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Thanks for the heads up Tont,

The copyright claim is still showing on my youtube page.

As I posted above, I have appealed the dispute denial, but still have the notice on my video.


The 'Memory Lane', claim has expired on my recent video.

My YouTube channel is clean again.

Thanks to all who participated in the discussion.

Quote Hi Hal et al -

The copyright claim on "Memory Lane" from the Jazz Cafe pack has been released. I'm a bit slow because it was released on 1 July!embarassed

Cheers - Tony

Thanks for the heads up Tont,

The copyright claim is still showing on my youtube page.

As I posted above, I have appealed the dispute denial, but still have the notice on my video.

Quote UPDATE - Upon appeal of the Copyright Claim, They agreed and removed the claim after their original dispute.

Good to hear yours is settled.

I am still waiting on mine.

Quote Hi Hal & optodata -

I've still had no response to my disputed claim for Memory Lane from Jazz Cafe.

The tracks from the Travel & Vacation pack have been uploaded to YouTube with no issues during the initial check stage.

Cheers - Tony

Thanks Tony.

As I mentioned earlier, my dispute was turned down and I proceeded with the appeal process. No answer on that yet either.

Good to hear from you.

Quote However, the claim isn't a copyright strike against your account and it doesn't affect your YouTube reputation, so unless your channel is monetized, you aren't actually being impacted unless they've decided to block the video or restrict the viewing region and some of your audience can't watch it anymore.


I have appealed the claim on the PD365 video. In the process for the appeal you are warned that if the appeal is denied by the claimant then you would likely get a copyright strike. The appeal comes after the dispute.

Again, my only complaint about the whole thing is that no one, other than the claimant, has a say in the outcome, unless you are prepared to take the matter into court. There is no 3rd party adjudicator that looks at the claim to make a decision.

My last post on this topic as it is more a Youtube issue than a Cyberlink issue. We can move on to more pressing things.

Quote It's typically very straightforward to getting a copyright claim from SmartSound resolved.

Usually the claimant is working with AdRev, and often there are both protected and licensed versions of the same song and the only thing you need to do is fill out the resolution form here. Include in the description that you have purchased the track from SmartSound or you're using a track that was included with a PD license and the claim should be released within 1 day.

Thanks for the reply Optodata,

I gave that information on the dispute form. Of 2 claims 1 was dropped (it was an 11 second section of a 2:11 sound clip) In my mind a stupid claim to start with after the video in question had been up on YouTube for more than 10 years..

The second dispute was denied, so the claim remained, (It was a 1:31 minute section of a 7:11 clip. Using Smart sound from PD9) Uploaded in 2011. Again, only part of the music clip was tagged.

The above 2 claims were made by "HAAWK for a 3rd Party" "On behalf of: Alex Khaskin"

This is what frustrates me. If it is a copyright ckaim it shoud be the complete clip not a small part of the musix clip. I do not have PD9 installed any more nor do I have access to SmartSound. I am not sure that I have the original project anymore either. I have been through more than 1 computer replacement since 2011.

The latest claim is on a video created in PD 365 using a Background music. I gave the information but my dispute was denied, so the claim stands. I have appealed that one with the info required. If the appeal is denied then I get a copyright strike.

There is no way to know how an appeal will go because there is a one way decision. The claiment has all the say. No 3rd person referee, so to say. HAWWK's word agains mine and I have no say in the outcome, only HAWWK has a say without having to give me any proof of their claim..

That is my vent for the week. Sorry for rambling.

Quote Hi Hal -

Long time - no see! laughing

I quietly withdrew from my mission to test every background music track available in PDR365 because:

  1. You Tube introduced copyright checker that occurs during the upload process (instant feedback), &

  2. I was consistently getting zero copyright notifications from the background music packs.

So - I hadn't tested the Jazz Cafe pack. Prompted by your post, I have now.

You're right. One of the tracks - Memory Lane - was flagged by YouTube for copyright. I submitted a dispute, but haven't had a response yet.

As you can see from the attached screenshot, the claim has no effect on the channel/video. i.e. it's still up & playing.

Funny thing about the Jazz Cafe pack. Of the 10 tracks listed on the CL website, only 8 appear to be available in PDR365. 2 tracks aren't listed at all... 02. BGM - Hefti & 06. BGM - Playful Possibilities

Cheers - Tony

Glad to see a response from you. That is the one that was flagged for sure. I dissputed the claim and the dispute was denied. I have submitted an appeal. I find it is a one sided thing. We actually have no way to readlly dispute the claims.

