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When I use the capture feature in PD19 (by pressing alt-F9) to capture my webcam video with external mic (Yeti X) the result is a video in which the video & audio are out of sync. I have a RTX2080 video card and a AMD Ryzen 7 2700X processor with 32GB of memory. I have the same issue with my laptop that has lesser specifications. The settings for the recording are 1920x180 30 fps.

What also annoys me is that I have to change the settings every time I have start the capture feature: it always starts with a very outdated 640x480 resolution, and I first have to press the Settings button, change the settings there, and then press profile so select the required profile with the right settings as well. Is there any way to change the default settings.

But the audio out-of-sync is more of my concern. Does anyone else have this problem?
Yesterday I wanted to transfer some material from a former project that I made in PD to my new editor of choice so I opened it in PD. It was a multi-track project with 6 or more layers - but not much titles. It opened flawlessly and responded quickly and painless to everything. No crashes or lag whatsoever. Which makes me convinced it is definitely a problem with the title editor. I hope they will be able to fix it because I would prefer to stick to PD if I have the chance.
I got a reply from customer support:

"In reference to your concern, we have reproduced the issue when trying to edit the specific project. An engineer is assigned to check the issue."

Maybe there is hope after all.
Thanks to all your help I was finally able to finish this production. But considering the incompatibility of PD17 with my new hardware I think this is the last video I made with PD.

Quote Since your system doesn't seem to be affected by having a browser open, definitely try disabling SMT.

I tried that but it didn't change anything. Actually the whole program is laggy. I first thought it had to do with the Title Designer but when I click the cog wheel voor de settings I have to wait about 7-9 seconds before the settings screen pops up. On my cheap Asus laptop it is less than 1 second.
Quote Optodata – Thank you for taking the time to check out the Nvidia creator driver. Your test above has help to debunk the creator drivers use for PowerDorector.

I can confirm that. There is no difference in performance between the game or creator driver. But then again, no option in PD17 makes a difference in my case - switching OpenGL on/off, Hardware acc. on/off - when it comes to editing & the preview screen it doesn't change a bit.
What is even more frustrating is that editing this project goes brilliantly on my crappy Intel i5-7200@2.50GHz (4 CPUs) 8GB laptop with an underwhelming Intel HD Graphics 620 graphics card. Something is going wrong between PD17 and the hardware in my new computer.
Rev3 combines the above projects, so it's a produced clip along with condensed titles, and this gives me the best performance.

I also went for Rev3 - it worked best and makde the program the least sluggish. Apperently you cannot use too many title layers at once.

My problem has not really been solved though. Every project with title tracks is really frustrating to work with. Yesterday I was working on my main project (the sample is a small part of it) and the program resonded terribly to everything I did. When I changed a title, or wanted to, I often have to wait 5 or more minutes after clicking a clip, track or button. When I clicked the 'produce' tab and wanted to go back to the edit tab I had to wait 15-20 minutes before the program responded again! In total I think I waited more than 3 and a half hour while working on the project yesterday. This laggy behavior of the program really has to stop otherwise I'm afraid I have to go back to my former editing program. This really isn't fun anymore.
Quote I figured it out - it's caused by the Video Stabilizer fix. When it's On, the project becomes unususable as the playback framerate drops to "slide show" and sound goes of of sync and the whole thing becomes a mess.

Does this happen to anyone else?

Yes, especially with the option 'use enhanced stablizer' checked. Does non-realtime preview help?
There is a chance that it has to do with your nVidia card so checking the latest driver might help. What is the preview quality that you use? Any chance to upload and share your project?

LOL!!!!! So am I to assume that the work around for this issue is to close Edge?

In my case that did not resolve the issue. Maliek, are you saying that you are experiencing similar problems?
Quote I did have a chance today to view Harmen’s pack project. Made a screen recording to show the responsiveness of the project on my pc. It seems to be okay with an internet browser open and running. They are up now on my YT channel. PM sent.

Thanks Tomas. I do notice that in your case not all tracks are always showing in the preview when you click on the title elements. That is the same problem that I am having, apart from the laggy and crashy behavior.
Quote Thanks very much for sharing this!

I didn't see the missing track or crash issues that you described, but since my system is similarly afffected by gawdawful lags when working with lots of titles, it is very slow to respond. I have some screen recordings showing just how slow my 8-core/16-thread CPU is with this project, but I'd like to focus more on workarounds to help you get back to editing.

In this OneDrive folder, there are 3 new projects and a produced version of your track 1 and 2 clips without any titles. When you open the projects, you may need to point PD to where your original clips are located since I didn't want to pack them again on my side.

Rev1 has the first 2 sets of titles combined into just 2 title tracks. On my system, previewing them is somewhat quicker than in the original project where the contents were in 5 or 6 separate tracks.

Rev2 gets rid of the edited content on tracks 1 and 2 and replaces it with a produced version of the same content. On my machine, this eliminates almost all of the terrible performance, even though the titles are in the original configuration.

Rev3 combines the above projects, so it's a produced clip along with condensed titles, and this gives me the best performance.

One other thing I found was that if I changed the preview mode from Real-time to non Real-time, playback was much quicker (although still a little slower than actual speed), even in your original project. You can't hear audio in non Real-time mode, but it may be a good choice for editing when you don't need to have sound.

Please give these revised projects a test drive and let us know which ones (if any) improve your system's performance.

Thank you so much for doing this. I'll play with it this weekend and let you know which file works best for me.

Meanwhile I am still struggling with laggy PD - I added a new track to the whole main project (with a small logo in the lower left corner) PD gecame really slow. When I click a track I sometimes have to wait 20 minutes before I can take the next step...argh.

