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Does anyone know of a plug-in for PD that will allow you to add motion blur to video shot at a fast shutter speed?
Quote Hi everyone, I am disappointed with the recent updates to the PD. group of programmes.
In case I have misunderstood, I was waiting for the September program improvements, that is, new more upmarket codecs, plus a host of others, not just more of the same we have been seeing thru the year, Ai this and Ai that. Some of those are great but I want to experience 422-10 bit editing and modern camera codecs. Some will say go to the other programs that offer that, but I have been supporting PD.since PD8 some 13 years ago.
Cyberlink has grown the editing program during that time, but so has its loyal clients who are now capable of more technical editing work.
Maybe it is time for Cyberlink to introduce a more technical editor aimed at its loyal clients who wish to challenge themselves, but at the same time keep the current format for those who feel it has everything they need.
If there is more to come shortly in the way of technical improvments I applaude them, but if this is the annual update I am disappointed.

Muzza. Australia.

There really isn't anything in PD21 worth upgrading for from PD20
YES!! They need to improve the core features of the program vs the mickey mouse templates and other fluff!
I can't import Sony XAVC S 10-bit files either. I'm now transcoding to ProRes, but it really is a time waster.
I've notified Cyberlink Support a bunch of times, I hope they get around to it.

It would probably be best to attach a sample that a few user could maybe try as it may also depend on 4:2:2 10bit or 4:2:0 10bit, Long GOP vs Intra, which are all possible with the camera. Exact footage with your camera settings would provide the best answer vs generic sample downloads.

PD will not be able to produce any 10bit output if that's a need.


Don't have the camera yet just want to find out for when its time to set up:

XAVC S (H264) 4K 30p 4:2:2 10-BIT 100mb Long GOP
Can I edit 10-bit files in PD20? Sony A7IV
Couldn't find the info anywhere.

I noticed this as soon as I updated from PD18 to PD20. PD20 is much slower in rendering by a big margin. A file that I tested took 3.24 in davinci vs almost 20 minutes in PD20.
Thank you both for your time and help. Really appreciate it.
If I select several clips in the timeline, how do I see the duration for ALL the clips selected?
Confused: Do Lifetime License owners get updates on their software or do they have to wait for the next version?
Is there a way to add motion blur to video on PD? Any plug-ins?
Quote File > Rate Us & Provide Suggestions will get better results than posting here on the user forum

believe me, done this a bunch of times.
Cyberlink needs to improve PDs basic functions: Optical flow slomo, better video stabilization, improved video denoise etc etc. And not just add more fluff with each upgrade.
Might be a stupid question, but how can I make chapter numbers appear on the video?
They should make it OFX compatible so we could use plug-ins such as FilmConvert - Neat video Etc Etc
Quote Should be easy to come up with a desktop well within your means.

Though it's impossible for us to recommend an exact model (there are way too many!) if you shop around and use these benchmarks to choose your processor, you should be all set. Look for a processor that rates at least a 10,000.

Get at least 12 gigs of RAM and Windows 10 Pro. At least a terrabyte of RAM. Two if it's available. If you're buying a traditional hard drive, that should also be easy.

Graphics cards are a bit trickier. Fortunately PowerDirector doesn't require a lot of graphics power, but it does benefit from a good card. Just see what's your budget. And DON'T by a gaming machine! You'll spend a fortune on hardware that won't benefit you much as a video editor.

After that, it's a matter of your budget. My rule of thumb is that, once you spend over $1000 (not counting your monitor), you get less benefit the more you spend. At least as far as PowerDirector is concerned.

Besides, technology has a habit of depreciating very quickly. This year's $2000 computer is next year's $1000 computer. You can't "future proof" yourself by spending a fortune for state of the art hardware.

I'm sure others will disagree with me. (I also buy almost exclusively refurbished computers rather than brand new.) But if you want enough power to do the job and you want the best bang for the buck, those are my recommendations. Keep it simple, stay within your budget and use the benchmark reports.

THANK YOU! Appreciate your help.
4K files MP4, 8-bit H.264 & H.265

Usually clips are short and most of my videos are between 1 and 14 minutes. I shoot with an EM5 MK 3, Gopro8 usually at 4k 60p and a DJI drone at 2.7K.

Budget: I guess I'll like to keep it under $2000 USD
Looking to buy new desktop: What would you PowerDirector users suggest to edit 4K video?

Windows machines only.
Improve some of the features already included:
Optical flow slomo
Better stabilization

...and a few others
To those who have upgraded from 17 to 18
Is it worth it? Are there enough new features in PD18 to make the upgrade worthwhile?

Been using PD17 since it came out and very satisfied.
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