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On a similar note, I've been waiting forever for AV1 to be finalized. It has now been and a few things support both export and import in that format. PD365 doesn't. I expect for support to grow in popularity since it is royalty free. I hope PD supports it in the near future.
I used to use Premiere and Resolve and I much liked the render queue feature they both had. I still usually export at least two copies of all videos I make and I'd love if Cyberlink added such a feature. Like you, I find the batch export poor and a render queue would make the export process much easier.
I installed it twice. First time took 90 minutes, second about half that.

I got this error saying that some dll file was missing so I reinstalled it just to find the same error. I looked it up and the dll that was missing was part of MS VC++ 2012 so I just needed to re install the runtime.

Every time a big update or new version comes out, CAM is so so slow to download. Consider it one of those lingering problems that CL sees as low priority.
There was an email in the last day or two announcing their Aug feature packs and it also said that there will be a major revision in Sep.
Thanks guys. This fixed my problem.

I was not expecting the previews to load up in Firefox (set as my default) browser but it works just great.

Activating IE11 is really burried in Windows 2004 but it can be done.
You are using a feature that requires a web browser. Please install a web browser and try again.

I have two computers (Win10, Cycberlink 365 sub) and get this message a lot when clicking on online media clips in PD. I think and hope clicking on the clips should open a preview but who knows. I use Firefox but of course have MS Edge installed. Where I am seeing this right now is clicking on a Shutterstock media clip. I can download them but I'd love to preview beforehand if possible. Some of the clips are pretty big.
I currently have an NVIDIA 1660 Super and it works very well. I had an AMD RX 580 before.

I am not sure about AMD cards from this generation but the RX generation had several problems with PD18.
I will be honest. My system works just great so I figured I'd just come here and recommend it. But reality has set in. It is nearly $1400.
I am always upgrading parts in my system so I have no clue the sum of the actual cost.

I actually use a different case but I do not recommend it. I made a video about it (below)

Here is something that will get you nearly identical performance using less expensive parts. Storage is now 1TB rather than 3TB but you can always upgrade when you want.

AMD CPUs, particularly the Ryzen 3600 is the best bang for the buck but I've heard it doesn't play well with PD so I am sticking to Intel. AMD video cards do have problems with PD, I know from experience. Windows 10 licences can be had for $20 so I didn't include it in the builds above.
I agree with Tom. Your best bet is buying something modern. The PC you suggested in the first post is a 4th gen i7. That is quite old. We are on the 10th gen i7 in mobile and 9th gen i7 on the desktop. The Cyberpower PC tom recommended is good and you can easily upgrade the RAM to 16GB which would be benificial. Desktop computers have more space to disipate heat so they will naturally be more powerful than laptops in the same price range.

For now, lower your preview resolution to 720p. Full HD is 1080p and it requires a lot more horsepower. Most computer monitors, especially laptops, are so low resolution that you wouldn't even notice the difference.

If you feel comfortable with building your own desktop PC, I can give you a list of parts to fit your budget.
Based on an old thread, Newblue had a sale where you could get five (I think) essential packages for $29 total. They are currently $49 each. I think this sale was around the end of last year. Do these sales come up anually, more often or was this the first and possibly only bundle sale they will have?
Thanks guys. I will request this feature. I know they want to make PD user friendly as possible but they could add an option in the preferences to opt out.

The reason I do not like it is because I usually make a few rough drafts while editing. It adds them all to the library and then places a lock on the files so if I try to delete them from File Explorer, I can't. Also, sometimes I delete the files while PD is closed and then when I open the project, I am nagged because files in the library are missing. For now, I just need to remember to clean the library after I produce.
When I produce a video, the exported file gets added to the library of the current project. I'd like to disable this if possible.
Facebook Messenger for Windows is really buggy. I've rarely been able to send videos. I don't think you are doing anything wrong, it is just Messenger that needs to be fixed (and Facebook doesn't seem to care to do it). The mobile versions work pretty well which is not a surprise.
This page has some recommended guidelines for formats and bitrates to upload videos. They are not that high of quality and I imagine YT re encodes them in VP9 format which further degrades quality.

When I first upload a video, it processes a few different versions. It seems to start with the lowest bit rate so if you view your video right after the upload processing is done, it will look blocky. Wait another few minutes to an hour and the other versions will be processed and have much better quality.
I used to have a similar problem where it would play at 2x speed. This was in PD18 but I think they have fixed this problem since I never seem to run into it anymore. When I ran into it, I would just close and reopen PD18. I am not sure if the trial of PD18 is running the patched code that PowerDirector 365 runs. See if you can update it for the latest patches.
Thanks for pointing that out optodata. I didn't even know that option was there. I use the library preview window and of course have it open 100% of the time which shrinks the screen space I have for the timeline preview window. I think now I can keep it closed and free up some real estate.

I also noticed the "find in timeline" option which is useful. I really wish they had an option for timeline previews where you could click on clips and find in library. That would also be very useful but the fact that you can delete media from the library that are in the timeline makes this option something that wouldn't work properly.
Thanks Jeff.

I misunderstood where this feature was used. I was trying to use it inside of the Library Preview Window.
If you setup your hotkeys, buttons [ and ] are set to be the hotkey buttons you would use to mark in and mark out (presumably in the source window just as I and O are in other editors). You can mark in and out points in your video by clicking the respective buttons with the mouse. However, [ and ] sure do not accomplish the same task.

Either they do not work or I am misunderstanding what they are used for.
PD 365 uses the Cyberlink Application Manager and will initially install the latest version. It will notify you when there are updates and new media packs are available. You can refuse to upgrade but I am not sure for how long.

I would think you would be able to open your old files just fine. I think this because the templates off director zone say they will work with versions dating far back.

I am not too sure if you can use it offline, you probably need to connect every x days. I tried to lauch it once and it said I needed to connect to the internet to ensure my license was still valid. I am connected most of the time but I guess I was not at that time.
Any reason the "Batch Produce..." feature does not work for that?

Thanks for pointing it out. I didn't know that option existed. It should be displayed on screen.

I tried it out and I can suggest a few improvements.
1) You can only produce full movies. If you want to make several partial clips of a video, you are out of luck.
2) The render with or without GPU seems to be a global setting for the whole batch. Many times I render both a GPU and CPU version.
3) You can not expand the size of the window. It is not tiny but the option would be nice.

With this said, this batch feature is great if you want to produce the movie in several different formats/sizes but features like range/section production and the GPU/CPU options would also be nice. I think an "add to produce queue" option on the produce page would be an easy way to solve this
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