solution, workaround fore this?

I have (legally) collected a pretty good collection with music video and other clips.

What I would like to to:
A folder has an x-amount of videos/clips. While they're playing, I would like to add some of them to a "Best of" or similar playlist.
Because you cannot have PDVD running twice at the same time, any idea how this can be done?
Hi All,

I'm trying to figure out the difference between these 2 version. As far as I can tell, they're the same.
Only difference seems to be:
365 - no time-limited cloud storage and always up-to-date version (although you get patches for the other one anyway.
- subsription based (renewal required

The local "Lifetime License", is also patched, but only -1- year online storage.

Personally, I don't care much, since I'm buying/upgrading to last version for years anyway.
I just don't see any difference, except that one is expiring (unable to use after -1- year except it's getting renewed)
and the other one is working forever, but nio updates after -1- year.

Stay save,

I might give up on the Radeon and buy an Nvidia.

I had the same problem until (by accident) I hooked up my AV receiver via HDMI to my 390 Nitro card, not using my Soundblaster Z.

Strange enough, this solved my problem with "Playback stopped because your graphics card driver is incompatible".

This is even the case, if I switch back to the SoundBlaster for audio output - doesn't make sense...

However, I have for months by now ongoing issues with stuttering MP4, AVi, any file formats in full screen. Sometimes removing/re-installing the driver does the trick, but it's back after a few days without any Windows updates and/or updates and changes on the AMD driver. Tried different driver versions, etc.

The problem is simple back out of the blue without any recognisable pattern

I'm on Windows 10 creators update now, but was the same before the update. Also PDVD 17 Ultra and 16 Ultra.

I did pretty much the same you did:

Had PDVD16 installed, updated my full patched wWindows 10 installation with the Creators update (PDVD16 still working)

and then installed the upgrade to the new PDVD17. No issues at all. Doing a search for MSVCR110.dll, I found more than a dozend

in various program folders and in the driver cache in a few different versions.

In C:\Program Files (x86)\CyberLink\PowerDVD17\OLRSubmission I found the one I've attached

Not sure what's happening on your system, but do you/did run some "cleaning tool"?

I don't use any of these myself, but they might delete "duplicates" of the same file, even if they are necessary/required.

The only (ongoing) problem I have since forever is, that PDVD 16 + 17 are crashing and sometimes even cause a PC reboot when playing Blu Rays.
Hi Michael,

I started with CyberLink_PowerDVD12_Ultra_DVD110722-02, which already started only with "Run as Administrator"
and did activate it.
Didn't change the settings at this point and applied patch PowerDVD12.Patch.DVD120702-07.
Could be a one off thing - I had Norton Internet Security installed and running at this point already,
but don't know why this could cause something like this.
I did yesterday some extensive tests/use of PDVD, incl. some system restarts and had no issue at all so far
Hi Michael,

I just have the one user created during the Windows 8 installation, who has by default admin rights.
There's no other user on my system (attached). The "Guest" account is off (default).
Hi All,

After spending the last hours to get this to work, I think I share my experience with the community:
I first updated Windows 7 to Windows 8 and PDVD12 did run without any problems after applying the last patch.
The problem seems only to appear with a fresh, from the scratch installed Windows 8:
1. Installed PDVD12, only starts as "Administrator", activated, applied patch

2. At the end of the patch install, boxed was ticked for "Launch PDVD",
- PDVD start with the scan for items in Library and shuts down after a few seconds.
- PDVD won't start at double-click on Desktop icon.
- PDVD start with "Run as Administrator" - Windows pop-up to allow PDVD system changes
- Drag and drop doesn't work, but can browse on drives and start videos.

3. Run Window "Program Compatibility Troubleshooter",
- Incompatibility with "PDVDLaunchPolicy.exe" detected
Windows 8 suggests compatibility mode for Windows XP SP3,
- PDVD starts obviously with "Run as Administrator", because got the same pop-up,
to allow system changes

4. Changed "PDVDLaunchPolicy.exe" and PowerDVD12.exe" to compatible mode for Windows 7, disabled the "Run as Administrator option - PDVD starts fine from the desktop icon (no allow system changes pop-up).
- "Drag & Drop of files on to the PDVD Windows to play/show the files (pictures/videos) does work as well.

So it looks like on a clean install, PDVD12 has some problems with the UAC or other system rights,
but with the above mentioned changes, will run without any problems (so far).


Hi, Did you install a PowerDVD 12 patch before you tried to activate it?
I had the same issue with 12. Did a clean install with the 12 release version, installed the latest patch = error.
Uninstalled, re-installed the 1st release = activation successful. Will now apply the latest patch, which I expect will still work.

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