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While Editing a image,I have unchecked " Maintain Aspect ratio" under scale option in PIP designer so that aspect ratio won't get change by itself .
But when i cropped the image , the aspect ratio get changes itself
Is there any way to lock aspect ratio ...........?



No, as mute applies to clip so can't have a clip half and half.

No real need to combine, but if you want to and you don't want the audio, unlink, delete muted audio section, then combine. Or, don't split and mute in the first place, just change audio level to 0.


You forget to tell the last step that one has to link audio after combining otherwise only video will combine not audio becz we had unlinked audio with video in first step.
This is what I've done.
I've unlink muted part, delete & combine it and then Link the unmuted part of audio. It works.

Anyways Thanks. You rock.
I've cut one video into two parts
I've muted one part and left other part unmuted.
When i combine both parts then then whole video get muted .

is there any way that if i combine two parts of video then unmuted part remains unmuted and muted part remains muted.
Quote Delete \AppData\Roaming\CyberLink\PowerDirector\19.0\UserConfigure\Recentfiles.ini


Thanks a lot

I wonder that this simple feature doesn't exist in PD. Even in basic video editing software, one can easily clear project history in App.
Quote Only allowed to modify, save, and share in Collage Designer. Can't create any 12 grid one from scratch as it is not allowed.

Hope we soon have this feature to create our collage template
Anyone knows how to delete project history?

Quote Creating a collage template may be a bit challenging.

But if you just want to create a collage of videos, my tutorial shows you how.

Just know that 10-12 video sources is probably going to really bog down your machine.

Your Video is irrelevant to my question. I think u don't understand my question.

Rest about system bogging down, I've created video with 20+ video sources as well.
I want to create my own video collage with 10-12 grid.
Quote Theoretically, Speed mode should process faster.
It makes no difference to me.
I always choose Quality mode
Use deblocking and Use dynamic GOP - in practice, I don't see any difference either.
I leave it the way it is.

Me also have the same experience here.

Speed mode doesn't make process faster. It takes same time as quality mode.
Even quality of video is also same in both cases so i do always use quality mode.
I have used option of deblocking and dynamic GOP as well. It doesn't make any difference .
It seems that these features only exist to create confusion. Nothing Else.
Quote Maybe it is me, but the image you are trying to show, does not show on my screen. Maybe that image explains what you are after, otherwise, please elaborate!

Any expert here who could tell me that what are the technical difference between speed mode vs quality mode? how does Quality mode enhance quality?

Quote Did you try this:
Assuming that all videos the "connecting" sound is clearly noticeable, drag the videos into the timeline, each video on its own track.
It will be some work to give each video its place in the resulting video, but you may want to set the size of the first clip and then do a copy / past of the attributes of the first clip onto all the others to give them an equal size and them move each clip to its correct place.
Then you can sync the audio simply by selection all videos in all tracks, and click on the Sync by Audio. I have tested this with only a coupe if tracks I don’t know whether there is a limit to this. But once PD is done and (again I think that that is important) the connecting sound can be recognized by PD), you should have something to work with. Maybe try this with 3 or 4 the test this out?
Let us know this goes!

I've been doing the exact same thing from last two months. Most of the time, i get good results. I've done syncing audio with 30 tracks as well.
Waiting for moderator reply..
Quote Isn't that the very definition of multicam video?

But maybe I'm misunderstanding. Is your project several video sources of the same event?

If not, what do you mean when you say you want to "sync" them?

Actually, All video has same audio and different photo.
Now i have to sync all video to match same audio.

If u still don't understand then watch this video to understand. This video is made by someone else

I want to make this kind of video. Hope u understand now
Quote My tutorial on multicamera editing may be helpful.

This tutorial was made with an older version of the program. The Multicamera Editor is now under the program's Plugins menu.

No, I don't made multicamera video. I need help for making multi reaction video like this where i have to sync multiple videos
Suppose if i have to sync three videos with one original video so where should i place my original video?
Track 1 or can i place it on any track..
Quote Almost. You can apply your chosen transition to all clips on a single track but you'll have to repeat the process for each track.

Click on any track or clip to start, then go to the Transition Room (F8) and click on this button that appears above the timeline. You'll then need to choose the style:

To get the "apply to all" button to reappear after using it, select a new track then change to a new room, like FX (F4), then click back on the Transition Room.

It's not as simple as "all clips on all tracks" but it should still be quicker than applying transitions manually to all clips.

You can also use the button shown in the Help file, which is located next to the Search the library box at the top of the Transition Room.

Note that while the instructions state that "you can add transitions to all the video, image, and effect clips on the timeline at once" it actually only occurs on the selected track.

I've already know this thing. What i was seeking to apply transistion on all track. It is really a lengthy process to select each track and then apply it. It seems PD has no option like this.
I want to add one transistion on all tracks i.e Track 1 to 10?
Any shortcut?
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