Since then I have found 2 old videos with claims related to a couple of the older Magic Music (SmartSound PD9) module. One of them is an 11 year old video. The strangest part of these claims is that they are omly targeting a portion of the Magic Music tune. One was 11 seconds in the middle of a 2.5 minute segment, (this claim was dropped on disute). The other one is a 1:13 [portion, at the staart of a 7:11 Magic Music selection. This dispute was denied, so I covered that portion with music from YouTube.

This copright thing is getting out of hand. It seems that anyone can make a claim and you are guilty unless you give up a couple pints of red liquid (not wine). No way to ask how the claim was determined. It is the principle of it that gets me. Seeing the words "copyright claim" next to a video that was clean (tends to make the creator look shady). Even the 'Memory Lane' above was not flagged on upload.

Anyway, it is great to hear from old (not your age) friends.

Quote Continuation of previous thread, testing YouTube copyright claims for background music packs.

You'll be pleased to hear that the Dance Party music has been uploaded to YouTube without incident. No copyright claims. Nuffin.

Cheers - Tony

Good day Tony,

Have you tested the "Jazz Cafe" that was released not long ago. I have a copyright claim on the "Memory Lane" clip.

I have actually had to appeal after my dispute.


After you select "Pack Project Materials..." at the bottom of the opened window for selecting pack folder there is a selectable button.


Thanks Jeff,

I knew it was here somewhere, but was looking in the wrong place. One must always read the fine print on everything.

Good Morning (where I live)

There used to be an option where you could have the Pack Project include all used and unused media in the project library. Is this option still available?

If so I cannot seem to find it. Any assistance greatly appreciated.

Before this option was introduced I always placed all unused media on an empty track so that it would be included. If the option to include it ihas been removed I will have to update my work flow.


Quote I have three monitors extended that I used for PowerDirector for a year then after I installed the recent update, PowerDirector jumps from one monitor to another making it unusable.

I checked the connections and have rebooted several times, and checked the order of the displays.

When I start PD, it opens on the left monitor even though the middle one is selcted as main display.

But the main problem is once it starts, it is unusable. see link

thanks in advance for any help and if no one knows how to fix this can someone tell me how to revert to the previous pd edition?

I don't think the problem you have has anything to do with the update.

I also run on a 3 monitor setup. PD on 2 and the third for Windows explorer. I have the 365 version and it has been as stable as a rock on my system.

As for going back to the previous version, it will depend on whether you have the subscription version (365). If you have the subscription like I do, I do not believe there is any way of going back.

You should log a ticket with Cyberlink from the members log in page. There are others on here that can likely give you a link to the page where tickets are created.

Quote I'm still not understanding how I remove the first photo, & replace with the correct one?
I've already reloaded the project, so advise my next step.
Learning this at a snails pace!

What I would do if it is only 1 photo is this:
1) Locate and note the name of the photo file you wish to replace.
2) Rename the original to differentiate it from the name used in the porject file.
3) Create a copy of the photo you wish to insert.
4) Rename this photo (the copy) with the original name of the photo to be replaced.
5) Place this copy in the same location as the original photo.
6) Open the project. It will use the photo you want without blinking.

That is what I have done and continue to do if is is a small number of photos to replace.

Hope this helps

To all those that have been following this thread.

I am happy to announce the my first attempt at importing my AVI Fraps files was a success.

Thank you Cyberlink.

The Fraps AVI files that are in question here were supported in the 365 PD17 subscription that I have had since last December. I have used many hundreds of them in my projects that I worked over the 8 1/2 months that I have had the subscription. They only stopped working the day I updated the subscription to the PD18 version. I have thousands of them on my computer as of this minute.

I can also edit them in my PD11 that I have installed on the same computer. The upgrade to PD18 will not even recognize them.

Something in the coding of PD18 is very different from what we had in the PD17 version.

To StevenG - I have a copy of the screen Recorder from Cyberlink that came with my subscription, but I find the quality of the recordings is not up to the quality of the Fraps recordings. Also I am not as familiar with that program. I am using it some and will likely use it more in the future, when I get to know it better and learn more about using it.