If you're willing to share your project with us, go to File then Pack project materials... and save the project to a cloud folder, then paste the link to it here.

One thing that will do is allow other people to see if there might be anything unusual with the project itself, and we'd also see if any of the abysmal performance issues occur on machines besides your own.

The other benefit is that we could break the tiles up into smaller chunks and send them back to you, which would let you reassemble them piece by piece. Basically, you'd offload the nearly impossible task and then see how PD performs with fewer demands.

I have placed the PPP (Packed Problematic Project) here!AscgKDwPY-Pdggp1Z9UUXIWkEbgA .

Wthat happens is that I can't even click a clip wothout PD acting erratic - the background (1st track) doesn't show up in the preview, or other leayers don't show, and more important: PD keeps running at around 10% of the CPU and gradually buils up to a mem usage of more than 2GB. It gets sluggish and will sooner or later crash.

For instance, there is dus title with the number 50 in it. When I click it only a few layers are showing in the proview and PD is keeping itself busy. And by know I have learned that when PD is budy (=CPU above 6%) I shouldn't do anything because it will most likely make the program crash.

I am very curious if you will also have this problem. My laptop which has an Intel graphics processor gave the same problems.
Quote Please take a look at the Read Me Before Posting sticky thread and attach your DxDiag test results so we can see the specific version details of your system. You may also have unintentionally downloaded a Win7 driver version from the nVidia site, or a 64-bit version but you have a 32-bit Windows.

Like tomasc mentioned, try deleting the existing driver so Win10 will replace it with the basic VGA driver. When you download 430.39 for your exact version of Win10, use these settings:

I don't even get to see this screen when I install the Creators driver. I get an error and that's it. But I managed to install the Experience software and was able to install the Creators drivers.
Quote I do not understand the foreign language for the 419.67 screenshot you posted here.

Only the first sentence is Dutch. The rest is English :

I believe that all you have to do is to uninstall your present nvidia driver first and then do a custom install to only install the basic driver and nothing else. That should work so you can do your desired tests.

I tried that - I deleted all drivers and even all references to Nvidia in the registry. I did that because the install log from the failed installation said

50.708 | INFO: [PackageUtil] 682@PackageUtil::FetchDriverTypeUsingRegistry : Detectoid Registry value found, driverType is DCH.
50.708 | INFO: [PackageUtil] 616@PackageUtil::FetchDriverType : Installed driver is DCH.
53.371 | INFO: [PackageUtil] 539@PackageUtil::IsToBeInstalledDriverUniversal : The most compatible driver for "PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1E82&SUBSYS_37221462&REV_A1\4&1C3D25BB&0&0019" is "c:\nvidia\displaydriver\419.67\win10_64\international\display.driver\nv_dispci.inf".
53.529 | INFO: [PackageUtil] 545@PackageUtil::IsToBeInstalledDriverUniversal : The driver to be installed is not a DCH driver.
53.529 | INFO: [PackageUtil] 667@PackageUtil::FetchDriverType : Selected driver is 1.
53.529 | ERROR: [PackageUtil] 591@PackageUtil:ecideBlockInstall : Blocking installation for driver compatiblity.
53.529 | ERROR: [DisplayDriver.DisplayDriverExtSite] 1181@CDisplayDriverExtSite::CheckConstraint : Blocking the install as the already installed driver and to be installed driver are not compatible.
53.530 | ERROR: [NVI2.Installation] 1046@CInstallationCheckingBase::CheckConstraints : Critical package blocked, turning to error "BlockInstallForCompatibility". I thought that cleaning up the registry might do the trick. Unfortunately it didn't. However, I read that the awful GeForce Experience software was able to install Creators drivers so I reluctantly installed it and used that to install the Creators drivers. So far however it has not changed anything for the speed of the editing. I don't see any difference.
I think I'm screwed

Quote The RTX 2080 was first sold in Sep. 20, 2018. Earlier driver before this may not install. One FB forum member is using the Nvidia Creator Ready Drivers. He claims a good increase in Rendering speed. See this article: . It works for videographers and photographers.

Thank you Tomas, this sounds good. I'll give it a try. Wish me luck.

It is possible that there is no integrated graphics in the AMD Ryzen-7 2700. See this post: . The grahics connector on the motherboard would not work if this is the case.

This is quite embarrasing but it seems you are right. Since my motherboard has a hdmi port I assumed that it had an internal graphics card. But it doesn't and the Ryzen-7 chip does not provide graphics either.

There may be a solution for all this. Produce a small section of the timeline with a title. Repeat until all the titles are done. 30 titles on a two minute timeline should not take too long using this method.

But...but...I am hardly able to make the appropriate title without the program crashing...
The problems that I am having with PD17 (especially the Title Designer) are probably related to my Nvidia GeForce RTX2080 card and its drivers. I have searched this forum for possible solutions and suggestions regarding PD & Nvidia but I am getting more confused by the day. This morning I looked at the hardware acceleration option in PD and noticed that I had the option to turn CUDA on. Somewhere I read that this option should not be available anymore and was replaced by OpenCL a few years ago. Whether this is true or not - maybe I am misreading the info - I thought, let's remove and reinstall the graphics card. So I removed all the drivers and restarted Windows. It rebooted with a Nvidia driver installed dated with version number dated 12 november 2018.

I know there are newer drivers available but I don't know what to do anymore. In PD I now have the OpenCL option - CUDA has left the building. I do not have the Nvidia configuration screen to check and finetune settings if I wanted to. Which is weird because I thought this configuration app was always installed with the drivers.

I am lost. What should I do to get the optimum configuration with PD17 and my graphics card?
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