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Can anybody confirm the latest version of power director?

Is it 19.1.2808.0?
Quote The GeForce MX450 does not have a NVENC chip so it has no encoding capability.


But it works with DaVinci Resolve . How?
I have 16 gb laptop with dedicated Nvidia Geforce mx450

Everytime i select nvidia graphic in window settings,fast rendering get grayed out.

I've tried many things but nothing works.



The short answer is no, I am unaware of a short or automatic way to do what you want.

If your clips are always arranged similarly to your example, with similar timing/spacing then perhaps you can copy and paste T2 content to T1 and then T3 content to T1 etc.
Then you can use the remove and move function to remove the gaps.

To my mind that is probably just as much work as manually moving each clip?

Without knowing more details of your editing workflow, it's difficult to offer any more suggestions to overcome or minimise this issue.

PowerDirector Moderator

There is a reason that why did i put these clips into T2 or T3. Anyways leave it. Power director lacks this option so nothing can be done.
Quote Place the scrubber where you want on the track. Highlight any clip in the media library and the rectangular white on black button appears just on top of the timeline about one inch from the left. See the screenshot as shown in circled red in the manual.

This is not what i was seeking.
Check the screenshot which i've posted in first post.

I've to arrange clips which is in timeline in sequence.
Quote In addition to what StevenG said, you could use the method shown in the help guide to place any clips or groups of clips you selected or highlighted on the timeline of the selected track by clicking that black highlighted button the next time on a new project. That is the shortcut most users know about: . I do it all the time.

I've selected two video or also put in group but i am not getting any black highlighted button.

could u please show me photo of this black highlighted button.
Quote It should be as simple as just dragging them into position.

Is that not working for you?

Even a 10 year old kid know this thing .

putting 30-35 clips manually in sequence will take huge time
I have 23-30 CLIPS . Some are on track one. Some on track 2....track 3...track 4 ...

I want to arrange all clips in sequence as per timeline order.

Take a look on this picture which will make u better understand that what i want.

Quote I'm also unclear on what kind of border you're referring to, but there's a pretty standard approach to applying all kinds of edits to other clips that Copy Keyframe Attributes doesn't work on.

To use that, make all the desired changes to your first clip, then copy it and paste 14+ copies on the timeline. Next drag each new clip from the media library directly onto the appropriate timeline copy, then choose Replace from the pop-up menu. PD will then replace the orginal clip with the new one, leaving all the existing edits in place.

The main thing to pay attention to is if you've trimmed the original ("master") clip and/or when the replaced clips are longer than the "master" clip. Since replacing keeps all of the original trims and length intact, you will need to manually extend the duration of all longer clips and may also need to use the Trim tool to ensure that the entire duration of each replaced clip is available.

I was talking about border option of PIP Designer.

Thanks for giving this 'replacement' trick. This trick makes my work little bit easy. Though this is not a professional way to apply border. In Adobe premiere, One can simply copy and paste border to clips.

By day by day, i am losing interest in power director. Power director lacks hundreds of basic features i.e. no option of clearing cache, apply same transition/border/effects to all tracks, syncing audio also doesn't work in perfect way at it works in other software etc.

There is hardly any difference left between power director and filmora software(Beginner level software)

Someone need to give wake up call to developers of power director . Power director software has lost it charm. Developers are hardly adding any new feature to power director and solving any lags.
Quote Hello. I need help with this problem of title editing. Normally it's really fine to edit a video, even with 4k resolution on my laptop. However when editing a title (aka text editing), it is extremely laggy on just a few character inputted into the text box, or even moving the box around. Also, the text seems kinda blurry at small size (Font: Trebuchet MS, Normal, Size: 18). The render has already been set to Ultra HD.

Any helps or answers are appreciated!

Yes, many time text seems blurry for no reason.

Text editor consumes huge ram. I also edit HD video without any issue. Whenever i write some text then PD takes huge time to show that text. There might be huge memory leakege issue in it.

Now a days, PD developers are hardly adding new features and solving any issue.
I've 15+ clips. I have to use same border to all clips. Is there any way to apply same border to all clips at once.

One can apply same width and height to various clips by using copy and paste keyframe but is there any way to copy and paste same border to all clips.
Where are developers of this app?
Today i've checked roaming folder of cyberlink. I find a surpise that it contains thumbnail cache, waveforms cache of my all files which i've edited on power director in past

I don't understand why does power director save this cache for so long?

Like there is automatic option of deleting shadow files after 1 or 2 days but where is option of deleting cache files.

There are many cache files which i don't understand like splitterindex etc. What is the use of splitterindex?could anyone explain the use of all cache in power director.

This is stupidity that everytime one need to open roaming folder to delete cache files. Does anyone knows any software which delete all cache of power director. I've checked some software. Ccleaner doesn't support cleaning of power director. Glary utilities only cleans mediacache files.
Quote PD doesn't save any actual precuts, but it does lock the precut settings to each clip so they will always appear whenever you use that clip in a project. If you only needed the precuts for a single project, you can simply ignore the Media Library subfolder or edit/delete the precuts. See this discussion and this one for more info.

Another way to get rid of the precuts is simply to rename the original clip outside of PD before importing it. Adding a number or space will force PD to ignore all precuts that were originally applied.

Thanks.. This helps me a little bit

I've find a new way too.

If u delete 'scene.db' in roaming folder of cyberlink then it will also delete precut settings.

Is it fine to delete scene.db? My gut feeling says 'scene.db'is an important file. Anyone knows?
Once I've precut a video file.
Whenever i import that file into power director,it always shows precut icon on that file..

I've deleted shadow files but still it is showing.

please tell me where does cyberlink save precut cache files?

Just start Batch produce before you go to bed. There is no procedure for a scheduled batch produce.

Thanks Buddy.
I have saved three projects. I want that project to be scheduled at night time so that i can sleep and PD will export project one by one. Thank you
Quote Hi mohitk -

If you want the aspect ratio to stay the same, you need to leave Maintain Aspect Ratio checked!

Cheers - Tony

You are Wrong. I've found the solution of my problem.
No matter, Whether you have checked or unchecked the Maintain Aspect Ratio in PIP designer, if u crop any image by 'freeform' way then the aspect ratio in PIP Designer will get itself changed.

One need to crop image under certain aspect ratio like 16:9,9:16..etc. So that aspect ratio in PIP designer won't get changed.

While Editing a image,I have unchecked " Maintain Aspect ratio" under scale option in PIP designer so that aspect ratio won't get change by itself .
But when i cropped the image , the aspect ratio get changes itself
Is there any way to lock aspect ratio ...........?



No, as mute applies to clip so can't have a clip half and half.

No real need to combine, but if you want to and you don't want the audio, unlink, delete muted audio section, then combine. Or, don't split and mute in the first place, just change audio level to 0.


You forget to tell the last step that one has to link audio after combining otherwise only video will combine not audio becz we had unlinked audio with video in first step.
This is what I've done.
I've unlink muted part, delete & combine it and then Link the unmuted part of audio. It works.

Anyways Thanks. You rock.
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