With my ticket I submitted, Support is more concerned about my video drivers than they are about the actual problem. My video drivers have absolutely nothing to do with the types of videos Power Director will or will not load. My video drivers did not stop the PD17 version from loading and editing (very well I must say) these very same clips. Some change in their program has caused this misfortune.

Many people are obsessed with changing drivers. Some times it is a good thing to update drivers etc., but sometimes what you have is better than what is new. Case in point is the update to the subscription service of 365. The update is not near as good as what I had before. Program response to many mouse clicks is very slow. Entering the produce tab takes about a minute. Production start after clicking on the start button takes about 10 to 20 seconds. Pre-render selection in the editing screen takes from 10 - 20 seconds to start. These are just a few of the issues that I have noticed.

End of rant for this message.
Let's hope they will give the download to the previous version to all of us that are having problems with the subscription update.

Thanks for telling us that you are getting it. May be a light at the end of the tunnel afterall.

I got my second reply from Cyberlink Tech support, and I am not impressed with the reply.

After posting all the requested information, sample of the video included (less one minor detail). They requested I update my video drivers, but I have reasons why I will not do that. That is the only thing they responded to. My lack of updating the drivers.

Here is my response to Tech support on the reply I got:
"Just another further:
I have been using Power Director since around version 4 or 5 and have never run into problems like this.

I fail to see how the age of my Video driver has anything to do with the problem at hand. The video driver might affect how good or how long the editing takes, but has no effect on what types of files Power Director will recognize. I see on the forum where the type of file is or may not be supported any more. If this is the case, why not just say so, so I can find a video editing software that will work with the files.

If this is an issue that Cyberlink is going to ignore, then I feel that I and many others will have to pass on renewing the subscription service. We cannot have a working program that suddenly cannot be used after an update.

I will be posting this reply on the Members forum so that others are made aware of the response to my question."

Those here who know me, know that I have been around computers and software for a great number of years. What I said about the video drivers is true. Older drivers (mine are not that old) have no effect on what types of files Power Director will recognize. And, sometimes there are valid reasons to forgo updating some things just because there is an update available.

Many time over the years users were forced to roll back video drivers because they would not behave with Power Director. I think it was more prevelant with some NVIDIA drivers than it was in AMD drivers.

Case in point about updating just because there is an update available is this current update to Power Director. Except that, we cannot roll back to the PD17 version that worked properly.

I am sure that this is the first time since I joined this board that I have had anythig negative to say about Cyberlink, but it had to be said.

End of my rant for now.


edited to correct a small mistake.
Thanks for your reply Tony.

I have been using Fraps for quite a while now and was able to open them in the 365 version of PD17. The problem only started when I installed the upgrade to my subscription. I currently have between 15 and twenty projects on the go right now and most of them have .avi files that cannot be read. As we know I cannot go back to PD11 to open them and have no real idea what cuts and edits I have made in the projects.

I can also open these .avi files in my PD11 whick I still have installed.

I am not having a lot of luck with the Cyberlink Screen Recorder yet. Many times I find out I have only audio after a recording session. Probably operator error as it is new to me.

I have a reply to my ticket, but have not checked it yet. Will report back here after I have read the response.

My workflow has been brought to a halt. Almost all of my current projects contain many or all Fraps captures.

I had a video that I wanted to complete tonight for release tomorrow. No way I have enough time to recreate the project in PD11 now. Oh well!!

Thanks for replying Barry.

I have the subscription 365 version and PD11 installed.

Before the update to PD18, I was working on projects, many of them, that contained .avi files created by Fraps and by my dash cam. I can still import the clips from the dash cam, but PD18 cannot import the clips from Fraps. I get a media source error.

I am now unable to work on any projects that have the Fraps files included. I can still import these files into PD11 which is still installed on my system, but as we know I cannot open these projects with an earlier version.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Can anyone who might have Fraps installed give it a shot to see if the error happens?

I do not, at this time, have a small enough sample to attach.

Dxdiag and error pic attached.

System specs:
I7 3770
16 gig memory
500 gig SSD
8T hard drive storage (all 7200 rpm drives)

Ticket has been created CS002059429, but I know there are a few here that might have a good guess as to what I might be able to do while I wait for a reply from Cyberlink.

Thanks for any assistance offered.

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